Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tired, In Pain and stressed

It's been a few days since I made an entry, so I thought I'd pop in for a few minutes. This dang shoulder of mine is giving me problems again, but only now the pain has gone up into my neck and down into my wrist. It's the same side my cancer was and where I had the surgery. I have been checking it closely to make sure there is no swelling or lumps. It could be that the nerves that were cut are finally healing and now I'm able to feel the pain where I had no feeling before. I just took me a couple Tylenol Arthritis tablets. There 650mg each so they work pretty good. I also went out to the store tonight and got some IcyHot cream to rub on it. That stuff felt so good and actually helped. But it's wearing off now, so I'll need more soon. It feels like I am losing all strength in my right arm. I can barely pick up my grandson now. He puts his little arms out to me and says, "Up Mommom up". And I have to use my left arm to pick him up. It really sucks when you right handed. I tried to do dishes today and I just gave up on it. It is real hard trying to do dishes with one hand. I will get them done tomorrow. Man I need a dishwasher. I did get my livingroom cleaned. It took me 4 hours. I even washed walls and windows in livingroom, which is probably why I am suffering tonight. I didn't cook dinner tonight. I went and got some cold cuts and rolls. Just wasn't in the mood to cook dinner, and tomorrow I am not cooking either, it's friday and I get the night off.

Well, Rebecca has caught another cold. She has running nose, watery eyes, sore throat, coughing. And talk about miserable. I gave her some medicine tonight, rubbed her with vick's and put her in warm jammies, which were footsie jammies, but she made me cut the feet out because she said they giver her........ya ready for this? She gets SOCKITIS, if she wears jammies with feet in them, lol.She's sitting on the potty going peepee before bed, and says, Mommy, I'm sure glad you cut the feet off these jammies, cause I don't wanna get the sockitis. I laughed so hard. I even heard Jim laughing in the livingroom. This kid is a trip.

Tomorrow I will torture myself again. I am going to clean out the hall closet, so I can store some things from the bedroom in there. If I don't clean that bedroom, I'll be needing a sign saying, Enter atyour own risk, put on the door. I am serious, it is trashed. And it's blankets, toys, books, stuffed animals. I have to put some of it away, there's just too much. Rebecca isn't happy about it, but I told her after we get moved and she has her own room, she can have all her toys in her room. So, she's ok with it for now, I hope.

Monday my daughter goes to the doctor's. On May 1st she is having another ultrasound. The doctor said her due date just isn't right. She said she thinks Emma is a little more farther along then she thinks. So maybe just maybe if the baby is turned properly we might find out what the sex is.

My niece Sharon is due in 4 weeks to have her baby girl. She has been having alot of low abdominal pain and is dilated 2 centimeters. It's probably false labor. This is her second baby. I have a big box to mail to her this weekend for the baby.

Well, guess that's about it for now. Hope your all having a nice evening.

Love to all...................CINDY


  1. girl you need to take it easy and stop doing so darned much becca is such a sweet and adorable little girl

  2. Hi Cindy, I'm so sorry you're hurting so bad. Is the right arm weakness a new thing? Or has it progressively gotten worse? Maybe you should see your Doc.  Don't overdue it tomorrow. Maybe you should rest.  Take it easy? I worry about you.
    LOL on the sockitis!!  That's a new one!  Rebecca is just toooo cute for words!
    Give her a hug for me.
    Love to you all,
    Pam xoxoxoxox

  3. Cindy, you get yourself to the Dr girl & let him have a peek at that shoulder if this is something worse than normal. Always better to be safe than sorry!
    Give Rebecca a hug from me & hope she gets to feeling better soon.
    Don't over do with the cleaning tomorrow!!!!
    Hugs, Sug

  4. please go to the doc and have that shoulder looked at. something is not right for you to be losing grip and strength. have a good weekend:) i have added you to my prayers


  5. Cindy, I wish you would go to the doctor...I hope tomorrow is a better day for ya! Please do not over work yourself again!
    That little Rebecca is soooooooo smart!!!
    love ya,

  6. Rebecca sounds so adorable!!!  Sockitis!!  LOL  I hope everyone feels better soon... and you need to just STOP and rest!!!  Yikes!  My shoulder hurts just reading it!  lol

    be well,

  7. Sorry to hear about your arm.  It sounds like the frozen shoulder I suffer with.  At its worst I couldn't lift my arm and couldn't put it behind my back, I was like a chicken with a broken wing.  It still plays up if I do things like wash the walls ..... try and rest it as much as you can.  The rest is the only thing that really helps it.  I ended up with burstitus on my left elbow because I over compensated so much when my right was out of action! Aw, cute Rebecca, loved to hear about her sockitis.  Hugs, Terry x

  8. You have a doctor in the house already diagnosing herself!! So funny.
    Get some rest girl!

  9. I'm so sorry you're not feeling great my friend!  You are getting alot of cleaning donem but PLEASE be careful!!  You have to take care of yourself too!


  10. I've been having a lot of neck and shoulder pain the past couple of days too.  I have no idea what I did.  Hope the little one is feeling better today.  Have a good weekend.

  11. I truly hope the pain goes away and you feel better. i dont like thinking you are in pain. I hope Rebecca isnt sick either.
    XOXO lj

  12. Sorry you're hurting. You know your housework will be there tomorrow.  Let it wait. LOL at Rebecca having Sockitis Sorry she is sick again. Take some Vitamin C and hope you don't get it.
    When is Emma's due date? I need to get to crocheting for our little one due in July. Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Barb

  13. Then I must be having sympathy pains in my right arm/shoulder cause of YOU!!! But really I hope you feel better. When I had Bells' Palsy, my face HURT and they say it is the nerves starting to work again, but boy does it hurt.
    I hope my god baby is feeling better today
    Lovey ou

  14. Many prayers that your shoulder pain goes away.
    I hope that your daughter feels better soon!


  15. Kyan hates sockitis too... I've always had to cut the feet out of his jammies. Can't say I much blame them either.
    Take care, Chrissie