Sunday, February 4, 2007

Shhhhhhhh it's so quiet

Oh my gosh, I don't know what to write about, lol. It's too quiet in here I can't think straight. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim has taken Rebecca to a pet store called World Wide Aquarium. I told him don't come home with any furry, slimey, 2 legged 4 legged or 8 legged critters. He wants to buy her a pet, it had better be a stuffed non eatting non pooping pet. I am not an animal person. There are certain ones I do like my cat Casper who is in kitty heaven, I really miss him, and my cousin's little dog, who is absolutely lovable and adorable. I have never seen a more well behaved dog in my life until my cousins dog came about.  Anyways, since the house is quiet, I thought I'd pop in for a bit and make an entry. I enclosed the pics finally of the roosters I have in my kitchen. Some were given to me by my daughter Emma, some by a friend and some I found at thrift stores. My dream now is to find rooster printed dinnerware and placemats, and a rooster cookie jar, can't forget that one, lol. Rebecca said I need it.

Well, I got 16 days now smoke free, wooooohooooooo. Can I do this? YES, I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can breathe so much better, I can smell better, and my house doesn't stink. I have been washing and scrubbing everything to get the smell out. Today I am gonna hand wash my kitchen curtains to rid them of cigarette odor, and yes they are also rooster print, lol.

I had my lunch already, wheat club roll, fried egg, half slice cheese and 2 slices of tomato on it, yummy. I didn't eat breakfast, cause I didn't get up til after 10:am. By the way I had my hot tea last night using the sweetener called Splenda, and wow no after taste or anything. It is good. I will now use that all the time. Thanks Angie for letting me know about it. Tomorrow is weigh in day, yikes. I think I have lost a pound or two, I can feel it in stomach. Hope the scale likes me tomorrow, lol. Since it is so cold outside and I can't go for a walk, I have been taking 2 days a week standing in place lifting my legs like I am marching and doing this for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is all I can do cause I start hurting in legs and back, and when I have pain neck stiffens and I feel like I am choking. I hate that feeling. It is so uncomfortable.

My friend Sarah is coming again for a visit. In 2 weeks I will go pick her up on a friday and she will stay with me until monday. I love it when she's here. She keeps rebecca occupied while I can get things done. We're gonna take her out to dinner that sunday. I haven't told her yet, I'll keep it a surprise. And I know my sister Lucy will read this, so Lou don't you dare tell her! Sarah is also Lucy's friend. The 3 of us went to bingo together, or Lucy and I would visit Sarah at her home for coffee. We had some really good times together, I miss those days. So since my sister moved to virginia, I get Sarah all to myself, hahahaha sis. I know she'd smack me right now if she could, lol.

Well it's superbowl day. My EAGLES didn't get in, but oh well. I can sit here and cheer the BEARS on at least. Our friend Joe will be heading to Florida tomorrow for a week. The company he works for opened a new shop in Tampa, so he is going there to help get it set up. While we're here freezing he'll be nice and warm, the BUM, lol.

Just made my seasoned steamed shrimp, for tonights game. Gotta make deviled eggs and hotwings, stuffed celery next. Also making a big salad. Well quiet time is over. They are home. Yes Rebecca came home with a pet. A stuffed one, lol A turtle. Well gonna go now. I will be back later. Hope you all have a great day.



  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking!  You won't regret it!  It will be 12 yrs. for me in March!  Best decision I ever made.  Good luck on your WI.

  2. I am so proud of you for continuing to stay away from those nasty cigarettes!  You are doing fantastic!  The worst is over now! :)

    Have fun today!  My boys will be here too, but I have no idea who they are rooting for!


  3. Good luck on your weigh in.....i hope Jim and Rebecca had a great time at the aquarium. Love your decorations!
    XO lj

  4. I am just so proud of you sis for the smoking. You are taking on so much reight now with smoking and diet, it does worry me some.  I will keep my eye out for rooster items!  I am laughing at Rebecca and Jims trip, you know I am DYING to know what they come home with. You know why?? Snakes don't have fur or legs.HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  5. Hi Cindy!  I'm so happy you are quitting smoking. I didn't even realized you do smoke until recently.  Good job!  Keep it up!
    You Superbowl dinner sounds GOOD!  I hope you have a great Sunday.

  6. I am SO proud of you !!!! Your children, your family, will be so grateful.
    I love your roosters !  I hope you dont end up with an animal you dont want!

  7. WTG!!! have a good week:)


  8. maybe she can get a fish.  i want to get jason a fish but bob is being a bummer these days and said no.  he says no to everything

  9. that food sounds oh so yummy!!!
    good for you on the quitting smoking how did you kick the habbit???  i need to quit as well
    i did when i was pregnant and it does make you breathe and feel so much better!
    not to mention the money you save!
    have a good night
    <3, emily

  10. Stuffed pet sounds nice.
    I have a guinea pig that is 31/2 years old...guess I have take too good care of "Piggy".  But man, all she does is eat and shit.  Poop kicked out on the floor along with litter.
    Plus the 2 dogs.
    I hate cleaning the guinea pig cage.  It is do today.
    I don't have a laundry sink so it's hard to change in the winter, in the summer I spray it off outside.  So, that is why I don't make son clean it=too much mess.
    No school today, it is too cold... so that means I am off of work also.
    Maybe I can get some stuff done around here.
    Congrats on the no smoking Cindy, that is wonderful.  If you saved the money from smokes in a jar, you could take a trip!
    Have a good day.

  11. Congrats on 16 days no smoking.  That's a great accomplishement.