Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is it really quiet?

Is it true? Is spring really here? It doesn't feel like it. But weather man said it's true. Now, bring on the warmth please. Well, we got a major problem in the kitchen. It seems the roof is leaking and the snow and ice that is on it is melting and coming through my ceiling in the kitchen. Jim came home from work and was sitting in the kitchen and heard drip, drip. He looked around and noticed that one of the drop ceiling tiles was buckled and wet. He touched it and felt water move. So he poked it with his knife and water poured out of the little hole. He called Joe and had him come upstairs. He wanted to let him know there's a problem. Joe will be on the phone tomorrow with the roofer. He lifted one of the tiles from the ceiling and oh my gosh there is serious damage. the sheetrock is crumbled, moldy and falling off. Not only does the roof have to be repaired but so does the ceiling above the drop ceiling. I told Joe he may want to call his home owners insureance on this one, cost this is gonna be expensive for sure.

Did you watch American Idol tonight? I did. I didn't even go near the computer tonight while it was on. Out of the 10 singers left I like Jordan, Chris and Melinda. Out of those 3 Melinda has my vote. That girl can sing, wow!!! And yes I voted for her, lol.

For anyone who is a Soprano's fan, the last and final 9 episodes start April 8th at 9:pm on HBO. I will be absent from the internet world during the nights the Soprano's are on. Love, love, love that show.

My scanner has been giving me problems the past 2 days. So today I went and deleted it right out of my computer, then I reinstalled it. Guess what? It's working again, wooohooooooo. I told Jim last night it wasn't working. He says restart computer, lol. Like what's that gonna do? Computer isn't even recognizing the scanner. No problem's now. I scanned plenty of pics today and it worked fine. Two of the projects I am working on, I need my scanner to do them. No worries, it's fixed.

Well, I got a few things done today around the apartment. Got my livingroom dusted, wiped down and vacuumed. Cleaned off computer desk, filing cabinet and bookshelf. Got the bathroom all wiped down, and folded and put away about a zillion loads of laundry, well maybe not a zillion but it sure felt like it. Tomorrow when I get home from Sams Club, I will finish the bedroom.

Tomorrow I am going to drive Jim to work, take Rebecca to her sister's. And Joe and I will go to Sam's. We're taking my van cause when we both shop there's never enough room in his blazer, lol. I'm letting Joe drive my van, cause I do not like driving all the way to Sams. I'm gonna look for a carpet steamer. If I rent one it costs me ovr 70.00 to rent it and buy all the chemicals to clean the carpets. I have been checking on line and for another 40 bucks I can own my own carpet cleaner. The secret to a clean carpet is not the detergent you use, it's the water. If you boil the water getting it good and hot then add it to the machine, the carpets come out alot cleaner. I know I've done it a few times on these carpets with are a very very light shade of grey and Joe's are white. Hot water works best with the shampoo.

Ok, now that I have probably bored you to sleep with this entry, I will go now. Gonna go chat with my future SIL Nancy for a few minutes, then I'm off to bed. I hope everyone enjoyed their day today and have a great day tomorrow.


Love to all.......................




  1. have a good hump day:)


  2. Sorry about the leak. Hope it doesn't cost all that much. You sound like you got that spring fever on that cleaning. I need to get busy myself on that. I love Sopranos, but we no longer have HBO. Sucks. Glad you got your scanner working mine is dead. Good luck on finding a cleaner.
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. American Idol isn't on here until tonight, so I haven't seen it yet obviously. Which Chris? There's 2 of them. I have been loving Lakisha as well, that girl has something so special it's unbelievable. I agree with really liking Jordin and Melinda as well. For Jordin being 17 she's got an amazing future in front of her and Melinda is so talented and humble how anyone couldn't love her is beyond my understanding!

    I hope they get the roof fixed soon. I'd hate to hear there's mold forming and I believe from that kind of damage black mold can form and that's the extremely dangerous kind.

    I don't watch Soprano's, when we were stationed at Ft. Riley for a while we had HBO and I watched it 2 or 3 times, but it was just too much violence and the language. God had already convicted me on language and violence so I couldn't watch it as a Christian woman. I pretty well avoid shows that have cussing and a lot of voilence (including shows like L&O, CSI, etc) it's just not something I can watch and then look at my children and feel like I'm being a God fearing mother to them. You can definately say God convicted me, because 10 yrs ago I didn't have a problem watching any of those type of shows or movies with either of those in them.

    Have a lovely Wednesday.

    God Bless

  4. I havent gotten into Idol much this season. But I cant wait for Sopranos!! YEA !
    I'll be thinking of ya while I watch Tony eat his big ole Italian dinner. (something out of his cookbook no doubt)
    big hugs,

  5. hope that you get your roof fixed soon, before even more damage is done, I think our spring over here in the UK has gone back into hibernation again, its freezing over here,
    take care Lynne xx

  6. Hope the roof is fixed soon...I think we all have had that experience.
    Sounds like you have been pretty busy...I am exhausted now after all you have done.  We took our truck to Costco...the other day, do to the loads of stuff we brought home.  Have a wonderful week ahead...slow down...hugs and love,

  7. Well, we got snow in Massachusetts a couple days ago so it's hard to believe that spring is even here. -Dawn-

  8. i have never watched Soprano's.. i love AI...i love Chris and Blake and Sabrina, who they voted off.
    Thanks for the tip on the carpet cleaner. We bought a good one at WM yrs ago and i never knew that about the water. I hope your ceiling is fixed QUICK.
    LOVE, lisa

  9. we get cable hooked back up tomorrow WOOHOO i have missed my shows!!!
    sorry to hear about the leaky roof its no fun when you are living in a house that has a problem until it is fixed again, such a pain, huh?

  10. its not boring about the carpet cleaning, its quite interesting to know.  Sounds like you are going to be very busy.  Glad you have got your scanner working again, well done.  Hugs.  Terry x



  12. carpet cleaning we just had ours done. If they don't send Sanja home or however you spell his name on American Idol I'm going to scream.

  13. I always wandered about boiling the water first, just never have. I'm sure going to now. Homeowners SHOULD take care of it, but you never assume. I sure hope so, that is nothing to mess with. :( I love SAMS, Ic an't go often, I spend to much.
    I love ya