Friday, February 9, 2007

Having a Bad Day

I'd like to know who the person was who made up the word's, Girl's are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Cause I wanna smack that person or better yet, lock them in a room with my child, for about an hour. My gosh she has literally drove me nuts today. My throat is sore because I have yelled at least a hundred times, Pick up these toys!!! Well, it doesn't work, she is not afraid of my voice. I have even threatened to take every toy and put it in the closet where she won't be able to play with them, and it is not working. She'll say, Oh Yea, well I'll just tell my Daddy. Grrrrrrrrrr, I need a vacation alone, where it's quiet, no one around, just me and my computer, lol. Or just go buy stock in Calgon company.


Joe just called from Florida. He is in Fort Lauderdale working. Said he is staying there for another week to work so he won't be home until the end of next week. But he asked me to go downstairs to his place and get his social security card and fax it to him so he can get paid. Now shouldn't he be carrying that in his wallet? I carry mine, Jim carries his. So, as soon as I am done here I will go down and get the card and when Jim comes home I will go to Staples and fax the card for him. He said the weather there isn't that great today. It's 78 and he's too hot. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is in 78 degree weather and we are here in Pa freezing. I swear I am slapping him when he gets home next week, and I told him I was too. Nerve of him saying 78 degree weather isn't great today, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I watched the news last night and seen a place called Oswego, New York. And they have gotten over 100 inches of snow in the past couple days. Oh my gosh!!! And that's nothing they say cause in 1973 I think they said, they got 250 inches of snow. Why do these people live in an area such as that where they get all that snow? Not me, no way, I hate it when we get an inch of snow. All, I cansay is, Hurry Up Spring!!!!!!!! Jeez, before all that snow in Oswego melts, it'll be winter again.

Well, I will go now, gotta take some Tylenol. I'm seeing the flashing lights and squiggly heat wave lines in my eyes now. I feel that migrain coming on. I'll take my 2 tylenols of 650mg each and nick the migrain in the butt, so it'll only be a headache. Take care all, keep warm.

And remember..........................................................................





  1. I hope your weekened goes better than your day.  Isn't that amazing all that snow in upper NY state?  I'm so glad I don't live there.  Have a good one.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Instead of shouting, why not do as you say and lock her toys away, that might give Rebecca the shock that she needs to keep her things tidy, you never know it might just work, LOL
    have a good weekend Lynne xx

  4. I agree with your previous commenter.  Don't shout. Just get up and start putting the toys in the closet.  Don't say a word...
    I didn't shout at my son. I'd be really calm and just take things away from him.  He got the message.  Just a thought.
    I hope you feel better.  Take that medicine and put your feet up and rest.  You deserve it!
    I still feel bad for her cause she can't go outside or she'll freeze.  That would make any kid rambunctious.  Give her a kiss for me ok?
    Love ya,

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Boys can be brats too...grrrr.
    Hope you feel better.

  6. poor Cindy. I hope your evening has gotten less stressful. Too bad i cant come get you and we both go to some hot tropical place with big drinks with umbrellas and hot sand and sun.
    XO lj

  7. Its so cold here too.  In Scotland U.K. not used to it being as cold as this .

    Emma xx

  8. hope your feeling better. Wow that's a lot of snow. It's cold here in IL. too. brrrr. Kids, lol they can drive you crazy.

  9. You tell my godbaby that Princess Rupunzel has a Valentines Day gift to send in the mail but she has to be a good girl for my favorite and on sista :)
    Hang int here, I know what you mean. I want to come to PA so bad and see you this summer.

  10. LOL I saw some some wine in what looks like juice boxes that you need to enjoy in your "bubble party" as Kyan refers to a bubble bath. I guess that's in case you get drunk in the tub you won't break any glass.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. i wanna have cool tags like those

  12. sorry you were having a bad day cindy...i feel like i'm having one of those too trying to pack up this damn house.
    <3, emily