Friday, April 27, 2007

Rebecca's room

I know we haven't found a house yet, so Rebecca can have her own room, but I have been getting things now, so I have them when we do find a place and move into it. Rebecca is really into Disney Princess now, so I have decided to do her room up in that theme. I found some really great deals too. Everything I got was on clearance at Walmart, except for the last item.

Here's what I got so far.

Bedding    $18.00


 Bedrail     17.99


Lamp    10.99

This last item I am ordering next week. The border for her walls that I am gonna paint a very pale pastel pink.

 Thanks Angie for the border link where you got the boys their border. I found this and love it.

I still want to get curtains, table and chair set and maybe the Disney Princess vanity and bench.

Target has the bedroom furniture I want for her. Twin bed, dresser/Armoire, nightstand and chest of drawers. And I want to get her a hamper for her room so she can put her dirty clothes away in it and not all over the floor.

I haven't told her or showed her any of this. It is going to be a surprise. So, what do you think? Do you think she will like it? I hope she does.

Well, I want to thank you for your prayers for my friend Carol's friend Debbie. I got an email from Carol and Debbie was rushed to the hospital tonight. One of her lungs collasped. Carol will keep me informed. So, Please keep Debbie in your prayers.

I posted a couple more recipes in my recipe journal. I am going to enclose all the journal links here in this entry, for those who don't have them already.

I guess I will call it a night. Gonna get into my nightgown and go to bed. I am totally exhausted. So, good night everyone.



  1. you go ahead sissy cause you sound beat ....i love ya muahhhhhhh

  2. I think Rebecca will be quite pleased!  My daughters are now 20 and 17, but reading your post and seeing those beautiful things brought back good memories of when they were very young.  One memory though...I can laugh about it now, but my MIL decided to outfit my youngest's room in Barney!  UGH!  LOL  But she loved it, so we tolerated the purple guy.  I said a prayer for your friends.  I hope you have a good nights rest.  

  3. Sending her something in your email.

  4. very nice:) Rebecca will be one surprized little girl:) hope your friends friend is ok


  5. i love it rebecca will love it also!  you are such a good mommy!

  6. wow...what every lil girl dreams of......very nice.....
    she is really going to be surprised!!!
    take care

  7. Aw Cindy, she will love having her princess room.  You are a lovely mum to her.  Good luck in house hunting. Going off now to look at your recipes.  Hugs, Terry x

  8. Hello my name is Tammy I was just wondering how do you do those images or pictures with your name on them that is so awesome!  very pretty.  could you please let me know how you made them? I am new at this, and I would like to try to do some with my name on them.  my email is  thank you for your time.   God bless you, Tammy

  9. Have you seen the nightlight??? Let me know, if you haven't I will get it for her. It's one of those cone ones with liquid and glitter that swirls around. I got Eric a spongebob one. Let me know, I will be happy to get it for her, it's the right theme! I love that border store.
    YOUR sis

  10. i remember when Meg was into Tweety. EVERYTHING was Tweety. She had so much Tweety...probably well over a thousand dollars worth. One day she came downstairs and had bagged up the entire bedroom of Tweety. Why me. I walked next door and have it ALL to the little girl who lived in the attic. lol    I lost a lot of money, huh?! Now, she is 18 and most of her room is monkeys. Here we go again i am sure...anyone like monkeys?
    I love that bedrail. Rebecca will feel like a true princess with all that lovely stuff.
    love you,

  11. She will surely love her room when you find a house.  

  12. her room is going to look great.

  13. I think Rebecca will love it. I love your cookery blog, I love cokking and now have it on my alerts too!
    Gaz :-)

  14. Oh Cindy, she's going to LOVE her room!  I can't wait until you move so you can start to decorate!  I want to see plenty of pictures!  
    Have a good day,
    Love ya, Pam

  15. Rebecca will love the way her room will look...I love how little girls rooms can turn much to choose from...great choices!!!
    Hugs and love,

  16. Carlie really loves the Disney Princesses too!  I bet she will love it when she gets her new room!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  17. i'm so sorry to hear about debbie. i hope that she is ok
    i love rebeccas room ideas i think she will love it

  18. I love the Disney Princesses theme. When I thought KT was having a girl I went and bought everything with that theme. I even went to like five different WM stores to collect the dolls. I had all of them, when she found out she was having a boy I gave them all to his cousin and wished I had just kept them because now you can't find them.

    You have to buy that stuff piece by piece. It gets expensive. Rebecca is gonna flip when you get all this together. She's gonna love it so much. She'll be like Kyan and never wanna leave her room. They have trash cans and stuff to go to that theme too. I wished I'd known you were doing that because our WM had them on discount, but I think they're all gone now.

    TODAY IS MAY 1st!!! Can you believe it? Somebody better be cooperating today. Can't wait to read later tonight to see what the baby is. Take care and hugs to you, Chrissie