Sunday, February 25, 2007

Visit to Helens

Yesterday was a nice day. I cooked my spaghetti dinner. Everyone enjoyed it. Rebecca and Daniel had a great time playing with Little Bug. That dog is such a good dog. Helen was so tired when she came home from work, she changed out of her waittress uniform and sat down with a cup of coffee, actually she had 3 cups lol. Having the 2 lil ones there made her feel so much better. She is so worried about the test results. I told her the hardest part is waiting. I added pics from her home yesterday. I used aol, alot easier for so many pics. But one pic I kept out cause I wanted to see it in entry. Last christmas, Helens son Ronnie Jr asked his mom what she'd like for christmas. She told him, well I would like a picture of my 4 son's all together. So christmas morning as Helen and Ron unwrapped their gifts they were handed a big wrapped box, in the box was 2 framed pics, 10x13 and an 5x7 both frames were beautiful. The pic in each frame were her son's all together. They got together and went to JC Penny's and had their group pic taken. Helen and Ron loved that gift. Here is a pic of her son's. And man they got so big and so handsome too.

Ronnie Jr top left is 20    Andrew top right is 14    Chris bottom left is 17 and Brian bottom right is 19. And all the boys are taller then Helen and Ron, but still listen to their Mom and Dad. They know better, lol.

Well remember when I said I felt drained of energy for 2 days but thought it was from no sugar? Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! Half way through the day yesterday I started feeling crappy, runny nose, sinus's burning, sore throat, yep I am sick, grrrrrrrrr, and the worse part is Rebecca has it too. We had to go to CVS last night on the way home for med's for Rebecca and I. Hope it don't last long, I hate being sick. Gonna go, my sister Lucy is waiting very impatiently for me to make this entry so she can see these pics, lol. Hope you all have a nice sunday.

We're expecting a nasty winter storm today into tomorrow morning. Grrrrrrrr, where's spring?

LOVE to all..............................


  1. Adorable pics.  Hope you feel better soon.  :)     Tracy

  2. CIndy,
    I have a prayer group praying for Helen and I am also. I know she is worried and I feel so bad for her.Please keep us updated when she gets her tests back...
    That was a beautiful picture of her sons...I know she was thrilled.
    You are gonna have to find Rebecca a chair like that one!!!
    Hope yall feel better soon...
    Love ya,

  3. What handsome young men! And a wonderful present. I would rather get that kind of gift than anything else. I love pictures. They are all over my house:  on walls, shelves, bookcases, dressers, tv's, fireplace mantel, just everywhere. I've been sick too, with a cold, sinus mess for going on 2 weeks now. Having headaches everyday. And I've coughed so much from the drainage and chest congestion that my sides hurt. Just to breathe makes my sides feel like I'm bruised. I finally went and got me some of that Mucinex, mom said it works best on stuff like this, she is a nurse, should have been a doctor, she knows just as much as they do and more expect. Well,my friend I will be praying that you get well soon,  drink some chicken broth and tea and stay indoors and rest. That's what I'm doin. Just going to be lazy today. It's also been sleeting and raining here this morning.
    God Bless,
    Liz in Va.

  4. Helen is in my prayers....she has a gorgeous home and doggy. I LOVE that pic of her boys. I am SO glad they went and got that pic taken. I hope you feel better my friend.

  5. sorry to hear that you are feeling ill again, hope the meds work for you, Helen has a lovely home, and four very handsome sons,  so please to hear that your B~I~L wood burner is in the garage and not the house, but hey at least it works and keeps them warm, lovely flowers you sent her,
    take care Lynne xx

  6. I sure hope you and Rebecca get to feeling better soon, Cindy..  

    Your nephews are sure a bunch of good looking boys! :)  I will keep your sister in my prayers..

    Much love

  7. Nice photos. Good looking nephews. Ihope you and Rebecca are soon feeling well. Seems to be everywhere. Hope the storm doesn't hit too hard.

  8. loved all the pictures:) nephews are very handsome:) you sis looks good but tired. when does she find out the test results?


  9. I enjoyed all the photos, so happy everyone enjoyed your spaghetti dinner.  Sorry, you and Rebecca feel sick...hope the week ahead has you both feeling better, hugs and love..

  10. Enjoyed your pictures a lot. I really liked that wood burning stove and the pool table. What a great place to entertain everyone!  
    Will keep your sister in my prayers. She's got some good looking sons.  
    I hope you and Rebecca feel better soon.

  11. love all the photos and what handsome boys. Sounds like your spaghetti dinner was good and everyone had a great time playing with little bug.

  12. ok sissy remember paul? my keep showing these gorgeous creatures .....he's gonna start to get jealous