Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is me

Jim got me a scanner finally after years of asking him for one. And I am loving it. It is so easy to use. He showed me how to use it, but when he emailed pics it came out as an attachment. So I played with scanner and in 5 minutes figured out an easier way, lol. Then taught Jim what to do. So, I decided since this is my journal, I will start out with all pics of me, lol. Hope I don't scare ya and give ya nightmares lol.

The past 2 days I really felt like crap. No cold or flu, just totally drained of energy. I think with running out of vitamins and having no sugar maybe that is what is making me feel so run down. Tomorrow I go and get my vitamins.

Our snow is almost gone. Warmer weather and the rain have played a huge part in melting it. I am so glad, I hate snow. For an entire week this snow and ice kept Rebecca and I indoors. It feels so good to get out again. Yesterday Rebecca and I went to Salvation Army. Wow i got some good deals there, everything in store was half price except for items with yellow tags. My shopping cart was full and only spent 25.30. Tomorrow I will take pics of the goodies I found and post them.

Well, I been trying to get caught up on my email. I put a big dent in it tonight, maybe tomorow I can finish it up. I hope so. Ok, so are you ready to see the pics of me, lol. Here I am..................

This first one is of me when I was 2years old.

This is me and my lil brother Paul. He is holding my daughter Emma when she was 4mos old. Paul is 10yrs old in this pic, I am 1mos shy of being 19.

Yep, that's me. All dressed up to go out to dinner with Jim. It was our wedding anniversary. I think our 13th year. My brother Harry did my hair and make up. He's really good at it.

These next 2 pics are of my wedding. Jim was 23 and I was 17. My very best friend loaned me her wedding gown. She also took all the pics of me wedding for me. Escept for this first pic. Jims grandmother took this one.

Mmmmmmmm cake, lol.

Man I was skinney there. I weighed 115 lbs when I got married. I'm only 5'3 so that was a good weight for me.

This is me when we lived in Casper, Wyoming.

This is also me in Wyoming. I caught my first fish ever. No, I didn't bait the hook or take the fish off, Jim did that for me, lol.

It was a rainbow trout. My brother Paul took it home and ate it, lol.

And this is me in 1996. I was in San Francisco, California visiting my brother for 2 weeks. I had a blast there. I got a really bad sunburn there. It was 62 degrees and foggy and I got sunburned.

Man I look fat, yuck. All that delicious food I ate there.

When we moved to Wyoming, we had no idea at first where to move there. So we opened up a map, closed eyes and where ever we pointed is where we were going. We landed in Casper. And the weird part was our cat was named casper, cause he was pure white like a ghost. We got him when he was 7yrs old, and had him til he was 18 when his health failed him and we put him down.  I miss him, he was the best pet I ever had. So lovable, and always wanting to sit on your lap or sleep in bed with us. Here is my baby boy Casper.

See the red and white blanket he is sitting on? I crocheted that. It took me 3 years to make it. Man does it keep you warm in winter at night. I still have it too. It is a queen size, that's why it took so long.

Well there ya go, there's some pics of me. Tomorrow I will add more pics of others. And tomorow night I will start adding recipes to OutOfMyKitchen journal from my Soprano's cookbook. Hope you all had a great evening and a wonderful day tomorow.



  1. Hi Cindy,
    I am glad that Jim got you the scanner.
    The pictures are great.
    Take care


  2. you are such a beautiful Lady:) glad jim got the scanner hooked up and you can scan pics:)
    tomorrow is friday have a good one


  3. I loved looking at those pics Cindy!  thank you for sharing! :)  Your wedding pics were really nice.. You looked so pretty! :)


  4. so glad that you finally worked out how to use your scanner, you have posted some lovely photos on here,  love the one of casper on your bed, and the blanket looks lovely, I oncw started to make one abour 5yrs ago, its still waiting to be finished.

    take care Lynne xx

  5. I love my scanner, glad you got one :)
    I hope that you start to feel better very soon!
    Love the pics you shared :)


  6. OHhhh that makes me want to get a scanner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have one, maybe I will get another one. I LOVE all these pictures. And that Cat Casper was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should get my lil' girl a kitten!!!!! You can love another just fine ;)
    your lil sis

  7. you are such a beauty, inside and out. I loved the cool to see you at your wedding....Casper is a cutie too. Did you ride that motorcycle or just sit on it? Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly. Its cold here, no melting snow yet.
    XO love,lisa

  8. Those are some great pictures. Rebecca would probably love to have a cat now. My other scanner has the slide show feature which it looks like your has in the smaller pics. The way I handled that was to put a sheet of white paper on the topside of your picture so that slide show feature doesn't show. Thanks for sharing you pictures. Glad that Jim got you a scanner. Helen

  9. I loved all the photos...enjoyed your wedding photos...scanners are happy Jim bought you one.  Hugs and love,

  10. Hey Cindy,
    I been out of the loop here lately needed a week or so to myself, but glad to be back. I'm so excited for you with the scanner. I loved my scanner until I used it so much I broke it. I want to get another sometime soon. Sorry you're feeling bad. It must be the weather I've been so tired here lately too. Glad to hear that the snow is almost gone my best friend's daughter is headed that way soon to work for a month so don't want her in bad weather. LOVED.. LOVED.. LOVED.. the pics. Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to see what else you'll share with us. A Soprano cookbook.. sounds interesting.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. I loved seeing those pictures of you.  I think posting pics like that is a great idea we should all do!



  13. Love the pics! Enjoyed seeing them!
    I don't have a scanner, printer, or anything...just my puter. LOL
    Have fun with it!

  14. and what a blessing these are for me to see

  15. Great pics. I have a brand new printer copier scanner & it won't install right. I've got 3 computer savvy kids & nobody can figure out why. I think something is wrong with IT.  But the warranty has run out so I'm stuck with a p C S that does nothing. LOL
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  16. Cindy I loved the pictures of you!  Really enjoyed them and thank you for sharing them!  You made a beautiful bride!!

  17. I love pics!  Thanks for sharing.  Have fun with your new scanner.  Looking forward to more pics.  :)     Tracy

  18. I love when everyone posts pictures in their journal thank you for shairing i should scan some while i'm at my moms house...we dont have a scanner
    <3, em