Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Morning


The above graphic so fits the way I feel about everyone here in Jland. All of you are more then just friends to me, you are family, and I am so honored to have you all in my life. You don't know how much you mean to me. Each time I read a comment from my journal, or another's journal or the Giving Tree comments or an email I get all teary eyed from the concern you have all shown for my sister and for me. Never in my life have I felt so loved by anyone as I feel here in Jland. And I do mean never.

My nephew Eddie has a message for you all. He is the oldest child of my sister Lucy, also the father of the new addition to the family. He said to tell you all Thank you for your help for his Mom and to say, Wow, you guys rock!!!!!!!!! And he's right. You do rock.

I think I should put in a pic of the new parents. I know some of you saw the pic in a back entry, but new readers have not. So, let me go dig up the pic now and enter it here.

Here's the proud parent of little Eden. This is Eddie and Chrissy. This picture was taken last year on Thanksgiving. Man, I was exhausted that day. I cooked so much food, and it was all eaten up too. Chrissy was in charge of guarding the pies, lol. No one dared touch them until I said so, otherwise don't get your arms in Chrissy's reach trying to get those pies. Pregnant woman, and pumpkin pie, she'd of bitten them, lol.

Eddie called me a little while ago. He spoke to his Mom this morning. Lucy still hasn't found a place to live. She and her boyfriend Joe have driven miles and miles looking for a place to rent. There isn't much farther they can drive. To the left is the bay and to the right is the occean and above them is Maryland, and below them is where the bay and ocean meet. It is a tiny island that hangs off the bottom of Maryland, called the EasternShore Virginia. She can't move to another state, due to the facts of her job and Joe's job, and her children and grandchildren are there. Last night I wrote to the EASTERNSHOREPOST. It is the local newspaper there that comes out only 1 day a week which is on wednesday. I wrote a small story about my sister and what has happened over the past few years to her, and I asked them to print my story in hopes that someone in her county will offer her a place to live, a place she can call home.

Well, that's about it for now. The Fed Ex guy just brought a huge box to my door and my child is awaiting patiently for me to open it for her. Did I say patiently? I should of said she is saying, HURRY UP MOMMY, OPEN IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I will go now. Take care and have a great weekend.

GOD BLESS........................................




  1. i will mail the letter to your sister tomorrow.....something came up today. It is not much. I like the pic you included....i KNOW the food tasted great on Thanksgiving. I will pray for Lucy to find a home NOW.
    XO lj

  2. I sure hope they find something quick.
    Your a good sister for all you've done for her.

  3. I hope that they soon find a place to call "Home"  lovely photo of the proud parents
    love Lynne xx

  4. I hope that Lucy finds a home soon. Maybe that newspaper will bring her a home. I really hope so.  I still cannot imagine such a place where there are no places to live.  Wow!

  5. I sure hope Lucy finds a place to live soon.  She's continues to be in my thoughts.

  6. keeping your sis in prayer:) have a good weekend:)


  7. OH I just can't imagine living in a small town that had so little offer as in housing. Just goes to show t hat having all that body of water around you isn't all to grand at times. I like the pics!!!!

  8. I hope by now Lucy has found somewhere.  You have all had a terrible shock this week, I hope your weekend is peaceful and good.  Hugs, Terry x

  9. i hope lucy was able to find a place!!! and hopefully the paper will help too
    love the picture