Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not Snow, Pure Ice

It looks like snow, but it isn't. For 15 hours yesterday it sleeted. Tiny little ice balls falling out of the sky, hitting my windows, stinging people in the face when they were out walking. Vehicles sliding, crashing, hitting other cars, guard rails and going into ditches. I seen no plows, no salt trucks, none what so ever yesterday. It is a total mess outside. And today there's a chance of snow, although the sun is shining right now. It won't be doing much in melting the ice, due to the fact it is so deep. Over 6 inches of ice, ice and more ice. Man, I hate winter. Jim is outside, trying to clear the ramp, sidewalks and van of this ice. He took a couple pictures for me of outside. So here they are. Don't let that white stuff fool you. It looks like snow, but it's not!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUCK, YUCK,YUCK,YUCK,YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait for some warmer weather. There is some good news I heard last night on the news when they were doing the weather. Weather man said this weekend is a mess, but next weekend when Jeanne and I meet at the Berlin Auction, it's suppose to be in the 70's and sun is suppose to be shining. Let's keep our fingers crossed he is right. I can't wait for next saturday to arrive. Not only is it the day I meet a new friend, but it's also the 28th yr I have been married to Jim. March 24, 1979 is when we were married. I will be doing an entry with wedding pics. I didn't have any but 2, but my dear friend MaryLou who was my photographer the day I got married kept copies and she has emailed me more pics of my wedding day. The gown I was wearing on my wedding day, was the gown she wore the day she got married. So that made it extra special. She is alot taller then me, so I had to wear 6 inch heels to wear the dress and not have it drag on the ground. Ok enough said about my wedding. I will tell you more about it in a few days when I make the entry.

Jim just came up, and said it is solid ice outside. He has to bust up the ice off the sidewalk then shovel it off. He'll be outside for a while. I have some house work I want to get done. Mainly the bedroom. Things are so unorganized in there. My dresser seemsto be everyone's storage space lately. No lie, there is a box (bigBox) of paper work on my dresser, clothes, linens, tools, toys, unmated socks, and lots more just on my dresser. There's a huge box of lil girl clothes in my room all too small for Rebecca and Marissa. I want to go through them and send most of them to my niece Sharon, who is having a baby girl in May. I love the name she has chosen Jacqueline Louise. Pretty isn't it? I got a feeling that lil baby girl is gonna be spoiled rotten, lol. Sharon's older sister Donna just found out a few days ago that she is pregnant again. I know Donna is happy about that. She has wanted a baby girl for a while now. I hope this baby is a girl. Donna and Sharon's oldest brother Eddie and his girlfriend Chrissy are expecting their son to be born any day now. Eddie has a daughter from a previous girlfriend. That lil girl is 6yrs old and such a sweetheart. My poor sister, her kids are making her feel old. When the above mentioned babies are born, she'll be a grandmother of 8 kids. But it's ok, she's  use to alot of kids. She had 7 kids of her own, 3 boys and 4 girls.

The other night at dinner table, Jim was teasing me and said so hun, Ya wanna have more kids? Well, I calmly told him, I would pull a loraina bobbit on him if he ever asks me that again, lol. He shut up real quick, lol. Me have more kids? I don't think so. I am gonna be 46yrs old in June, I have 2 daughters and soon to will have a third grandchild. I don't need to have anymore. Besides the best kids are the ones you can spoil, fill up with treats and send home with their parents, hahahaha. I only got 1 problem though. I can't seem to find anyone willing to take my child for a night or two except for my cousin. She kept Rebecca a while back for me. I missed my baby like crazy, but I so enjoyed the quiet. And I got so much housework done. My apartment was spotless. Until Rebecca returned home, lol. You can always count on hurricane Rebecca, lol. Well, I guess I had better go now. I want to get a start on my bedroom.




  1. That does look like snow doesn't it??  YUK!  I thought Spring was finally here??
    LOL on Jim mentioning kids. Come on Cindy, just ONE more??  PULEEEEZ???  I'll come out and watch Rebecca ok??
    Love ya, Pam

  2. I love that name Jacqueline!!! If we would have had a girl at our last one the middle name was going to be Louise after Scotts moms middle name.    Like a baby boom over there with everyone you know!!!
    I can't beleive how cold it is, just FREEZING!!!
    Eric got your card just now, he's outside so he hasn't opened it, I know it means a lot to me!!! I just cant' wait for him to open it. I'm so bad I have Rebecca's stuff still here , the pile keeps getting bigger on me though. LMAO so I'm warning you. With each passing little holiday I keep adding to it becauset he next one is so close, so now i may as wait till I get her easter stuff. LMAO
    your crazy lil sister

  3. yep it is 3 inches of hard white ice here.....icky isnt it?  jason wanted to play in the snow and he could actually walk on top of it
    happy st. patty sday

  4. Just when we though Spring was here it goes and gets cold again ~ Love your pictures ~ however did you walk in 6 inch high heels :o) ~  Jacqueline Louise is such a pretty name ~  Happy St. Patricks Day to you ~ Ally x

  5. Sorry that you guys got that weather...we had it a few weeks ago. Driving sure is hazardous in it too. I hope you and yours stay nice and warm and safe.

  6. BRRRR hate ice & snow & cold!
    Try & stay warm & safe. :)
    Hugs, Sugar

  7. Your pictures are similiar to New York. We got hit just like that.
    Stay warm today !

  8. stay warm and have a great weekend:)


  9. i love all of the pictures and I agree that they do tend to remind ya of nyc....As for trying to find someone who is willing to take becca, shoot girl you missed her like crazy while carmen had her

  10. We got about 6 inches of snow and ice mix.  Sure makes for a yucky weekend.

  11. Wow that does look like snow. I hate ICE you can't do anything on that. Just a second ago we had a ice rain, but it's gone now. I just heard it hitting the door and looked it was ice. That's cool that you're going to meet Jeanne. I live very close to Lori and have told her sometime soon we need to get together. I kinda wanted to wait til it warms up a bit I hate getting out in the bad weather if I don't have to. Glad it's suppose to be nice. Take lots of pics okay. Plus it's your anniversary woo hoo. I come from a huge family and my mom used to say can't you people plan your babies better so that we get one new one a year instead five at one time. I would be so excited to be getting three new babies. My sister used to get them two by two. LoL Jim has a funny bone doesn't he? I used to want another baby so badly and sometimes I still do (John wanted to pay to have me fixed when he announced he wanted a divorce because he didn't want me to have children with someone else, but I declined), but then I think I don't need one because I have Kyan to fill that space. Grandkids are the best. You know that you and Jim would be lost without that little girl, but there is nothing wrong with a break every now and then. Just remember school will come soon. Then you'll get a couple of hours of free time.
    Take care, Chrissie

  12. Grandkids are the best, aren't they?? lol   Like you said, you can spoil them rotten and then send them on their way... let the parents deal with em'! lol

    That ice looks trecherous, Cindy!  Be careful out there!


  13. whats up with men
    i would have smacked his head!
    hope it warms up there for you guys
    i'm tired of this winter junk
    <3, em