Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let's try this again

  Please click on this tag and light a candle for a very special lady. Sugar is in the hospital today undergoing surgery to have cancer removed. Please keep her in prayer. She has left a last entry she will be making until she's home and feeling up to getting back on the computer. You can read her last entry by clicking on her name tag on my side bar. She has turned off her alerts, but she said she will read all the comments left for her when she's up to it. So click on her name tag and leave her a few nice words please. Also, pray for Jeannette who is home recovering from her cancer surgery, and a few Jlanders who have a Mom, Dad, Sister now going through cancer and treatments also.

Well, sunday was a nice day. I spent the morning cleaning, and the whole afternoon and early evening babysitting my grandson. I love having him here. That lil man really melts my heart. He kept climbing up on couch and pointing to mirror on door saying Look, mommom, Boy. He was pointing to his reflection, lol. So cute.

At one point during the day I asked him, Daniel, what are you doing? and he turned around and gave me a funny look like, nothing mommom I am innocent, yea right. Here's the look, I had camera ready to, lol.

Rebecca wanted to go to sleep last night wearing bunny ears. I don't think so, but here she is, wearing them before bed.

Yes, my child loves SpongeBob, lol. She would live in these pajamas if I let her.

It is beautiful today. A little cloudy out but warm. Suppose to go up to almost 80 today. I'm going to Emma's and we're going to take the kids outside to play. Yep, camera is coming with me. LOL, Jim just called me. He said, Get outside woman, it's nice out. I told him I would be soon. He said take Rebecca out and let her burn off some of her energy. That's just what I'm going to do too.

Well, I guess I'd better get my butt ready and go. I need to go to postoffice too. Got a box to mail and 3 big envelopes. Jim told me last night that postage stamps are going up to 41 cents soon. And I just bought 2 books of stamps too, grrrrrrrrrrr. He also said their coming out with a 41 cent Forever stamp. This stamp you can use even if postage goes up again and still just use the 41 cent stamp, cause it's 41 cents forever. I like that. Gonna see if postoffice has any and I'm gonna get me some, along with 2 cent stamps for these stamps I have now. I'll just get enough for 1 book right now.

Well, gonna go. Hope you all have an awesome day.

Love ya.............................




  1. I heard that although they are making the 41 forever, it's not true that you can always use that even when it does go up again, but it's just what I've heard!!

  2. The kids are so cute!  It's not a 41 cent forever stamp.  It's just a forever stamp replacing the 2 or 3 cent stamps that can be used whenever there is a price hike instead of having to buy 2 or 3 cent stamps.  You just buy a forever stamp.

  3. Hope you enjoy your day outside.  It's so good for the kiddos to play outside. And good for you to be outside.  Been a LONG winter, huh?
    Love ya? Pam

  4. Prayers for all those in need.
    Enjoy your day out, I love spring.

  5. have a good week:) love the pic of your grandson he sure has lots of teeth lol and rebecca nice bunny ears lol does she have the tail too?


  6. awwwwwww loved that little smile that granson had!!!! And rebecca was adorable in those bunny ears!!!lol
    love ya,

  7. Hope you enjoyed the day....it was great here on Long Island too.
    Looks like the Easter Bunny is already in town in PA  !!!
    Big hugs,

  8. Sugar's in my prayers!  Love the pics.

  9. i heard about the forever stamp.....so you buy them for 41 cents and you can just use them forever??? LOL it confused me on the news
    hope you guys enjoyed outside
    love the pics ttyl