Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Your Child's Information/ Changes

    In memory of all those who lost their lives and those who were injured on April 16, 2007 during the tragedy at Va Tech. May God open his arms to all those killed and give them passage into his kingdom. May he also bless the one's who were injured, and bless the families.


With what is happening in our school's today, and the fact that i found out I have 98 sex offender's in my area, which has totally disgusted me, because I would of never known this if I did'nt look it up on the internet, I decided I would join The National Alert Registry. At a $10.00 sign up fee, and $4.95 per month, I will be notified of sexual offender's registering/moving into my area. I will also be alerted if a child is missing or abducted in my area. And I can change my information at any given time when I move. So, to me this is well worth it. I am also given forms where I can print out. These 2 forms are called Child Identification Kit. You fill out your child's information such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, birthmarks, scars, height weight, a spot is provided for their photo, and also for their finger prints. I am going to fill these forms out for my daughter Rebecca and also for each of my grandchildren. It's better to be safe then sorry, and not have this information in case something happens. In this world today there is a child missing, abducted, and even killed every minute of every day. It is our job as parent's to protect these innocent little human being's from harm. But when they are at school, or at the park, or even in your own yard, there is always that chance they could be taken from us. All it takes is for the phone to ring, or turning your head for a split second, and your child could be taken. So, by having these forms ready to give to the police, will help make the process of finding my child or my grandchildren go alot faster.

If you cannot afford the fee's to join this organization which is a total of $69.40 a year, but you would like to have a Child Identification Kit available for your child or children, just in case it is ever needed, I can provide you with one. If I could afford it all, I would send it to you at my own expense, but I live ona one salary a week paycheck. But in my opinion it is worth so much if it helps in finding your child alot faster. If you want this kit, drop me an email and I will give you my address. Then send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will mail you these forms. I was previously asking for 1.00 to cover postage and all, but you know what, it would be easier on me just to have you mail an stamped enveloped with your address on it and I can just mail it to you. Or you can go to your child's school or local police department and have them do one for you. If you want me to send you the kit email me at emabecmar@aol.com and I will send you my address as to where to send the SASE.


BE ALERT            BE AWARE              BE SAFE!!!!!!!

I will be going away on May 5th and will return on May 8th. It is my sister Helen's birthday May 7th and her husband is taking her to Ocean City, Maryland as a birthday present. She doesn't want to leave her home unattended and she has 2 dogs also, so I am going to go and stay at her home in Egg Harbor, NJ while she is gone. I am going to be turning off all my alerts during that time. It's gonna be a rough time for me, cause I won't have my computer, sniff, sniff, lol. But it's gonna be sooooooooo nice to get out of this city for a few days, and Rebecca will have a huge yard to play in and ride her bike, cause I am taking it with us. I will miss you all so much while I am gone. JLand is like a second home to me, and all of you are a part of my family. On May 4th, before I turn off my alerts, and shut down my computer while I am gone, I will send out an entry saying Good Bye, and when I return I will let you know with an entry. I will visit each of your journals when I return to see what I've missed. I'd better get off of this computer now and get some housework done. I hope you all enjoy your day.

Love to all......................................






  1. i hope you have a good few days away.  i know it is a while from now..lol  thanks for your info on the child kits. i am taking my boys to the police station where they do id kits as well with finger prints and photos.  and their info just as you have listed,  also the dentist can make a mold of your childs teeth just in case.  it is always good to cover all the bases.

  2. We have a lot of sex offenders nearby as well.  They are everywhere. You can't escape them, it seems.  Very scary!
    I hope you enjoy your time away.  Take lots of pics when you do go ok?

  3. wow...that is ALOT of pedophiles.....there is a free service on the internet that will tell you if pedophiles live in your area.....at least for us living in florida i have looked it up.....the schools here have those child identification kits which I have always kept on my kids when they were growing up....the law in florida is that if a pedophile moves into your area (within so many blocks) you receive a notice from the police in your mailbox or at your door...
    you can never do enough to keep your child safe!!!!
    take care

  4. Hope your having a good Tuesday.

  5. God bless all those who lost their lives, and may he help the ones who were injured to have a speedy recovery

    I know what I would like to do with all sex offenders, it consists  some honey or syrup, being poured somewhere, and then a very large packet of termites, also being poured into the same place, !!!!!

    Love Lynne xx

  6. This Virginia Tech thing just gets sadder and sadder as time goes on.  Actually seeing the faces of these poor kids who lost their lives....it's awful.   Definitely makes me want to just hug my kids a little tighter, that's for sure.


    PS...It's like a little mini vacation coming up, isn't it???  YIPPEE!!!

  7. Cindy - Your entry was right on time.  I will have to share another time what happened to us, when my daughter was about two.  It was sure a wake up call for us!  Sounds like you and your daughter will have a nice visit away from home.  I hope the weather will be kind and your sister enjoys her stay in OC.  I have a very fond memory of OC when I was a youngster.  My friends and I celebrated "senior week" at OC.  We were walking down onto the beach, and there they were -- a school of dolphins.  What a beautiful sight.  I will never forget it.  I hope she will find some treasured memories during her stay too.  

  8. It is time for me to update my kids information, your right, it's very important. There are free sites you can pull up sex offenders to :)
    THat is nice of you to go stay at her home, but I hope you hurry back
    Love you

  9. Isn't it sad that we as parents have to worry so much about protecting our children and grandchildren. I used to have a kit on my kids when they were growing up too. I need to do one on Kyan. I'm sorry that you live in an area where so many mosters reside. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with the courts and hospitals that say these people can be changed... THEY CAN'T. These are the people that I feel should be on death row. I could go on forever. Oh a vacation.. how wonderful! My KT's birthday is May 8th she was my Mother's Day present in 1988. We're gonna miss you when you're gone. You're gonna have to send me your phone number sometime so I can call you while you're gone. Hope you have a fun trip.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. One more of so many reason's I'm glad I home school and living on a military base sex offenders are not allowed to live on. I never let me boys go outside without me, it's against post regulations for one and two we live in an apartment building here in Germany and I can't see them if they went to the park. I can't stand when parents let there kids out there alone, since 99% of them do not behave.

    In all the communities we've ever lived in they always have some sort of event where they hand out the Child Identification's for free. Most police stations and/or fire stations have them. Parents have to be more proactive when it comes to their children's safety from preditors in the neighborhood to online.

  11. Unfortunately we don't have this in the UK.  I would be very interested to see how many live near us and I bet there are loads.  Have a great holiday in your sister's home.  Hugs, Terry x

  12. i'm just so sad because alot of them were friends from years past

  13. have fun at your sisters:) you can never be too safe


  14. I loved your post card postings.....so vintage.  It is so sad about the Va Tech mess, those poor kids and parents.

  15. I have similar forms provided by our local police department. Parents should check, i'm sure they all do that. Its vital to have these days, your right.
    Have a great trip, cant wait to hear all about it.

  16. Many prayers to VA tech.
    GA has a website you can go to and see if any offenders live in your area. Great info!


  17. both my kids were fingerprinted for free by our local police..they had a cop dressed up as a dog, i forget the dogs name.....i always took Meg and Chad to those kind of events and still have the fingerprint card and their pics. I will miss you so much when you leave but the time to relax will do you good.
    i love you

  18. Cindy Va Tech was a terrible tragedy my prayers go out to the families of the victims ~ will miss you while you are away ~ Ally x