Saturday, March 3, 2007

More pics

Just thought I'd make an entry and then go off to bed. Tired today, very tired. It seems like all I did today was sit at computer. Just too tired to do anything major. I did manage to change the linens on the beds and sweep the kitchen floor. Dinner was quick and easy, Stuffed peppers and salad.

Jim and I are going house hunting next weekend. Not to buy, just to rent. We want to see the neighborhoods before we make appts to see the houses. I am being very picky, I have my daughter Rebecca to think about. Neighborhood has to be clean, houses in tact and not falling apart, and I want to see the schools in the area's. We plan on finding a place and living there for quite a while, so we want to make sure we're gonna be happy there. I want out of Philadelphia. Too many murders going on. So far this year last I heard there was 62 murders. There is so many ilegal guns floating around.


Another reason I want to move is the parking in this city is crazy. It's like your always sandwiched in, and can't go anywhere until someone comes and moves their vehicle.


I finally have a recent pic thanks to Nancy who's journal is on my sidebar called "desires" of my brother Paul. So, here's my lil brother.


This next picture is my favorite. It is probably the last photo taken of my mother before she died of cancer. She is holding my lil brother Paul in this pic. he is 3 months old. Eight months after this pic was taken my mother died. The love in her eyes and the smile on her face are precious.

I'm always saying my grandson Daniel looks just like his daddy when his daddy was little. Well man does he. Even has the smile. This is a picture of Dan when he was 3yrs old. He was such a cute baby.

Dan and his brothers always wondered why their parents had 10 kids, all boys. Well, by the looks of this next picture, I can see why their Dad was a father of 10 kids, lol. This is their mom, Liz in her younger years.

This is Liz now. She has a big heart. Loves her boys and her grandchildren. She has even taken my daughter Rebecca has her own grand daughter too. Ok two more pics. Now don't laugh. No my hair isn't crooked or cut wrong, it's just the way I have my head tired that makes it look like it is shorter on one side, lol. The red haired girl is my sister Lucy. Sorry sis, now ya know I was gonna put this pic in here, lol.

The couple in this next pic is my Uncle Ed and  Aunt Marge. He was my dad's brother. These two special people helped keep my family together when we were lil kids. My aunt marge came over 5 days a week, cleaned, did the laundry, sewing, cooking for us. They are both gone to be with God now. I really miss them. Well, that's it for now. I guess I will go and get my jammies on and go off to bed. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. Robitussin isn't work good enough for me, so tomorow I am going to the pharmacy and getting a bottle of Mucenix. Take care everyone, hope your having a nice weekend.


Love to all,




  1. i hope you feel better tomorrow:) love the pictures:) but i can't find the one of your aunt and uncle? is it just me?


  2. These are such good ones.  You were such a cute little girl!!  And Dan's mom was very beautiful! I can see why they had so many kids <wink wink>.  LOL!
    Hope you feel well enough to have a good night sleep.  I'm getting ready to hit the bed right now.
    Love to you girlfriend. Give Rebecca a kiss from her Auntie Pam. ok?

  3. great entry sissy i'm glad i could help to contribute to the journal.....i always enjoy your pictures girl
    any other ways i can help ya out give me a shout....i love ya sissy

  4. i love your sisters hair color!
    You have a gorgeous family. All of them. I hope you do get to move into a huge home in a wonderful neighborhood.
    LOVE, lj

  5. Great photos. I still have tons of photos at my sisters house they are suppose to get divided up amongst all the kids after my father died.
    Picutres are so vaulable and precious. It's our link to the past.
    Good luck house hunting!

  6. I love looking at old pics... have a great sunday..

  7. The pics are all just beautiful...thank you for sharing them...hope your Sunday is the best...hugs and love,

  8. ally123130585918March 4, 2007 at 7:00 AM

    Cindy loved your photographs ~ I do so enjoy looking at older pictures ~ Ally

  9. I just love all these pictures!!! I have missed you sis
    Hugs & Love
    Hopefully now I can mail out Rebeccas stuff!

  10. loved all the pictures i'm pretty sleepy today not getting much done at all
    hope you are having a good day good luck hunting for homes to rent...i hope you have it as easy as us...we are really liking this one...and we rent too :)

  11. love all the pictures. Sometimes you are just to tired to do anything. So I hope you just relaxed. Good luck with the house hunting. I Hope you find what you want.

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon....Mucinex is good...I got the decongestant kind.
    I don't blame you about being picky about neighborhoods...when it comes to your child you want to be sure...
    love ya,