Monday, April 23, 2007

Not what we're looking for.

Hi all. Just thought I'd make an entry. Jim and I went to see the house I found. It's cute, but not what we're looking for. There's 3 bedrooms (very small) livingroom, dining room and kitchen. My bed would be the only piece of furniture I could put in my bedroom. There's less counter and cabinet space in there then I have now. And the stove is small. Big back yard, but it's all shade, and hardly any grass. There's no grass in front yard due to 2 huge pine tree's, and there's no washer and dryer hookups. Where would I put them and Jim's Dale Earnhardt toolbox. That thing is huge, over 5 1/2 feet tall and 4 feet wide. And it sits next door to a bar, where a bunch of guys were yelling and cussing. I don't want Rebecca to hear that. And there's no driveway. On street parking on a main road even more busy then where I park now. As Rebecca and I stood out front we witnessed a man not too steady on his feet, come out of the bar get into his car and peel wheels out of parking lot of bar. If Jim hadn't of pulled van up to where he did when we got there, that guy would of hit my van. So, we talked it over when we got home, and we decided it is not a place we want to call home. Especially since it looked as though the landlord had been drinking also. So, our search continues. We haven't been looking that long, we'll find something. Good thing is the longer our money sits in money market account, the more we'll have right? I put it all in money market account, because it earns alot more interest there then in checking and savings account. I wish our credit was clean, so we could buy a house. But it isn't. If I can't find a house, we'll just go for an apartment, but it has to have a dishwasher and washer and dryer hook-ups in it.

Well, I took Sarah home today. We had a nice weekend. Watched some movies, chatted for like forever, lol. I am staying home tomorrow and I will relax. I seen on the news a band of storms will come during the night. Thunder, lightning, rain. I don't mind it, but I hope it doesn't wake up Rebecca.

Well, I guess that's about it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.

LOVE TO ALL...........................................


  1. Nope that house doesn't sound like the one! God has something better in store for you!!! {{ }}
    Stay safe from the storms if they come.

  2. ohhhhhh nooooooo that's not the house for you guys

  3. Keep your chin up. Something just right for you is in your future. Sorry, this one wasn't the one. But hey, when you start with a loser, it can only go up. I hope you find something soon. I'll say a prayer.

  4. No way is that house the one for you. Nope!  Something better is waiting for you to find it.  And you will!  
    Don't get discouraged, ok? Takes a long time sometimes.  Good to start looking now!
    Stay dry and safe in the storms.  
    Hugs and love,

  5. Darn !! I was hoping it would turn out good. But the neighborhood alone doesnt sound good at all.
    Keep'll find the perfect place.
    I wish you lived here, there is an adorable little house  in my area that is for rent with option to buy and they totally redid it.  
    Big hugs,

  6. There is a place for you out there. Hang in there!


  7. Cindy I don't blame you one bit for passing on that one. Don't worry the perfect place will come along you'll see. I just hope you find it soon. You know I never really realized how nice a dishwasher was. I actually enjoy cooking now and do it all day long just because I know I'm not stuck in the kitchen ALL day cleaning. The washer and dryer is a must yes. My first apartment I had to travel to the laundry mat.. it sucks especially if you're dragging kids with you.
    p.s. thanks for all the nice comments in my journal
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. Cindy Sounds like you made a good decision on all accounts.  I know it was probably disappointing but the "house" will come your way, just keep the faith.  I was just thinking about houses myself today, and was about to post about it in my journal/blog.  Not sure what they call these things these days, lol.  I hope you have a nice day and enjoy the day!  

  9. sorry about the house.  you guys made the better decision on this one.  good luck

  10. Yep, not good on the house, way to many no's. <sigh> doesn't that suck when you just want to like the house all around and want it to be the one . <sigh>
    I'm glad you both enjoyed the visit :)

  11. Yeah that doesn't sound good at all. I have met a lot of people who do not have good credit and still get financed to buy a house, you may want to look at that, you might be surprised.

  12. You'll know when you have found the house for you. Living near a tavern wouldnt  be a good thing at all!

  13. Yep that didn't sound like the right house for you.  Living by a bar is not a good thing.

  14. God will lead you to the right house.  I know that one wasn't it.  You would have been cramped and worried the whole time.  You should try to find something in the country.  Lots of room for Miss Rebecca to explore, and safe for you and your car too.  I live next to the woods and I love it.  There is a house for sale here, come look at it!  Move to Texas! xoxBarbara

  15. You will find something Cindy.I am gonna pray that you fnd just the right one...Please don't give up...
    Love ya,

  16. Cindy I know there is a house just waiting for you to find it ~ the one you visited didn't sound at all what you wanted ~ and I am sure Rebecca would like a garden to play in ~ and you certainly don't want to live next to a bar ~ good luck with finding just what you want ~ Ally

  17. Hope you find something else soon...

    be well,

  18. That place certainly didn't sound as if it was in the right area to bring our little girl up in.  You will find a nice place I am sure and it will turn up when you least expect it.  Hugs, Terry x

  19. Glad that you enjoyed your weekend with Sarah,
    Sorry that the house wasnt to your liking, but keep on looking cos somewhere out there is the home of your dreams with Cindy, Jim & Rebecca's Home stamped all over it, it will have the right number of rooms and they will be the right size for all your furniture, and a lovely yard for Rebecca, and your grandchildren to play safely in, Praying  that you find it very soon,
    Love Lynne xx

  20. love the graphic at the beginning of this entry. Keep looking, I know you'll find what you want. It's hard to find everything but that didn't sound at all like it was for you. Hugs to you.

  21. Hope you will find a house you like...and love.  Love the graphic...enjoy...hugs,

  22. i hope you find the perfect house for you guys
    good luck i know its frustrating

  23. Keep looking, I am a great believer in fate and destiny......... Who know's whats in store huh?
    Gaz ;-)