Monday, April 2, 2007

Lucy and more

I can tell it is spring. Last night we had thunder and alot of lightning. Jim and Rebecca were asleep for the night, and I was sitting here at the computer and happened to see it flashing outside and then a loud rumble, one right after the other. I shut down my computer, got into my jammies and off to bed I went. I love laying in bed listening to a storm, puts me right to sleep. Thank goodness that loud thunder didn't wake Rebecca up.

I managed to escape my house for about an hour yesterday. Left Jim and Rebecca home and I went shopping. I went to a children's store called Rainbow Boutique. By the name you would think it was expensive, but it isn't. I bought Rebecca her easter dress, socks and hair barrettes there. And I also got my niece Sharon who is having a baby girl next month a bunch of outfits for the baby, and my nephew Eddie, I got his baby boy a few things also. So an easter dress and socks, barrettes and 10 baby outfits and I only spent 84.00. Not too bad huh? I'll take pics and show you. I love shopping for babies. Especially for Sharon's baby girl. She has absolutely nothing for her baby when it arrives. I got to get a box and get her things mailed to her. I will mail it all to her on saturday. I was thinking about taking Rebecca to get Easter pictures taken, but then I said why. Jim got me a scanner, I got my digital camera, a printer and a whole big thing of photo paper, so I'm gonna do it myself. I can even print out package portraits just like the photography places do. It makes anything from a wallet to an 8x10, so guess what? I'm saving my money and doing it myself. I even have a background for it for easter. Rebecca has a cute fleece blanket of a chick coming out of an egg. That is perfect for easter pics, right?

Well, as for my sister Lucy. She didn't find a place to live yet. But a friend of hers loaned her the little camper. It is in her friends yard. She has electric going into it, but no water. She has to go get a bottle of propane so she can cook. Their using a port o potty to go to the bathroom. Her friend said Lucy and Joe can use his shower, and cook their meals until they get propane. I emailed the newspaper there, I hope they print my story and someone offers her a home. Please keep her in your prayers. She has lost so much. More then one person can endore. From 2003 to 2007 she has lost a daughter, grandson, father, her 2 dogs and everything she owned. I can only imagine how she is feeling.

So many of you have emailed me asking for her address to send her some help, and I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart I thank you and love you dearly for helping her. She's going to have her friend email me with pic of the fire damage. If you want to see them let me know and I will post them. The puppy was found in the bathroom, poor thing. He was burried. But Chewy wasn't found. That fire must of just burned her up. I did not know this at the time. But her daughter Jenny and her son Eric had dressers upstairs with most of their clothes in them, and were lost in the fire. They had a few things at their fathers house, but they spent more time at their mothers, and since she had a washer and dryer they kept their clothes at their Mom's. My sister also lost all the clothes of her daughter Sandy's, who passed away in 2003. She couldn't bare to part with them. There is one thing that did survive the fire. Many years ago my brother Paul gave my sister a set of crystal wine glasses. Lucy wouldn't let anyone use them. She kept them in their original package. Well, those glasses were found. The packaging was gone, but the glasses survived. Glass would of cracked or melted, but real crystal wouldn't. And there was nothing wrong with the glasses except they were blackened with soot, that washed off. I wrote to my brother Paul and in the letter I told him about all that's happened and about the glasses. I know him, he'll be calling me as soon as he gets the letter.

Well, now for news on the cause of the fire. First they try to blame Lucy, then finding out she didn't have renter's insurance they changed their mind, then they questioned about landlord and if he had home owners insurance, now all of a sudden landlord is off the hook and they say faulty wiring caused the fire. Like I say all the time, if your from that area, (born and raised) you get away with everything, even murder. So now this money hungry jerk gets to turn this into his insurance company, sit back and collect a big fat check, while my sister has to rebuild her life again and buy things all over again. It just isn't right. I told her to go see a lawyer, see if she can sue him. A house that old has to need repair and he should of known that. And shouldn't of rented it out knowing it had problems. Lucy was moving out of it on April 20th, cause the landlord wanted to fix it up and sell it. To me, I feel he owes her some compensation. Well, I'd better go. Lucy was on the phone, but had to go quickly, and is going to call me back. So, I'm gonna fix Rebecca some breakfast. Take care and I will keep you posted as I hear anything.


Lots of love...........................Cindy


  1. Oh I tell ya, that is just horrible. I'm going to call her this week to see what has all come in. Lets post about the kids clothing sizes can we? On the Giving tree? Several asked but I told them they didn't ahve there things there.
    I love, I would ike to see a picture to of the fire, if you think it would help, I will post that, totally up to you.
    I love ya sis, tell my Jland Godbaby to take care of that big duck for me ;)

  2. UGH I feel so bad for Lucy.  I can't imagine having a home one day and living in a camper the next.  I hope she can get some compensation from the owner.  I sure wish she'd had renters insurance....what a lesson, huh?  For us all...
    After Easter I have a package that will be coming for you. If you could send me some sizes of clothes needed I'll include some things for her. ok?

  3. I feel so bad for Lucy.  She continues to be in my prayers.  I only heard one loud "BOOM" last night.  Woke all of us up.  

  4. keeping her in prayer:)


  5. I am going to send Lucy probably a check next week. I was waiting to get paid. I didn't forget but really want to help. I'm happy that she has a place to stay for the moment. It's amazing how the glasses made it. Sounds like you got some cute stuff at the store.

  6. i'll send you something for lucy nextweek

  7. Cant wait to see the Easter pictures.
    Keeping your family in my prayers.

  8. i cannot wait to see the easter pictures either
    i hope things are looking up for lucy
    take care