Monday, March 5, 2007

Can't sleep


I am so tired of not being able to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night. I just can't seem to sleep anymore. 3 to 4 hours a night is all I ever get in sleep. Jim says I should get some Tylenol PM and take a couple before bed. I wake up early because my shoulder and my left leg start throbbing, then feel like their stinging. And once I am awake then thats it, I can't sleep anymore, so I get up. I can't even have coffee yet, because the pot is set for 5:50am. If I were to turn it on now, it would be burned by the time Jim got up, which is about 6:15. So, I sit here with my glass of diet pepsi, listening to the hum of the fan inside my computer and the occassional car or bus that drives by. I think I will turn on the television and listen to the morning news. Well, sorry I did that. What do I hear first thing? A shooting. But not here in Philadelphia. It was in Vineland, NJ. 2 men and a woman were shot at an apartment complex. I know this apartment complex, drove by it many times. Jim is from that area. He was born in Millville, and grew up around there. We lived there years ago. That apartment complex is well known for drugs and break-ins, shootings, stabbings. I blame it on the people who work in the rental office. They just don't care who they rent too. Which is one of the reasons I won't ever live in another apartment complex ever again.

Well, guess who is up? Nope not Jim. Miss Rebecca is up, already. Came out here carrying her duckie fleece blanket, saying her throat is scratchy. I gave her one of her medicine jelly beans. Yes, you read it right. There actually called Sore Throat Chews. They look just like jelly beans. All different colors too. I tried one, and they do work. My throat actually felt numb. 6.99 for a bottle containing 60 count at CVS. On sale right now for 4.00. I bought the Mucinex yesterday morning, and have been taking it, and wow I can already notice the difference. It is breaking up the gunk in my lungs.

Ten more minutes and the coffee pot will come on, yeaaaaaaa, lol. I really need coffee right now.

Ok, if this offends anyone, I appologize now for it. But I am so sick of hearing about Britney Spears and her shaved fricken head. And now she's on suicide watch because she wrote 666 on her head and screamed out she is the anti christ. Palleeeeeeeeeze, Miss Thing, get a damn grip. Grown woman, alot going for her, mother of 2 kids, going out partying all hours of the day and night. What, just because she has money and is popular she can do whatever she wants? Well, the only thing making the news about her now is her stupidity. And I can only imagine how her parents and her sister who looked up to her feel. A total disgrace she is. I bet her ratings went down real low due to her axtions recently. And you know what? I really hope the ex files for custody of his sons. Those kids need stability and by the looks of it now, they won't be getting it with their mother. Sad, just sad. Ok, I'm done ranting about her.

Well, I guess I will go now, and watch the news and see what's going on in my neck of the woods. I did hear cold, cold, cold and windy the next few days. And maybe even snow, grrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Love to all.............................



  1. Wow..what a morning already, and all from one room.
    Sorry you can't sleep hun. It's horrible when that happens, and I hope your shoulder and leg stop stinging!

    Horrible about the shooting, but we have places like that here too. It baffles me. When you have a place like 'Pitsmoor' in Sheffield, why don't they just lock up the assholes, and have more police patrols? It seems so easy, but I's rarely not!

    Those Jelly bean tablets sound fun..I might look for some..hehe!

    About Britney, yeah, she really needs to chill out. Is it true that she's on suicide watch? What is she doing?! GIRL, GO TO A SMALL ISLAND AND LAY LOW....CHILL OUT AND COME BACK IN 5 YEARS! lol!

    Great entry hun,

    Hope you have an ace day,

    Lv Ste

  2. I'm so sorry that your not sleeping! I do hope you get some much needed rest very soon.
    The local news here is depressing too.
    I'm sick of hearing about Britney. It's good that she went and got help but enough is enough already. It's just really sad and I feel bad for her 2 little boys.


  3. Sorry to hear that your not sleeping to well,
    I'm fed with hear ing about Brittany aswel, if the media didnt report these things then she wouldnt play up to them, they should leave her alone and let her get the help and medication that she needs, go enjoy your coffee, put your feet up and relax abit,
    take care Lynne xx

  4. i'm with rebecca i woke up with a scratchy throat today too maybe i need a jellybean, lol
    thats awful about britney she needs help
    hope you got your coffee ... i have mine right now too but not before i shocked myself because i missed the waterbin in the back ...too tired, lol

  5. it is hard to believe that K Fed looks like the good parent. Britney is either insane or has post partum or something.....i still cant believe she shaved her head. I know all about not being able to sleep and i take Tylenol PM's now and then and they DO work.
    love you,lj

  6. Thanks! for stopping by my journal, and your kind words. You have a really good blog also! Hope you feel better today:)

  7. Good morning! I have those nights all the time, not sleepin. My fibromyalgia makes me do that. Have a nice day!
    Love ya,
    Liz in Va.

  8. we all have those blasted insomnia nights....i had one lastnight, of course my injured right knee had 151 % to do with it( please don't tell paul) and momma has been having a lot of em recently herself......take care and see you tonight muahhhhhh sis luv ya's ....Nancy

  9. Britney had it all. What a screw up she turned out to be.  K-Fed will get custody?  What next?  hope you finally got that cup of coffee.  :)     Tracy

  10. Tylenol PM works great for me.

  11. i forgot to tell you i love the dishes:) i have been having trouble sleeping too so don't feel bad:)


  12. Sorry you had such a rough night.  I totally agree with you on Britney. I am so sick of her shenanigans.  I would like to know what made her so crazy, though.
    Hope your coffee was good...have a good day.

  13. Maybe you need to get your leg seen about Cindy...I hope it gets better. Glad the mucinex is working!
    I can not understand Brittney hard is it to be rich?
    Take care and I hope you got your coffee! lol
    love ya,

  14. Brittney is a train wreck. I would imagine the family is embarressed. The rest of us ARE!!!

  15. Honestly with Brittany there's no doubt in my mind that girl has post partum depression. The youngest of hers is only about 4 months old and after watching my SIL and one of my best friends go through Post Partum the thoughts, feelings, and actions one does make very little sense to those outside looking in. I think it's so very easy for us to judge and be the jury of Brittany when reality is we have no clue what is really going on. I am praying for her, those little boys, and her family as hopefully they are doing everything they can to support her recovery. She needs people in her life that will not be afraid to tell her the truth, especially when it's against what she wants to hear.