Monday, April 16, 2007

Postcards Part 2

These first 3 postcards are from the area where I grew up in.

Atlantic City, Wildwood, and Ocean City, all in New Jersey. And if you ask me which one I love the most, I would have to say Ocean City. The beach is awesome, the board walk is fantastic. I use to take my daughter Emma to Ocean City boardwalk alot when she was a baby. Emma was born in Atlantic City in 1980, during a major snow storm. Ok, so here you go, first 3 are in order as Atlantic City, Wildwood, Ocean City.

This next one is the S.S. Del-Mar-Va, out of Norfolk, Va. This Ferry boat was built in 1933 at a cost of $600,000.

Next one is just an old cartoon postcard, but I like it.

This next one has a little history to go along with it. It is of a Chapel that was restored at Fort Raleigh, Roanoke Island in North carolina. This chapel welcomes religion of all denominations. At this site on August 13, 1587 the first administration of a protestant sacrament in the new world was held, along with a christianing of an friendly indian named Manteo. A week later the infant Virginia Dare was christianed. Today this chapel still provides wedding ceremonies, christianings.

This one is the USO Club in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Servicemen who were stationed at Camp Croft made good use of the 5 USO clubs here. The largest club is operated by the YMCA.

This next one I saved for last, just because I thought it was pretty.

So, there you go some of my favorite postcards. I have so many more. I'll share them if you want to see them. I have alot more sculpture postcards, but if you want to see them, I must warn you, private parts can be seen. I also have some really old, and I do mean old photographs of people, I do not know. These were also given to me by my brother, given to him by someone else. The clothing they wore during that era is really amazing. If you'd like to see more let me know.




  1. my daughter and I collect postcards....nothing as far back as yours...but ones we have come across that we like....I love your cards...really nice.
    thanks for sharing them all!

  2. I LOVE Ocean City, NJ.  My favorite place to go in the summer!  Maybe we'll have to have a meeting there this summer!


  3. Very nice!

  4. I loved the post cards!

  5. I love Wildwood!!  We stay in the Crest every year, usually for a week!  This year we have a wedding in IN, so we are going only for the weekend in May!

    be well,

  6. yes, please...I love them and the old photos too!
    love ya,

  7. sissy they are all so pretty i loved them all

  8. hey i love private parts..bring them on! LOL
    This reminded me that i made a postcard album for Megan when she was a little girl and i have not seen it in years. I love postcards and this is a great it again and again.
    I have never been to NJ.

  9. I LOVE that little church. How special that place is
    I would love to see more. Bring on the private parts too.

  10. Lovely Postcards ~ Ally x

  11. Cool cards. Thanks for sharing them. I love to look at old things.
    Take care, Chrissie