Monday, April 2, 2007

My Monday

  I wasn't going to make an entry tonight, cause I really don't feel like it, but I thought I would anyways. Maybe when I'm done it'll be late enough and I can go to bed. The stress and all the worrying over the past week is catching up to me, I guess. My shoulder is back to hurting again, not much just enough to annoy me. The arthritis in my hands doesn't feel pretty either. It feels better when I type cause I am moving my fingers, but ask me to make a fist and wow, needle jabbing pain. Might have to take me a couple Tylenol Arthritis pills before bed.

I went to Food Basics today and bought my easter dinner for next sunday. We're doing nothing special. Just staying home and making a dinner for the 3 of us and I think Uncle Joe too. Emma and Dan are having Dans family over, and I don't want to be around a bunch of noise. Then Rebecca and I went to KMart. I am glad I did. They had racks of clothes out front forom 50 cents to 1.99. I got Rebecca 7 shirts. One of the shirts came with a tiny little walkman radio with headset. Those shirts were 1.99. I found a skirt for Marissa and a shirt too match, 1.99 for the shirt and 75 cents for the skirt. Marissa loved them both. I found a 3pc pajama set for Daniel. I assumed it was 1.99 but at check out it rang up 10.99, right away I said OH NO, it is from the racks outside, the one saying all items on this rack are 1.99, so guess what she tried saying if it was 1.99 it would of said so, but hey that's not my problem, it was on a rack advertised for 1.99 and that's what I'm paying. And that's what I paid too, 1.99 for a 3pc set jammies for my lil man. Also got a cute little pair velvet bootie shoes for my newest nephew Eden and a blue long sleeve onsie, both were 75 cents. After I was done checking out the racks, I then went into KMart, lol. I found Rebecca her easter shoes. Yeaaaaaaaaaa and she liked them too. She's so picky when it comes to shoes. Sale on shoes, buy 1 pair, get second pair half price, so she got sneakers too. I tried finding cute shorts for her to wear to go with the shirts, but I could not find one pair. It seemed the store was all out of size 7/8 girls, lots of 6 and 6x and 10's, but no 7/8's. So this weekend Walmart here I come, because I know they have her size. She seems to be growing right out of her clothesonly after a couple months of wearing them. I have a 30 gallon trash bag full of her clothes sizes 3T and 4T. I was going to give them to the Salvation Army, but today I talked with my friend Sarah and she mentioned what size her grand daughter was in now. So I told her I had things of Rebecca's if she'd like to have them. She jumped on that offer real quick, lol. So, the weekend after Easter I'm picking Sarah up and she's going to spend the weekend with me and when I take her home on sunday or monday, she'll be taking those clothes to give to her grand daughter.

My grand daughter Marissa is coming over tomorrow. She's gonna spend the day here, and play with Rebecca. She'll keep Rebecca occupied so I can go clean my bedroom. I have a ton of laundry to put away. I want to go through Rebecca's dresser and take out what is too small for her. I'm gonna take pics of Rebecca tomorrow in her easter dress. I'll post them tomorrow.

I also wanted to let you know, I found out later today, it wasn't the fire marshall who said faulty wiring, it was the home owner. Lucy spoke to the fire marshall today, he said he never said such a thing, and it could be 2 weeks or before they even know how it started. He again asked her where she was, if she smelled smoke. She told him, Look the house was fine when I left. I would not set my home on fire and burn all my belongings and kill my dogs. And I do not have renter's insurance. She told him to go question the home owners who are waiting for a big fat check from insurance company because they had insurance. And she also told the fire marshall to question the owners drug addict son who lives next door to the house that was burned.

Lucy told me today, she cries herself to sleep. She still can't believe she lost everything and her 2 doggies too. She said you never know how much you have and what it means to you until you lose it all. She's right about that. She told me the first 3 days after the fire she couldn't eat, and didn't eat. Don't worry Ang, I gave her the lecture, lol. She's on medication and has to eat with it. So, Lucy, I know your gonna go to Donna's and read this journal, so you best listen up. Eat woman, don't make me get ugly ya hear, lol. I worry cause I love ya, you know that. Good news is, Lucy got the package I mailed her on friday.Wow, that was quick. So, tonight she has a new nightgown and slippers, and a hairbrush to use. And a wind up clock so she can tell time. Lots of other things in the box also. Ok, I'm gonna add a few pics of my Rebecca modeling her new shirt and her lil walkman radio. She loves it.

That's about it. I'm exhausted now, so I think I will go to bed now. Take care, sweet dreams, and God Bless you all.



  1. sissy give her some words for me too....and might i add that pink is one color that most certainly agrees with becca

  2. i hope lucy can find a home soon:) have a good week


  3. What great deals you got at the store! I need  you to go shopping with me!
    The walkman is so cute.
    The fire marshall needs to stop looking to lucy for answers...and look in the right direction. She was smart to tell them about the son next door too.

  4. I love that shirt!!! Yea, Lucy, you gotta eat. My heart just breaks for her, I just can't imagine. I hope she is getting some packages now, I'm still putting my together for her and adding to it.  All of our Kmarts around here have closed and been taken over by Targets and other shops. I use to love Kmart, I miss it.
    You need me to come over and give you a hand and arm massage :) That would make you feel better :)
    I love ya sis

  5. wow great sales!  good for you i never find any sales slike that.  rebecca is so pretty in her new shiirt.
    have a great day.  i hope your hands and shoulder feels better

  6. I know your Easter Dinner will be special...wishing you the best..
    Loved the photos...she is a cutie. Hugs and love,

  7. I think your Easter dinner will be so good!  Sometimes, I think just small immediate family gatherings are the most special.

  8. sounds like you had a really fun day shopping and picked up some bargins as well,  only good can come Lucys way now, after all she has been through,  I wish her well,
    Love Lynne xx

  9. there aint nothin' like a good sale at the K Mart! Good for you finding all those clothes. I mailed my small gift cards on Monday to Lucy.
    I hope you have a good Tues. LOVE the pics of Rebecca. She is a doll. love you so, lj

  10. Man you always find the good deals on clothes!  We NEVER have them that cheap unless we go to the thrift store.  I'd LOVE to run into a sale like that.  Maybe it is true that it's more expensive out here.  UGH!
    Love the little walkman.  So cute!
    Love ya, Pam

  11. Glad you enjoyed the sale at Walmart - I used to love to go there when we went to Orlando on holiday.  The pictures of your little one are sweet!  Hope you feel a bit better now.  Hugs, Terry x

  12. what great deals!!! i'm glad your box got to your sister