Thursday, April 5, 2007

Isn't it Spring?

Good Morning! I know the calendar says it is spring, but if you walk outside, it tells a different story. Brrrrrrrr, it's cold out there. I have a ton of mail to get out today. Rebecca and I are going to have to walk 3 blocks to the big blue mailbox down the street. These big envelopes won't fit in my mailbox. One will be going to Ohio, the other to California. Jim's been taking the van to work. It's been raining and now it's cold and windy, and I really don't need the van, so he's using it. Plus it gives me the time I need to clean instead of going out. When I go to Emma's, I'm there all day and nothing gets done here. Yesterday I got my livingroom all cleaned and oraganized and my bedroom. That is a relief to me. Today will be the kitchen and bathroom. Yes, Nancy (sis in law to be) I will take breaks. She is forever worrying I am doing too much at once. I can't do much all at once. I clean for about 15 minutes, then sit for 5 minutes. If I don't I feel like I will fall over.

Rebecca said she's cleaning her house too. Her Dollhouse, lol. She has the cleanest dollhouse in town, I think. I spoke to my sister Lucy last night. She received some lovely things from a fellow JLander. I'm not gonna say who because I haven't asked her yet if I was allowed too. But if she would email me and let me know if I can mention her name, that would be great. Lucy received a really nice tote bag, beautiful sweater and a nice pair of jeans. She has something really nice to wear to work today. Her first day back since the fire.  It'll be good for Lucy to go back to work. It'll help keep her mind off of some things.

She lost all the pictures she had of her children and grandchildren and other family members. So, I have been a scanning, printing fool. I've printed so many pictures, I am now out of ink. I told hubby last night, so he'll get another refill kit and fill cartridges for me. Ink cartridges for my printer cost me 80.00 for color and 35.00 for the black. But with the refills, it's 12.00. I like that bargain for sure.

I have to do a little shopping around on line. Rebecca is growing right out of her SpongeBob Toddler bed. I need to find a twin bed with rails going half way down the sides, because this child is forever falling out of bed. And a twin bed is alot higher than a toddler bed. I figure if I can find a cheap white bedframe, I can wait til after we move to buy her dresser, desk and night stand.

Well, I am being ordered to fix breakfast. The Lil Queen wants scrambled eggs, sausage and a hashbrown patty and orange juice. I wish she'd eat cereal, but noooooooooo, she's just like her father. He also likes a hot breakfast. It could be 100 degree's outside and they would want me to cook them a hot breakfast. But..........I do it.

So, I guess I'd better go now, and get cooking. Electric griddle here I come, lol.


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  1. I am waiting on spring also.  It is cold and snowy here today.  It can really bring you down.  You are such a good mom to always be cooking for that little girl  :).  They say it is going to start warming up here next week I am so hoping so.

  2. I think spring flew the coupe!! LOL

  3. ally123130585918April 5, 2007 at 7:27 AM

    Cindy I think Spring has arrived here today it is lovely Sunny and warm ~ even sat in the garden for some time ~ Glad Lucy is going back to work and hopefully getting back to a bit of normality ~ I hope everything is going well for her ~ Ally

  4. Not sure it's even Springtime here. It's very dreary and in the low 60's today. Where's our sunshine??  
    Have a good day and sure wish I were there with you for breakfast. Sounds YUMMY!
    Love ya...Pam

  5. are you sure spring will ever spring?...i'm not sure ummm i like the picture of the easter tree...have a letter for you that just got picked up

  6. its cold here too and rainy have a good easter


  7. you are a good mama cindy!
    love ya,

  8. We have that cold weather too.
    I want to eat breakfast at your place!

  9. i had to laugh little o isnt even talking and i can tell she likes hot breakfast better...she is having eggs and toast and pineapple.
    hope its warmer there i hate this cold weather!!!