Monday, February 19, 2007





   Well, Joe is on his way to the airport. The company he works for sent him back to florida to work for another week or two. Lucky dog, lol. We gotta stay here in this dag on freeze zone while he's in florida nice and warm, sleeping in air conditioning, watching women on the beach in bikini's, and walking around in a tshirt and short pants. Man he has got some nerve, lol. I told him this time if he doesn't bring any warm sunshine back with him, I wasn't letting him in his house. I have his keys, heehee. He did bring a few gifts back with him this first trip. Rebecca got 2 gifts and I got 1 gift. Here are our gifts. Rebecca's are the gators and mine is the nail file. Which I needed. I broke a nail that morning and couldn't find mine, lol.

Rebecca loved her gifts. She's been sleeping with them, lol. Well, it is 1pm and we are still in our pajamas. Lazy day today, lol. I got up feeling like crap, body aches, head ache's. I do have to get dressed though and clean my kitchen. Make the marinade sauce for my ham I am baking tonight. No special occassion, just felt like baking a ham. I love to smell it cooking. I'll make some whipped yams too, Jim loves them, asparagus and a salad. Is it dinner yet, I'm starving, lol. He'll be surprised. We bought the ham at Food Basics yesterday. An 8lb shank ham for 5.63. Now that's a real good bargain there. I'd pay 14.00 or more at Acme or ShopnBag. We filled the shopping cart and I mean filled it. Jim said it was probably over 250.00 in the cart. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! 124.23, yep saved quite a bit of money, and I don't need to go again for a couple weeks. That's why I like that store so much. Great prices, quantity is excellent and you save $$$$$$$.

Well, Rebecca has informed me that it is lunch time, and she would like a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard and a fruit cup. So, I'd better go throw some clothes on the both of us and get to fixing her lunch. Hope your all having a great day. Think warm up, lol.



  1. MMMMMmmm whipped yams!!!!! I haven't seen a recipe for that one!!! I tried some of my diabetic cookbook recipes (3 of them) and all disappointed big time.  I put it up now.  I don't like alligators at all, lmao. I do however have alligator chocolate molds!!! LOL
    Love ya sis, he better bring some warm air to me to as he flies home.

  2. have a good week and stay warm:)


  3. You are so lucky you live far away from me! I'd be at your house every night for that good home cooking!  Man it sounds yummy!
    I need to go grocery shopping with you. How do you manage to feel a family of 3 so cheap and still make such awesome dinners??  You really could teach me some lessons, girl!  
    Hope you feel better.  No fun to wake up feeling bad. I hope you're not getting sick with the flu or anything like that.
    Thanks for your nice comment you left in my journal. You're such a sweetie.
    Stay warm, and give Rebecca a kiss for me.
    Love ya, Pam

  4. Sounds like all is well at the home front.  Joe will be back to reality in a couple weeks.  Tell him to send sunshine and warm weather this way too.   :)     Tracy

  5. we have a few groceries like yours but ours are called SaveaLot. I bet that ham tastes good.
    XO lj

  6. sounds like you both had a fun day

  7. If it  makes you feel better there won't be any bikini's it's 35 here this morning ;-)

  8. wow that is a good deal for that ham hope you guys are staying warm
    <3, em