Friday, March 16, 2007

Second Try


I am going to try this again. Yesterday I had a nice big entry all done, went to click on save and Rebecca knocks cup of coffee all over my hand and the mouse, and I lost the entry, grrrrrrrrr. I was so mad I couldn't write it again. So, today I am making another attempt at it. I got my can of "Child Be Gone" sitting here next to me, lol. Just kidding. She's watching Blues Clues.


OK, so where did that couple days of nice warm sunshine go? If anyone knows where it is, please let me know, lol. It is cold, and freezing rain right now. The weather guy said it was going to turn into snow and to expect up to 3 inches of it. Grrrrrr, where's that groundhog at? I know a good taxidermist. I am so over this winter weather. If I had the money, I'd move back to the west coast, so I wouldn't have to deal with winter weather. This ol' body doesn't like the cold anymore. Now I have every member of the ritis family living in my body. Arthritis, Bursitis, you name it they living in my body, lol. Last night I was actually cold when I went to bed. I usually sleep with legs sticking out of covers, but last night I practically wrapped my legs in the covers. The warmth of the blanket felt sooooooooooo good on my legs.


I've put some pics on above. The snow ones are the last snow we had, and others are from the other day when Rebecca and I went to Emmas. Kids played outside and loved it. Marissa was over Dan's mom's which is why there is no pics of her playing outside. We had a hard time getting Daniel to go intothe house. Once he is outside, he does not want to come in. You gotta carry him and the whole time he is screaming and kicking, lol. That boy could stay outside from sun up to sun down if you let him.


I love that lil guy dancing. Looks like he is having fun. Wish I had some his his energy, lol. My child has about worked my nerves already this morning. And I do believe I hear a nap calling her today whether she likes it or not. The salt trucks are out now putting salt on the roads. They are really slippery. It looks like snow, but up close it's tiny ice balls. I can hear them hitting my windows. It's a good day to stay indoors, which is exactly what I am doing today. Jim took the van to work, because it was pouring this morning. He called me a little while ago from his work truck and said the roads are really bad, very slippery. I told him to be careful and call me every couple hours so I know he's ok. His driving doesn't worry me, it's the other driver's with lack of bad weather driving experience or ones with no respect for the roads, laws that worry me. I have seen so many accidents right here on the corner where a kid 16 and 17 yrs old, slide right into another car because the lack the experience and knowledge of what to do in bad weather. I've seen alot of them take off from the accident too. Hey, if their old enough to drive a car and get into an accident, then their old enough to stay put and exchange information, or wait for a police officer. My Rebecca better be 18 when she asks to get her license. Her sister was 18 when she got hers.


Well, if you look on my side bar, there is 3 name tags. They are for Sugar, Jeanette and John (Krissy's hubby). If you haven't already heard they need our prayers. All are battling cancer now. Click on their tag on my sidebar and drop them a comment. Let them know how much we care and love them, and we're praying for them. Jeannette is in the hospital today having surgery for her cancer. Please send prayers good thoughts and vibes her way. I haven't heard from my MIL as yet about what the doctor wants to do about my FIL's condition. I hope I hear something soon. Please keep my FIL in your prayer's also.


Tomorrow I will be cooking up a corned beef brisket, a ham, cabbage and baby potato's  for supper. Jim can't wait, he says he can already taste it, lol. He'll eat the whole brisket himself. Not me, I don't like corned beef. That's why I'm making a ham. I love Ham and Cabbage. Rebecca will eat the ham, but she won't touch the cabbage or potato's. I guess there's not much else to write about today, yet, lol. But I know later there most likely will be. So, I will sign off now, fix Rebecca some lunch. Hope you all keep warm, dry and have a wonderful day.

Love to all............................




  1. I hope you have a good day and stay warm!!  Send us some more winter weather....otherwise we're gonna be in a drought.

  2. I forgot to say I loved the pics!!!  Thanks for sharing them.

  3. i love the tags and the pics you have in here.....i love how you talk about what food you are making or made..i wish i was eating some of it! I dont think alerts have been working right for 2 days.
    I am sorry you have the ice and snow. Its windy and chilly here. No snow today.
    LOVE, lisa

  4. Enjoyed the pictures, Cindy.. :)  

    I would send you some of our Southern California weather (its 77 right now... and not even 11 AM yet) if I could!  I hate that it's already so warm here.  Means we are in for a HOT summer! :(

    So many people here in Jland that have things wrong with them..  Jeannette, Sugar, Lisa..  to name but a few.  I have a tag up for both Sugar and Jeannette, and do keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

    Yumm.. on the cornbeef and cabbage!  I usually make that every year, but this year my brothers memorial is happening on St Paddy's day.. so.. maybe next week.. if they still have some Cornbeef hanging around in the market! :)

    Happy St P's Day.. and enjoy that food tomorrow!!


  5. I certainly hope the weather is better than this next weekend because the Berlin Mart isn't much fun in the ice and snow!!! (lol)

    I hate this crap...I've had enough!!


  6. Nice pics, TY for sharing! :)
    Warm & sunny this past week, then yesterday started turning cold again...was in the 20's this morn! Big change from 70's. GRRRR
    TY for adding our Support Tags, appreciate that. Yes Jeannette is having a lumpectomy today, then I go for my complete hysto & lymph node removal on the 27th.
    Keeping J in prayers today, John too. Also will pray for your FIL.
    WOW the menu sounds awesome...wish I was invited!
    Hugs, Sugar

  7. I've never made an irish meal on St. Patricks.  Your dinner sounds yummy.  Have a good evening.

  8. love the pictures:) we are having our corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and carrots on Sunday


  9. We had a peek at spring too, now it's snow again. Oh well.
    Love the photos of the kids though. Enjoy your dinner, I LOVE that meal, my mom use to make it great. I bet you do too.
    love ya

  10. I'm making the same dinner to!!! I love the pics! I'm so tired today, I will have to re read this slowly, I am just wiped out, I don't know why???


  11. very nice pics

  12. Great pictures, your little one is so like you.  Hugs.  Terry x

  13. I saw your tags. I know Jeanette and John, but not Sugar. Thats so sweet and good idea about the tags for prayers. I'll have to snag a few if that's okay. Loved your pics and Daniel and Kyan would get along so great. The two days we were in the 70s here Kyan played outside from noon to 7pm and was screaming because he didn't wanna come inside. I told KT this summer he's gonna be one tanned boy. I was laughing because tonight on Travel Channel they were showing all the waterparks and Kyan was glued to the tv with his mouth open. He's like obsessed with waterparks and has never been to one in his two years of life. I told him well in order for Nay to take him to the waterpark he's gonna have to learn to swim. I want him in swim lessons.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. i loved all the pictures so cute :)
    i can taste the food just reading about it...hope it was good