Thursday, March 8, 2007

A peek at a Soprano's recipe

This is a Stromboli. I made this tonight from my Soprano's cookbook. And let me tell you, it is fabulous. Homemade dough, homemade sauce, lots of goodies in the center. Jim and Joe loved them. They both ate one about 14 inches long. Just some pics on what it looked like. Tomorrow I will post the recipe. I am so tired tonight, and surprised I am still up. But after I put these pics up for you I am going to bed. So, I'll say it now, good night everyone.

Love to all of you.......Cindy

Now check out the pics...............

dough rolled out and topped with homemade sauce.

next comes some imported ham

adding provolone cheese

yummy genoa salami

mmmmmmm sliced pepperonni

top off with some shredded mozzerella cheese

rolled and tucked and placed on an oiled pan

brushed with a beaten egg, a few slits made and a pinch of oregano

fresh out of the oven

a peek inside. The flavors all came together and let me tell you, it was mouth watering. It was hot, full of flavor, great tasting dough, awesome sauce and so filling I ate a couple bites short of half of it and was stuffed. Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I personally give this recipe a 11, lol. Awesome stromboli. A must try recipe. Look for recipe tomorrow.



  1. girl i'm just so jealous...that looks so good yummmmm

  2. OMG Cindy! That looks sooooooo delicious!  WOW I want the recipe! Can't wait for that Alert!!
    Love ya, Pam

  3. yummy can't wait for the recipe :) i bet my family will love it:) have a good nights sleep


  4. I've made stromboli but  it didn't look like that!!!! Thanks for sharing your recipes. There used to be a jar of  Artie Bucco's Marinara sauce at the grocery stores. It was THE best sauce out of a jar I've ever had. None of the stores carry it around here. If I could buy it, I'd buy it by the case. LOL
    Sleep tight!  Barb  

  5. I've had it before and yours looks good! I'd leave out the salami (not a fan!! but my dh and kids love it!!) Looking forward to you sharing the recipe and I'll be adding it to my list of recipes!

  6. OMG Cindy  that looks awesome.  I 've had that with chicken - minus the other meats, so I would love to try it that way.
    I want that book!!

  7. Hello, Cindy, that looks like my stromboli recipe except for putting sauce inside. We always use that as dip. Meat sauce or maranira sauce. Love it.
    Love ya, Have a great weekend.
    Liz in Va.

  8. Now that is the way to do a great recipe...step by step...thanks so much...looks yummy!!
    Hugs and love,

  9. that looks so good Cindy.  I can't wait for the recipe.

  10. It looks fantastic.

  11. that looks soooo good i cannot wait for the recipe either!!!

  12. oh dear, i think i have drool on my face. LOL