Thursday, February 8, 2007

She painted pictures, and her clothes

I have enclosed pics of Miss Rebecca and her Art work yesterday. This kid is so proud of her pictures, she had a great time painting as you can see with the smiles on her face. She also enjoyed a treat of her ice cream sundae, guess you can tell huh, lol. And the lil stinker took a picture of me doing dishes too. She is becoming a pro using my camera. Kid is tooooooooooooo smart. Anyways, we had fun. I had paintings all over the kitchen table and the floor. There all dry now and in a pile on the table, along with the other stack of paintings and drawings she has done. They have been promised to someone, so this weekend I will mail them. Hope there's lots of magnets on her fridge, cause she'll need them, lol.

Jim asked if I needed the van today. Told him nope, too cold to take Rebecca out. Don't want her cold getting anyworse then it is. So, he drove it to work, it's too cold for him to walk. He went to the store last night to get me wheat bread and diet pepsi, and also came home with 2 containers of Creamy Tomato Organic soup for his thermos today. Well, I am hearing alot that organic foods are good for you. I'd like to know how, because as I read the label, this 16oz carton of organic soup has 12 grams of sugar in it and 750 grams of salt. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is all that sodium good for you? Especially if you have high blood pressure. I had packed him 2 tuna salad sandwiches for lunch, so with what he eats today, he'll of had enough salt to last a lifetime. Tomorrow he is getting a salad with grilled chicken and some wheat bread and Olivio butter. All I buy is Olivio, it is made from olive oil, which is very good for you. And there's no Trans fat and no cholesterol in it. It tastes great. Today my plan is to straighten up a little bit, give Rebecca a bubble bath and wash and condition her hair, then I am going to work on my 2 recipe journals. I have so many recipes to enter in them. Also, I have decided to make that pregnancy journal about my daughter Emma and her pregnancy. Poor kid, she's sick everyday. I will be looking for baby tags to use off the internet. If anyone has any and would like to share them with me, I would really appreciate it.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their day so far. Keep warm, it's freezing out, brrrrrrrr. Our temps today are cold, cold, cold.

Temperature: 22°F -6°C
Conditions: Partly Cloudy/Windy
Winds: W 28 MPH W 45 KPH
Relative Humidity: 29%
Barometer: 30.03 Falling
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like: 5°F n/a

Seven-Day Forecast

29°F -1°C
17°F -8°C

33°F 0°C
18°F -7°C

33°F 0°C
19°F -7°C

35°F 1°C
23°F -5°C

39°F 3°C
22°F -5°C

27°F -2°C
19°F -7°C

34°F 1°C
16°F -8°C


  1. Hubby gets some nice lunches.  Made me hungry.  The pics are adorabel.  ;)     Tracy

  2. Great pictures. Rebecca needs a painter's smock LOL ! My daughter in law is a nurse and she brought home some kids hospital gowns that were going in the dustbin. They are perfect for these things. Rebecca is quite the artiste!! When is Emma's baby due? Our daughter in law is due July 26.  I can't wait to find out what the baby is going to be. Pretty cold up there. We are back in the 30s here in Wst TX. Y'all take care and stay warm.
    Hugs, Barb  

  3. Such cute pictures!!  She's such a little dolly!  Ahem...fridge is waiting!  Anytime now! LOL!
    Stay warm.
    Love ya,

  4. Cute pics!
    Yep organic FRESH veggies are good for you, but not all the other stuff! Once they start processing...WATCH OUT!
    Hugs, Sugar

  5. have a good evening:) great pictures rebecca


  6. Hi Cindy.
    Pictures are favorite is the hand prints.
    It's freezing here also...19 right now.

  7. Hi Cindy ~ you have a real little artist there love the 'Snake' and the pictures are great especially the one of you doing the dishes ~ I bet she keeps you on your toes lol ~ Ally

  8. looks like she had so much fun painting :) loved the pictures
    hope you guys have a good day
    stay warm!
    <3, emily

  9. I always said the messier the kids are, the more fun they're having.  She's such an artist!  Stay in and stay warm.

    LOVE YA,

  11. becca's a great artist

  12. she did a great day painting!  
    have a great weekend

  13. Beautiful Miss Rebecca!  You are truly an artist!  Keep up the good work!  hugs and kisses Barbara

  14. OMG... I have been out of the loop as you can tell I'm trying to catch up on reading while everyone is gone. YOU'RE GONNA BE A GRANDMA... AGAIN!!! Congrats I'm so jealous. I have some graphics and will send them to you some girls some boys don't know which you need so I'll just send them all and use whatcha need. Is Emma excited? What about the kids? Jealous or excited? So when does the blessed event occur? You guys are having the same weather we're having. We are on day 14 of below freezing temps. Record here is 17 in a row so we'll see what happens. More storms coming in Sunday so I doubt there will be school half of next week. We've been out six days already kids finally went to school on Friday.
    Take care, Chrissie