Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Living In Freeze Zone


First off let me wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Valentine's Day. And if you got a orange or lemon cream chocolate to spare.......pass it my way please, lol. Man, I love those things. A caramel or two would be nice also, heehee.

We woke up this morning to about 5 inches of snow and ice pellets mixed, topped off with some freezing rain. Jim decided to walk the 3 blocks to work today. He said roads are just too dangerous, and van windows are covered in thick ice. He wasn't taking any chances of getting into an accident. He got up this morning finding his lunch packed, and a little something I got him yesterday for valentine's day. Just a little something to let him know that I love him. He emailed me a card, saying thank you and he loves me too, awwwww. I can't wait to get my gift from him. My Soprano's cookbook.

I am really gonna miss that show. I loved watching the Soprano's. never missed an episode. Then there was Six Feet Under, loved that too, and oh yea, Sex in the City another of my favorite HBO shows. Why is it, they get something good going that we really enjoy watching, then boom they take it away from us. I'm telling you, I go through withdrawl symptoms not being able to watch my favorite shows. They take away my Walker Texas Ranger, or CSI, or Law and Order or Judging Amy, or American Idol and I am opening a can of whoopass on them. LOL

My granddaughter is still here with me. It is fine though. Marissa and Rebecca have been having lots of fun playing. They had a lil treat waiting for them when they woke up. I put out 2 little dixie cups and filled each one with sweetheart candies. You know the ones with the little sayings on them. I had 2 very happy little girls for sure. Then I made them a special valentine's day breakfast. Cinnamon pancakes, sliced bananas and a cup of hot chocolate. The kitchen was full of giggles and the words, mmmmmm this is delicious, lol. Made my morning for sure, hearing they were enjoying their breakfast.

Well, the toothfairy visited us last night. She left 3.00 under Marissa's pillow. She was so excited about it. I asked her if she was gonna put it in her piggy bank. She said nope, she's buying a stuffed turtle toy from pet store, lol. Why do these girls love turtles so much, lol. It doesn't matter what size or color it is either. They love any turtles.

I have a surprise for them later on. I'm gonna set up the kitchen table with paints, brushes and paper and let them paint. They'll be quiet for hours doing that. Then I can write a couple letter's I have been wanting to write. I never seem to find the time anymore to do that. I have a couple crocheting things I am working on also. One is a blanket, multi-colored squares in a black border, the other is a toilet paper roll cover doll wearing a dress, which is promised to someone. Busy, busy, busy I am, lol. But I love it.

Well, I guess that is about it. Please, please, please, don't drive in this wintery weather if you do not have too. And if you do, please be careful. Happy Valentine's Day.

Love to all,



  1. Hi Cindy!
    We are having a snow day here!
    BUT geesh I had to wait hours for our school to be annoucnce this annoying.
    I figured it out last night, to bad they couldn't.
    Happy Valentine's Dady to you.

  2. happy vday cindy!!!
    love the pictures stay warm
    <3, em

  3. You sound like such a fun mom!!!!  I love winter, I hate summer, I know I'm wierd.  Happy V-Day!


    We are frozen in here too.

  5. Loved your pictures. That breakfast sounds yummy for sure. I wish I were sitting at the table with the girls. Enjoy your time with them.  I love the sound of little voices in the house.
    Love ya,

  6. Happy Valentines Day:)


  7. I thought you were gonna say a real turtle! LOL

  8. i hope you had a great V DAY. Sounds like the girls had  agood time! Stay safe and warm!

  9. glad the girls had a great day i am envious of the cookbook keep this man in your life ....i am going to hold on to my paul with all i have in me

  10. Sounds like the girls are enjoying being together!!! Snow, snow, everywhere but not a flake in my part of Ga.!!!
    love ya,

  11. Hey - I didnt know they had a Sopranos' cookbook!!! Awesome.
    Sorry I havent been around much just turning my alerts back on now.
    Hope you had  a great V-day . Stay safe with all that ice out there.

  12. Hopefully this snow and ice will be gone soon...early spring is right around the corner.  The girls look so cute...hope all had a great Valentine's Day.