Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Yesterday and this morning.


I woke up at 6:am this morning and it was brrrrrrrrrrrrr outside. Weather man said a chilly -2. Guess what? I actually slept last night, woooooohooooooooo and I feel great this morning. I went to bed about 10:30 and didn't wake up til 6. Yessssssss, I needed that sleep. Usually I wake up with leg pain, but not last night. I have problems with left leg cramping and stinging so bad when I lay down that I have a problem getting up out of bed. I kow what it is caused by. An accident I was in when I lived in Wyoming in 1994. My right leg was on brake when a huge truck peeled wheels in reverse and slammed right into me. It pushed my leg up into my hip an 1/4 inch, causing a pinched nerve in lower back. Doctor said it can be operated on, but there's no guarentee. So why bother I say. Why I even moved to Wyoming still amazes me. I must of been temporarily insane. They are like so far behind in technology, and a totally different vocabulary. For example I go into the store first time there. And I get milk, bread, eggs, juice and a 12pk of pepsi. She rings it all up, I pay her, then she asks would you like a sack? I'm thinking a sack? Now where I was born a sack is considered a 50lb sack of potatoes, so I look at her and say no thanks, but I would like a bag please. So, she puts the items in a bag/sack. Then she asks what about the pop? Huh pop? First she wants to sell me a sack of potatoes and now she wants to pop me. I grabbed my 12pk of pepsi and bag of groceries and left that store. Went home told hubby what was said, he says honey here in the west, they call a bag a sack and they call soda, pop. I laughed so hard, I then knew I had better learn their vocabulary quick before I got into any trouble, lol.

Well, I went to my daughter Emmas yesterday. Had a nice day. Emma was real quiet, so I knew something was bothering her. Nosey Mom comes out, ok kid whats wrong? She says Mom, I got 13.00 in my checking account and nothing for lunch and Daniel has 3 diapers left. Me, ok watch your sister, I'll be right back. Went to ShopnBag. Got groceries, 2 packages of diapers for Daniel, put groceries on counter, cashier ringing them up, and total 99.21. Damn and all this cause she needed diapers and ham and cheese. Well, I got more than that obviously. But I didn't mind. She's pregnant and needs to eat and those two grandchildren needed their fruit and juice and milk and cereal. My big girl was happy and the kids all enjoyed their lunch, so it was well worth it to me, just to see them smile. Well, before Rebecca and I left here to go to Emma's yesterday I dressed Rebecca in red pants and a white shirt. Well, we get to Emma's, Rebecca takes off her coat. Marissa comes walking into the livingroom and guess what? She is also wearing red pants and white shirt, lol. Emma and I find ourselves dressing these girls alike and not even knowing it, lol. Here's the girls yesterday.

Note to self. Stop letting Rebecca wear white. 10 minutes at Emmas and look at front of her shirt, grrrrrrrrrrr. Clorox time.

My grand daughter sat at piano and played the song, Mary had a little lamb. Man is she getting good. here she is, my lil piano artist.

I'm so proud of her!!!!

Ok came home yesterday and made dinner. I fixed a nice dinner. Joe came up to eat dinner with us. I fixed, home made crabcakes, homemade macaronni and cheese and stewed tomatoe's. Jim and Joe loved dinner, came back for seconds, lol. I did enjoy them. I hadn't made them in quite a long time, so mmmmmmm were they tasty.

My crab cakes before cooked.

Crab cakes frying in pan.

Cooking other side of crabcakes.

Don't they look yummy?

Baked mac and cheese.

And now the finished plate, this one is Jims, Joe has his already, lol.

And after dinner, Joe gives Rebecca a present. He has one and she loves it, so he got her one. Here it is:

Well, that's it for the pics today. Maybe, lol. I will post my recipe for the crabcakes today in recipe journal. If you need the link it's on sidebar called OutOfMyKitchen. Or just email me and I will send it to you Hope you have an awesome day. Keep warm and hold onto those hats, it's windy outside.

Love to all,




  1. Good Lord,dont let Rick see the crab cakes.....you cook the best meals and he would love to have that kind of food. I love how the girls wear the same clothes. You are such a good mom to be there for your daughter. It is COLD in Ohio too!
    XO lj

  2. Awwww, great pics hun, and that food looks YUM!!

    Yeah, we call it 'Pop' here too..lol! Although a bag is just a 'bag'..lol!

    Ooh...sorry about the stinging you get from that accident...sounds awful!!

    Love and hugs,


  3. they look yummy and if all goes the way that i want it to.....you'll be getting a surprise in the not so distant future hee hee Ain't I A Stinker?...because although I know whaty it is you don't and won't till it's done.

    sis you take care and i will see you tonight ....luv ya's muahhhhhhhh Nancy

  4. The kids are adorable.  Your dinner looked really good.  :)
    http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/    Tracy

  5. Sorry aboout your leg, {{{ }}} hope it feels better.
    I know what you mean about vocabulary in different areas. :)
    Great pics!

  6. I was born and raised in Kansas and we say both bag and sack and we only say pop. Soda is definately an East Coast thing. The South says "coke"...they'll ask you "What kind of coke do you want". My aunt lived in Wyoming years ago and it's so beautiful there! Lack of technology isn't a bad thing imo...life needs to slow down, be simpler, and it's definately more peaceful that way!

  7. That's funny how you guys dressed the girls so alike. They look like sisters!  Love the Chia Homer.  Too funny.
    That was great you were able to help Emma out with groceries.  Poor girl, she had to be so worried!
    Dinner looks like it was tasty! I'm sure they enjoyed it! Wish I'd been there to help eat  a crabcake or two.

  8. loved the pictures food looks yummy that is funny how the girls were dressed alike without even planning it
    glad you were able to help out your daughter

  9. Beautiful photos...loved the food, made me hungry looking at it.
    The girls look adorable dressed alike...hope you are having a good Tuesday...enjoy...hugs,

  10. have a good week:) dinner looked so yummy


  11. I have got to get to your house, just to eat!!! I love the pictures and I am so glad you got sleep Sis :)

    ~Who is behind on journals big time.
    I thought your crab cakes were in your recipe journal?

  12. I love the matching outfits, and it wasnt even planned !!! That dinner looks really good. We need a J-land dinner at your place

  13. love the pictures. I have never had crab cakes before but the look yummy.

  14. Mmmmmmmmm those crab cakes looked sooooooooo good!!! That little Rebecca is always smiling so brightly in all of her pictures! You have a great day tomorrow Cindy!
    love ya,

  15. I just stumbled upon your journal for the first time tonight.  I'm a cashier at a grocery store in Wyoming.  I hope that wasn't me who asked you if you wanted a sack.  LOL

  16. Nice pictures. The food looks delious. Yuummm! I am getting hunger just thinking about all the good food.