Monday, April 30, 2007

An Ignorant Son

I wasn't going to write about this, but it is really driving me crazy, and I think maybe if I write I'd feel better, or can make some sense of it at least. I talked with my sister Lucy a few times this weekend and I got really mad. Not mad at my sister, but mad at her oldest child. This inconsiderate, ungreatful little jerk, my nephew went to virginia over the weekend with his girlfriend. Remind you, their son is still in the hospital going through heroine withdrawls they he obtained while his mother was pregnant with him and using. Not only am I mad that they even wanted to go to virginia and leave their son alone for 2 days to be taken care of by strangers, but I am mad about what happened while they were in virginia. My sister Lucys birthday is May 2. Instead of her son going there and being nice, wishing his Mom a Happy Birthday and telling her how sorry he was about the house and her dogs, he goes there and starts running his mouth, calling his Mom (my sister) all kinds of names, threatening her boyfriend. Hitting his younger brother who is over 6ft tall and over 200 pounds. He shouldn't of done that, because younger brother gave him a swollen jaw and a black eye with one punch, lol. Teach him to mess with little brother, lol. But did the punch in the face stop him? Noooooooooooo!!! The little jerk jumps in and starts kicking and stomping his baby sisters boyfriend. Two grown men, both with kids, have a skinney little 19yr old kid on the ground beating the crap out of him. He eventually got away and left. But poor Jenny was so upset, and something happened where it forced her to sleep outside all night by herself. This was at her father's house too. And where was her father? In his house, trashed out of his mind, cause he is the worse alcoholic I have ever known, and I thank god everyday my sister finally left his sorry butt 7 years ago. He was born in germany and puts down americans big time, talks bad about blacks and jews. It really makes me sick. He thinks germans are gods. Come to my town talking that crap, see how far you get here running your mouth. We all were given the privelage by God to live on this earth. People are people, no matter what race, color or religion they are. Earth was created for all of us. He;s like a broken record, says the same crap over and over, and I am so glad I do not live in virginia anymore, so I don't have to hear it. Ok, sorry back to Lucys oldest son. He had the nerve to askhis Mom why she wasn't home when the house was on fire. He told her she should of been in it and burned up. All he says over and over to her is why she didn't mail him a birthday card last October for his birthday. Helloooooooooo, your 26 fricken years old, birthdays are for kids. And did he bring his Mom a card or gift beings her birthday is in 2 days? Nope, he didn't. She is on her way to work, and he calls her cellphone, he's drunk out of his mind, and tells his Mom, Where's your spic boyfriend? I got a real skinhead greeting for him. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I am furious at him. Lucy missed 4 hours of work, due to his stupid crap and his threats. She is still depressed and stressed over the past month's happenings, lost her home, everything she owned, her 2 dogs and he has to come there and add to her stress? He really upset my sister and broke her heart, and does he care? No. And why? Cause he's only out for himself. He then says you didn't het my son a gift. Let's see. House burns down, lost everything, don't know what she'll do now, but yet he expects her to run right out and buy his child a gift. He's that baby boys father. It is his responsibility to make sure the baby's needs are met. He needs to grow the hell up, and his girlfriend too. Instead of going to virginia and drinking and using drugs and fighting and arguing, there butts should of been at the hospital spending time with their son. I feel bad for that baby boy. Cause my gut instinct is telling me that child is not going to grow up properly with loving parents. It's sad to say, but I think putting the baby in a home where people will love him and take care of him would be so much better then giving him to his real parents. Eddie and his girlfriend argue and fight alot. That baby does not need to grow up around that. Their always broke, always trying to borrow money. They showed up in virginia broke, and bringing 3 loads of dirty laundry. Lucky his sister Donna even washed the laundry for him. Donna has a big heart. She will help you. She even gave them gas money to get back to New Jersey. They live in an apartment that is paid for by welfare, utilities are paid for, phone is paid for, they get free cable, car given to them and paid for by her mother. She gets food stamps, medicaid, Eddie works a full time job, when he goes to work and is not hung over from partying. What bills do they have? NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they stopped the partying, they'd have money. They both are really making my skin crawl. I am so mad at him. He will be calling me in a couple days, trying to give me a bunch of lies about going to virginia, and when he does, AUNT CINDY WILL LET HIM HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And believe me it isn't going to be pretty. I'm sorry to bother you all with this. But I needed to write it out and try to releeve some anger. But I don't think it worked, because now I want to open a can of whoop ass on his sorry butt, and his girlfriend too, lol. I hope no one got offended by the way my hopefully soon ex-brother in law says. I do not want to make anyone think they are my words and that's how I feel, because I don't feel that way. I don't ever want to be like him or have my children or grandchildren grow up hating people of other races. Like I said, God put us all here on earth. It is for all human beings, not just germans. This comes from a man, who goes around telling his children, he's not their father. And they all look like him in some way, and everyone of them have his legs. He's another one who needs to grow up. I'm just so dag on mad he talked to his mother like that. The woman who gave birth to his sorry ass. Thanks for listening to me and reading this mess. You don't know how much it means to me knowing I can air out my problems to you all, and know your hear for me.

I love you all very much....................... CINDY


  1. so sad i didnt realize the baby was in the hospital
    its sickening that people can not care about anything but theirselves

  2. GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrLET ME HAVE HIM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!!
    YOU DON'T GO OFF AND LEAVE YOUR INFANT SON ALONE.....AND YA DAM SURE DON'T GO GETTIN IN YOUR MOTHER'S FACE TALKING TRASH TO HER.....LUCY OUGHTTA SLAP HIM A FEW GOOD sorry for screaming but this makes me furious ...good thing i wasn't standing right there with lucy
    i'd have slapped him for you sissy muahhhhhhhh
    I'm so sorry I lost it like that:-(

  3. I didn't know that baby was going through withdrawals. What a nightmare.  Who knows what after effects there will be later on.  Sorry they are such a mess.  Don't let it get your blood pressure up, Cindy. There's not a thing you can do about that. That's how they are, and that's it.  They are messed up, and selfish. I feel so sorry for the baby, though.

  4. You are so intialtiled!!!!  Praise GOD, you have the heart to indure this. You are a SAINT for being who you are, to those you love the most!  Thank you for being you and who you are... to these children! Take Care of you and yours, Katie

  5. maybe the ex should move back to germany if he thinks it is so great! Idiot! i am so sorry your sis has to go through this right now.


  6. I am coming in here reading this, but not knowing what's gone on before. This whole episode is so sad Cindy, I feel for your sister and what she's going through. Unfortunatly, only your son and his wife can help themsleves but that baby can't. He/She does not deserve a life with it's so called parents. I know you are mad and your sister and her family upset, but is there any way you can talk it through calmly and see if you can get the child put into care as they seem to have diminshed responsibility? We could do that here in the UK.
    As for the German....... he ever been back there? Last time I was there it bored the tits off me, he sounds like some one in the thrid riech!

    Big Brit hugs to you and your Sis....... Try to be calm about this, if all else fails, just kick the shit out of him! At least it will make you feel better.
    Gaz ;-)

  7. Your poor sister. Her son needs help , he's on a very deadly path of destruction.
    God bless you Cindy!!!!

  8. Oh man, I am just speechless. I just can't beleive that. Lucy, the poor lady she don't deserve that, or the others that he got into it with.
    Just speechless.
    Love you

  9. Poor, poor Lucy, having to put up with all of this, especially now when she has so much on her mind already.   They are in NJ?  Where is the baby?  Anywhere near here?  


  10. Sending prayers for your sister & the entire family.
    Happy you got to vent, maybe that'll help you to cope in some small way.
    God bless,

  11. oh no!!  this is no good.  i pray that baby makes it through with no problems he should be taken away from his mother exposng him to such things while being pregnant.  lucy must be going out of her mind.  i hope everything works out

  12. How horrible!!


  14. Cindy I dont know what to say to you about all of this, I am so sorry that your sister had to go through all of this from someone who is supposed to love and care about her, I hope and pray that her luck gets turned around and very quick, how much more bad luck can she take as for her son she wants to dissown him, until he sees fit to appologise to her,
    hope that you feel less angry soon
    Love lynne xx

  15. Poor Lucy ...   What a sad person her son is, both he and his father sound like real pigs.  I hope Lucy and her other children are ok after what happened when he visited and next time they know he is around they should all arrange to be out.  I hope you are ok too, sorry that he has got you so upset too.  Hugs, Terry x

  16. There is no excuse for your nephew's horrid treatment to his family. My heart break's when I read of someone so heartless. Your poor sister has been through so much in the past month or so, I admire her strength. I could not imagine being in her shoes.

    I, for one, cannot tolorate any, and I mean any type of racism period!!!!
    Racsim  to me represents ignorance. And those that are still, In the year "2007"
    Clinging to those ignorant belief's, I feel sorry for, But more so for their off-spring.

    God bless you girl. You have got your hands full.

  17. I'm so sorry he acted out so, and upset you and your family.  I have a nephew that is a hand full too, and sometimes I just want to clock him.  I hope you have a better day tomorrow!  

  18. makes you want to just smack the shit out of him, doesn't it?
    i am sorry you have this going on, and upset for our sisiter too.  take care, and hug your sis for me.

  19. Poor little baby....May God bless and protect him...
    I have a German sister-in-law and she has been a blessing to my brother, working harder than any man,  and came to my aid many a time when I was not all Germans are like your brother-in-law thank goodness....Cindy I hope tomorrow will be better for you.
    God bless you,
    love ya,

  20. This son is an ass...he needs his ass kicked. He ought to be ashamed of himself. What the hell is wrong with him?!!! I am glad you told us about him.
    XOXO lj