Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Good Morning!!! And it is a beautiful morning too. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's suppose to be in the low 80's today. Woooooooohoooooooo, finally some decent weather. My windows are open, a nice breeze is coming in. I am in heaven for sure. Sorry I haven't made an entry in what, 4 days, wow, I am slipping huh, lol. Friday morning I had an entry done, all dedicated to cancer, clicked on the save button and AOHELL ate it. I was so mad I gave up, shut off my computer completely. And left the house for the day. I went to Riverside, New Jersey and picked up my friend Sarah. She is staying with me until tomorow morning when I take her back home. She has been such a help too. She watched Rebecca all day yesterday and even cleaned my house for me. Jim and I went out looking all day for a place to move too. I found a cute one story house, fenced yard, nice big back yard, with a For Rent sign in window and a phone number. So, tomorrow morning I will call that number and see if it is in our price range. If it is I will make an appointment to go see it. Keep your fingers crossed ok? I really want to move. And this house is not in the city of Philadelphia, woooohooooooooo.

Jim's at the laundry mat right now. I told him after we move, I'll have my washer and dryer again, so I can keep the laundry done. I miss using my own appliances. They've been stored in Joe's garage for almost 4 years now.

Jim is taking Rebecca to the park later today. She is excited about that. I will give him my camera to take pictures of her. She loves being outdoors. Takes after her Daddy for sure.

Well, I promise tomorow I will make a bigger entry, and more detailed. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. Keep your fingers crossed for Angie/CanyonSun04 today. She is having an Open House today and wants to get her house sold so she can buy her grandparents home. Send her good luck and good wishes, please. Got my fingers and toes crossed for ya lil sis.

I am going to go now. take care everyone and have a great day.


  1. Love the "Good Morning" tag too, both are gorgeous.  I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and the friend with the house situations.  Best of wishes to you, and I hope you enjoy the day!

  2. have a good sunday:)


  3. Have a lovely Sunday, my friend.
    Good luck wishes sent to Angie too.

  4. Hope you have a wondrful Sunday...and I am keeping my fingers crossed on that new house!
    love ya,

  5. Fingers crossed for you Cindy ~ hope the house is the one meant for you ~ Your friend Sarah sounds like a treasure ~ Glad you are getting some good weather ~ Ally

  6. I hope you are able to move before Rebecca starts school. That would be nice. Good luck to you...and to Angie!

  7. I'm sure Rebecca would love having her own yard!!  Good Luck!

  8. Sure hope you get to move as soon as you want.  Hope Rebecca had fun at the park. Busy here too.  Enjoy what's left of the weekend.
    Hugs, Barb

  9. Where is this house you love so much?  I certainly hope you get it!!  That would be fantastic!!


  10. yes sissy where is this house?....and if you move i better recieve new address

  11. Good luck hearing about that house. I hope it works out for you.

  12. I hope you get the house you are wanting.......i hope Ang's OH went well. I would be suicidal without my washer and dryer. Working FT and not having them would be a huge burden.
    Its been warm and sunny here.

  13. good luck with the house!

  14. oh i hope it was in the price range ;)
    i loved that pic you shared earlier that was too cute i love to go to the park and i'm not a kid anymore LOL

  15. By now, you will have phoned and talked to the rentor, so I await your next blog to see what's going on!

  16. keep your fingers crossed, another OPEN HOUSE Sunday again :)I'm behind on journals :)
    Love ya