Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Sunday


Brrrrrrrrr, it is chilly tonight. Wasn't that warm today either. it was cloudy and windy, snow flurries, then sunny and windy, then cloudy again with snow flurries. Rebecca wanted to go outside to ride her bike, but it was just too cold. She is still somewhat congested with her cold, so no way was she going outside to play or ride her bike. We did go out though, but to a store. Went to Big Lots again. Man, I love that store. Only been there twice now, but I have already formed a bond with that store. And the prices? Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Fits my purse, lol. I got lots of food, and other things.

Canned crab meat, 1.30 a can. Bought 3 cans, making my crabcakes for supper tomorrow night. Microwavable soups, usually 1.39 in our grocery store, well got them for 66 cents today. Cans of Beanie Weanie's, (jim loves these) usually 1.19 a can at our grocery store, got it today for 33 cents a can. You all remember in one of my entries of how I am doing my kitchen in roosters? Well Big Lots had my rooster dishes. I have been searching on line and cheapest set for 8 people was 149.99, well today I got a service for 4 of rooster dishes for 15.00, so I bought 2 sets, 30 bucks, woooooohoooooooo I got my rooster dishes finally, and saved 120.00. Now that's a bargain!!!!!!!! I came home took out all my white dishes from cabinet, washed the new rooster dishes and in my cabinet they are now. I am so happy I have them. Here's what they look like.

My niece Sharon is having a baby girl in May. So I picked up a few things for her baby. Bottle, bibs, sleepers, socks, fleece blanket, all pink, white, and a pair of lil red socks too. Here's what I got for my new great-niece due in May.

Sharon doesn't have alot of money to go out and buy girl baby things, so any help she gets she would be so happy. I hope these few things will make her happy. I been going to thrift stores too, looking for things, but haven't had much luck. All I have found is boy clothes. She won't be having a baby shower, because no one can afford it. I'll still keep looking for bargains and thrift stores to see what I can find. I might take a trip to a little thrift store in Riverside, New Jersey called the Train Depot. I use to buy lots of baby clothes there for my sister Lucys kids. I would get sleepers for 25 cents, onesie t-shirts for 10 cents. You never left that thrift store without a big bag of things. I have even bought winter coats there and only paid 1.50 for one. Yes, I think I will go to that lil store again soon.

Yesterday Jim went to the laundromat and took Rebecca with him. She seen a stuffed turtle in the claw machine. Jim tried and tried to get that turtle, couldn't get it. So he takes her to toystore KB toys a few doors down. Searches the store, no turtles to be found. But Rebecca spots something that she just had to have, a pony. My child is fasinated with horses. She takes after my sister Lucy with that. So, Jim gives in and 16.99 plus tax they walk out with this pony. My child comes home and says look mommy I got a pony. It's one of those pony heads on a pole. I said wow that is nice, she says yea I know. I think I'm gonna name her RoseBud cause she has roses on her head, lol. Told my sister Lucy about it this morning, and she reminds me that when we were little she had a real pony named RoseBud. Wow, and my child never knew this and gave her pony the same name. So here's Rebecca and her new pony.

It is a really cute pony. Now if she'd just stop galloping around this apartment, lol.


  1. Sounds like it was Christmas at your house!  I really liked your new dishes.  And the baby clothes are adorable! I'm sure the new mom will love them.  
    Rebecca is so cute.  Her horse is so suited for her. Cute and pretty!  If she keeps galloping around the house you'll have to pen her in LOL!  
    Have a good night.
    Love ya...Pam

  2. Love Rebecca's pony, and what a coincidence her calling it Rosebud, I'm sure she will play with it for hours, Sharon will be pleased with the things you got for her baby,
    take care Lynne xx

  3. aww rebecca looks so happy with her new pony great deals at biglots i might have to go there later :)  
    love that little bib that says got milk :) and those dishes are lovely
    hope that you have a great day

  4. they had those pony heads on a pole at Cracker Barrel for $10 last year. She is so cute. I like Big Lots too.....i like to go in there with a bit of cash and have fun.

  5. I like Big Lots, went a few times in TX...they have one here, but not in the little suburb I live in.
    Have a great week!

  6. we have a store here called "ALL ABOUT BABY" that has interesting things at a reasonable sister judy ( maggie's mommy) went there for things she would need when she was expecting maggie.....hagd sissy i luv ya's

  7. Loved the pics.  Rebecca must be so happy with her new Pony. Lucky girl.   :)     Tracy

  8. My girlfriends were just telling me about Big Lots yesterday.  There is one right down the roaf here (not far from the Berlin Mart!!!!) but I have never been there.  I must try it one of these days.  I am just a die hard Walmart fan and usually get everything I need there....and Shop Rite.  I should have stock in those companies.  (lol)  Cute little pony!!!


  9. It's been cold with snow flurries in my parts too!  I love the got milk bib!!

  10. have a good week:) love the horse very nice


  11. Bless her little heart, you can tell she has been sick,she still looks weak around her mymama use to say. She will have so much fun with Rosebud! Isn't that something that she named it the same thing?

    I like Big Lots too! Have you posted your crab cake recipes before? My memory is so bad...
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow too!
    love ya,

  12. I wish there was a Big Lots here in the part og Maryland I live.  Have a good night.

  13. You sure got some great bargains !  Arent kids great, the little things make them happy ! Stay warm!