Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Sunday


Yep, I'm an early bird this morning. But only because my darling child woke me up because she had to go potty. She is now back in bed fast asleep and now I am wide awake. I am one of those people that once you wake me up, I stay up, grrrrrrrrr. Well, today is sunday, and it's suppose to be a nice day today. Yesterday was fabulous. Rebecca and I went out and enjoyed a part of the day. We went to the Hallmark gift shop for a few cards, then to Fashion Bug. They were having a great sale. I got 6 items. Paid 11.99, 12.99, 16.99, for 3 things and 1.00 each for the other 3 things. Got myself 3 pants and 3 shirts. I needed new clothes desparately. The clothes I have now I have been wearing for over 5 years. I'll look spiffy next weekend when I meet Jeanne at the Berlin Auction. Next weekend is gonna be so special. Not only am I meeting Jeanne but it is also Jim and I's 28 yr anniversary. Wow, 28 yrs of being married, I feel old, but lucky. We married March 24, 1979, and it was raining. And since that day it has rained almost every year on our anniversary date. It better not rain this year. LOL I hope next sunday is nice and sunny when we go to Berlin Auction. I won't be taking my grandchildren with me. They will be in virginia with Dan and Emma. Their taking my grand daughter Marissa to my sister Lucys house for a week for a little vacation. Emma and Dan and Daniel will leave to come back home sunday. I know Marissa is going to have a great time with her great-aunt Lucy. Marissa is going to see goats, horses, cows and will most likely spoil the new puppy at Aunt Lucys house. Hey Lou, ya better check Marissa's luggage when she leaves to come home, she will want that puppy. Marissa is  an animal lover just like Lucys is.

Well, it's so quiet right now. Jim and Rebecca are sleeping, hardly any cars driving down the street. TV is off. I haven't made coffee yet, too early. I'd have it gone by the time Jim gets up, lol. Oh, yea after Rebecca and I left Fashion Bug yesterday, we went to the park. Rebecca had a great time running around playing with the other kids there. When it was time to leave she didn't want to go. But my lower back and legs were hurting so bad I had to leave. I bribed her with a cup of hot chocolate, lol. It worked. This morning I will fix them both breakfast. On sundays I always cook a nice big breakfast for them. Today it'll be cheese omelet's, bacon, toast and orange juice. Jim will get mushrooms in his cheese omelet. The man loves mushrooms. Not me I can't stand them, yuck.

Well, Uncle Joe is leaving for Florida later this morning. He's going back down there for another week or two to work, then he'll be finished. They wanted him to permanently locate there, but he said no. He has to much here, his home, family especially his Mom who has a bad heart, diabetic, gull bladder problem which they can't remove due to her heart. Plus he has a grandson now who is moving back to PA soon with his daddy, Joes son Nicky. Nicky has full custody of his son Wesley. While Nicky was in Iraq (he is in USMC) he got a telegram from his exwife. It said Come get your kid, I want my life back. She gave up her parental rights through the court and wants nothing to do with this precious baby boy. So, Nicky contacted a couple who are very good friends of his and he trusts them completely. They went and picked up Wesley and kept him for 2 weeks until Nicky came home. In just a couple months Nicky gets out of the Marine Corps and will be taking his tests to be a Pennsylvania State Trooper. Joe is so proud of his son, both son's I should say. His oldest son Joe Jr, is an EMT in Allentown, Pa. Here is Joe and his sons and grandson. From Left to right is Joe, Wesley, Nicky and Joe Jr.

A very handsome family they are. In September Joe and his son's and Jim are going to New York to Salmon River for 3 days, and I have been asked to keep Wesley while they are gone. No, problem, hat lil boy is a real sweetheart, I would be honored to take care of him. Wow, it is 7:am already. It's just starting to get light outside. In about 30 minutes I will put the coffee on. Well, I guess that's about all there is really on my end. But I do want to mention, a few people here in Jland who really do need some prayers, good vibes, warm thoughts, whatever you can give them. Those people are Sugar, Lisa, Jeannette and Krissy's husband John. Sugar, Jeannette and John are dealing with cancer and need our prayers, and Lisa has just found out she has Multiple Sclorosis (MS). Let's pull together and send them a prayer or to up to help them through this difficult time in their lives.

God Bless all.........................


Just wanted to fix what I wrote here in this entry. My anniversary is March 24th, which is not this saturday but next saturday. Some how I lost a week, lol. I'm gonna blame it on the lack of sleep, yea that's it, lack of sleep stole my  So I am meeting Jeanne on March 24th at Berlin Auction, In New Jersey. She said she's bringing her camera and so am I. Also the night before on the 23rd I will be posting my wedding pics. I only have 9 of them, well actually 8 cause 1 is kind of blurred, lol. See ya March 24th Jeanne at 12:30. I can't wait!!!!


  1. I want to get some mushroom omlettes!
    You got some great bargains yesterday !  Next weekend sounds great! Cant wait to hear about it. Happy Anniversary, a few weeks early!

  2. Congrats on how long you have been married....i want to come over right now for some of your breakfast..sounds delicious!
    xo lj

  3. Wesley is a doll, I can't imagine how any parent can just turn and walk away. Especially a mom.  Very nice group of fine men in that picture! Your meeing Jeanne from Candlejmr? or something?? Ohhhh I'm so jealous, I hope you all have fun!
    Your sis

  4. Great pic, hansome guys all!

  5. Happy Anniversary.  Love to hear abour 28 yrs and happily married.  I am also happily married.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)     Tracy    

  6. Happy Anniversary (well almost) Cindy! :)  28 years!  Wow!  That is so awesome!  I hope you have a great time, and that you enjoy your meeting with Jeanne!  She is one of my favorite people here in Jland, and I'm sure the two of you will hit it off.. :)

    Hugs and love

  7. HAppy Anniversary!!! Jim is lso ucky to have picked you!!! I know little Rebecca enjoyed her day out with her mama!
    Joe and his sons ARE good looking! I have never understood how a mama could give up her sad...Thank God little Wesley had a daddy that loved him.
    Hope you have a great Sunday Cindy.
    love ya,

  8. Yep, we are meeting next Saturday!!!!  I need to know what time so I an sure to be there.  I hope it is as nice out as it is today!!


  9. Once I get up I have a hard time going back to sleep. If I do it's about an hour or so later. How wonderful for Nicky that he's going to take his test to be a state trooper. To bad his ex just dropped the kid like that. Congrats. on the 28 years of marriage. That is just wonderful.

  10. How could any mother give her child up at that age is beyond me, I could never have given my children over to their father, but Nicky will probably have a better life with his Daddy, than with him Mother, if thats how she feels about him, glad that you and Rebecca enjoyed your day shopping and at the park yesterday, hope you have a good day today,
    take care Lynne x

  11. so sad all of the people in j-land finding out they have cancer or MS or other things. May God be with them all:) have a good weekend


  12. Happy Anniversary Cindy and Jim!!  Wow that's a long time to be married. You guys were babies when you met.  So what's the secret to staying married so long??  I think part of it is your good cooking!  LOL!
    Joe and his sons are very good looking!  WOW!  And you'll enjoy that baby Wesley for a weekend.  He and Rebecca will have a fun time.
    I'm sure Rebecca really enjoyed the park after being so cooped up due to the cold for so long.  You'll have to take her again soon.  I wish I could go!
    I also wish I could go with you to meet Jeanne!!  I'm so jealous! I wanna meet you both!  Take pics!
    Love ya, Pam

  13. a very happy anniversary to you both and good wishes for many many more

  14. i hope it does not rain either!!!
    wow i cannot believe exwife could just do that...good for daddy though
    take care

  15. You know I dont normally leave nasty comments in people's feel free to delete what I am about to say.

    I am a Marine wife and what a selfish BITCH to do that to that man and his son!!!! Well maybe its for the best anyway.  I hope everything turns out well.  My thoughts and prayers are with him.  At least he is getting out of the Corps and wont have to worry about it any more.

    Take care,  Liz

  16. Sounds like you had a good weekend.  We turned cold and rainy here in TX.
    Have a good week.