Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I WANT SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Temperature: 11°F -12°C
Conditions: Fair
Winds: WNW 15 MPH WNW 24 KPH
Relative Humidity: 36%
Barometer: 30.35 Steady
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like:

-4°F n/a


Where on earth is this cold artic weather coming from? This is getting rediculous. It's so cold that if you sneeze outside and it spays, the spray turns into ice cubes before it lands. LOL Seriously though, I feel bad for the homeless people who sleep anywhere they can outside. I hope they find a warm shelter to sleep in during this crazy weather.

I heard on the news this morning that the school buses will run late this morning. A woman was killed by a school bus pulling out of the lot. Their saying accidental. I swear these school bus driver's here in philly are just as bad as the septa buses. I have witnessed school bus driver's run stop signs, make turns when it is posted No Turn On Red, and I have even seen them talking on a cellphone while driving with a bus full of kids. Kids all standing up walking around yelling out the windows at people. Like a bunch of dam animals. My kid go to these schools and ride these buses? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

We're waiting for the tax return to come, and then I will start looking for a bigger place in a better community, with better schools. I will not have my child start kindergarten in September in these Philadelphia schools, no way. I actually hate this city now.

Ok, remember a few entries back when I told you my daughter's ex-husband smashed the windshield out of her new car? Well, guess what? That low life piece of scum is behind bars in Massachusettes. It seems he has been text messaging his mother making death threats, bodily harm threats. She took the cellphone to the police each time he made a threat, so they could get a record for it. A warrant was sworn out on him and served in Massachusettes. He put up a fight resisting arrest. He was arrested and put into jail. He will be extradited back to New Jersey to face charges for the threats, breaking and entering and grand larceny. I hope they throw the key away on this low life piece of crap. He is a disgrace to the human race. Emma found out he even stole from her, while they were allowing him to visit on weekends with Marissa. He stole a beautiful 8x10 photo of Marissa and Emma is missing 2 books of checks. She notified the bank thank goodness. They are going to issue her new checks and a new account number. Is he low or what? Ok, I gotta change the subject, cause talking about him really stresses me out, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

The hubby was a happy man this morning. I told him to wake me at 6:30 this morning. Well, I woke up having to use the bathroom at 5:30, so I just stayed up. He rolled out of bed at 6:40, lol. I had his lunch packed, thermos of hot green tea made and coffee was done. I fixed him french toast and ham for breakfast. When I saw the weather report, I told him he can't walk the 3 blocks to work, it is just too cold. So, beings I don't need the van today, I told him to take it to work. He'll be warm doing that. He didn't give me an argument either like he usually does, just said thanks hun, it is cold out. Also, I don't want to go out anywhere today, because Rebecca woke up sneezing, and I think she may be catching a cold. So, I don't wanna make it any worse on her if she is catching a cold. Cause let me tell you, when she is sick, she is worse then me with pms. She gives the word miserable an all new meaning.

Well, my daughter Emma goes to the OB/GYN on Feb 15th. We find out for sure then if she's pregnant. She took 2 home pregnancy tests and both were positive, but still it's better to hear it from the doctor. I'm thinking about making a pregnancy journal all about Emma taking you all through it during her nine month's. I will let you all know the link, if I do that. Pictures each month of that belly too.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. I have a totally trashed house to clean, and then Rebecca and I are going to paint pictures. My little artists at work, lol. For those of you affected by this miserable bitter cold, please keep warm. And if you have to go out dress warm.

Please remember our dear Sugar in prayer. She has alot on her mind right now, with her health.


Love to you all,




  1. Daughters Ex-hubby in jail.  Now that is sweet justice.  By the way, you were so nice to offer hubby the van to go to work.  Congrats to Emma on her pregnancy. :)
    http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/     Tracy

  2. good morning Cindy!  I hope you and Rebecca have a fun day.  I will be cleaning today too...my day off...whatever...I want to see some of the artists pictures!  Have a good day! xox Barbara

  3. i know it is horrible outside.  it is even cold inside and i have the heat on 80!!!  they said we were going to get an artic blast, i did not believe them...lol  
    try and stay warm




  4. wow i have missed alot, i thought emma and dan were happy and all that good stuff.  i have to back track a lot i guess.

  5. OMG, poor Emma, this whack job isn't what she needs now. There is no false postive, but a dr. confirmation is a good peice of mind.
    I think a journal through 9 mths would be awesome! I think any bus driver on a cell phone (unless they are stopped and it is an emergency) should be FIRED. No if's about it.
    Love you
    Your fav. lil sis

  6. I'm with you cindy!! lets move on to warmer temps, flowers and fresh mowed lawns
    I will send a link where you can buy house  cheap!! and they are in good shape too!



  8. have a good week and stay warm:)


  9. Stay Warm.  I'm ready for spring too!

  10. oh man stay warm out there!!!
    i read somewhere that you never have a false positive on a pregnancy test :)
    i'm so excited a journal would be so much fun i love babies and pregnancy
    have a good day
    <3, em

  11. i just woke up......i have no idea how many inches of snow already on the ground here....cant see out the front window...Rick just left to get Meg from work and get gas in my car...HATE THIS!
    I am glad the ex is in jail...sorry ass scum. Maybe he'll stay there awhile. I am glad you all wont go out in the weather if you dont have to.
    LOVE, lisa

  12. I'm glad Emma's Ex is in jail.  He deserves it!  Good riddance!
    Can't wait to see your journal on Emma's pregnancy.  Have a great sleep tonight and STAY WARM!!!

  13. Its been pretty bitter here too.
    I'm glad the ex is in jail. Bet he was surprised that they got him !
    Stay warm

  14. I'm sure Emma is pregnant because you wouldn't get a positive unless the pregnancy hormone was there, but I understand what you're saying. I think KT took four or five tests, but didn't believe it until the doctor told her. Glad the ex is in jail and away from you all. Stay warm. Hope Rebecca gets better soon. I'm jealous wish I had someone to wake up to at 530 in the morning, except I use to wake up at 4am ;-) good for you two make sure to use as much time alone as a couple as you can. One day, when I'm ready, I'll have that again in my life.
    Take care, Chrissie