Thursday, March 8, 2007

No sleep for me

Well, there's no sleep for me tonight. My Rebecca is sick now again. I guess it's my fault though. I took her outside yesterday to play in the snow. I had her all bundled up, snow pants, coat, snow boots, gloves, hat. But I guess that wasn't good enough. Now she's all congested again, lips are chapped, she's sneezing, and she says her throat is scratchy. Gave her some medicine, thought she'd be fine at 2:am. Well, 2:45 she wakes me up crying, she doesn't feel well. So right now she's on the couch all covered up, handful of tissues, balm on her lips, Robitussin given, and I am doing everything I can to stay awake to keep an eye on her. Rebecca is watching a movie about Judy Garland. She loves watching movies with her in them. She just calls her Dorothy, lol. I even have a pic of Rebecca somewhere, from Halloween a couple years ago, where Rebecca was dressed as Dorothy in the movie The Wizzard of Oz. I will have to post that later this morning in this entry. So, if you read this and there's no pic, stop back again later and there will be, lol. I'd have to go in bedroom turn on light to get pic, and if I did, I'd wake Jim up. So, I will have to add it a little later. Every time Judy Garland sings a song on this movie, Rebecca smiles and claps her hands, lol. I guess she's a Judy Garland fan, lol.

Well, I think I am going to go over on the couch and curl up next to my child and watch this movie. Maybe we can fall asleep for a couple more hours. I need some more sleep. See you all again later this morning.

PS. Gonna be entering a few more recipes in recipe journal later this morning. I hope you find something you'd like. There will be one called Stromboli Bread, from the Soprano's cookbook. I am been asked to make that one for dinner tonight.

Love to all...........................CINDY


  1. Sorry to hear she is sick. Hope she gets well soon. Hopefully the both of you gets some sleep.

  2. Poor baby , not feeling good .  I hope you both go to sleep some more.

  3. hopefully you managed both managed to get some sleep, and I hope Rebecca is soon well again,
    take care Lynne xx

  4. Tell Rebecca I'm a Judy Garland fan too.  Dorothy is my favorite that she play too.
    She a precious little girl. Take care of her, give her some chicken soup, that will help.
    God Bless,
    Liz in Va.

  5. i like Judy Garland too....i often can relate to how she felt in real life. I sure hope Rebecca feels so much better today.

  6. Hope you both got some sleep, may she feel better soon!

  7. So sorry Rebecca is sick. Hope you both can get some rest, but nights are the worst. Seems like daytime is the only time you can really get comfortable maybe it's just because you're exhausted from TRYING to sleep all night long. Yummy the recipe sounds great. Love the pic. Lauren was Dorothy when she was little.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. Hope you can get a nap today and praying Rebecca feels better the cute!!!

  9. love that picture of rebecca i hope that she feels better
    love, em

  10. awwww sissy she's adorable in that outfit...i am ss to hear that she is sick i hope she starts feeling better y'all muahhhhhh nancy

  11. Rebecca looks so sweet as Dorothy ~ hope she is feeling better now ~ Ally

  12. OMG that girl looks just like Dorothy!!  Such an adorable costume.  Too cute!  I remember you made her costume on the spur of the moment this last Halloween. Wasn't she a scarecrow?  Or country girl or something like that? I remember being impressed with the costume you made on such short notice.
    Hope she feels better soon. Poor baby. Give her a hug from me.

  13. love the picture. I hope Rebecca is feeling a little better in the morning. Poor thing. I hope you are able to get some sleep.