Saturday, April 7, 2007

Weekend details

I have got to get this child an plastic smock, because look what she has done to this shirt. I hope it comes clean in the laundry. Anyways, I gave in last night. I wanted to wait until tonight to color some eggs, but Miss Rebecca had her own plans. So, I fixed up the cups, boiled the eggs, and she dyed them. it's the first time she has ever done it by herself, and she thought it was the greatest thing. She kept asking, Am I doing a good job? She did a great job, except for the fact she also dye'd her shirt as you can see. Good thing I only paid 1.99 for it, huh? LOL

Well. today Rebecca is going out with her sister, Dan, Marissa and Daniel and riding the train. The ride will be for 1 hour, and guess who's gonna be on the train greeting all the kids, the Easter Bunny. I'm gonna let Emma use my digital camera and take pics. Tomorrow around 11:am, Rebecca is going to her sister's house for an easter egg hunt. Then she will come home and wait for dinner to be served. The menu tomorrow is: Baked glazed spiral ham w/ pineapple slices, cherries and baked apple slices, homemade baked macaronni and cheese, home made stewed tomatoes, greenbeans, baked beans with onion and crispy bacon, buttered baby carrots, deviled eggs, dinner rolls, and for dessert there is easter cookies, coconut custard pie and a sugar free raspberry coffee cake. And no I didn't make the desserts, I bought them, lol. Joes Mom is a diabetic so I had to find her a nice dessert. I will have some of the sugar free dessert with her.

Tonight after Rebecca is asleep I will send Jim out to the van to get the bags so I can fix her up a basket of treats, and toys and stuffed animal. I got her alot more toys then candy.

Well, Jim was upset this morning. He went out to the van because he wanted to go to walmart and get my refills for the printer and he came back in cussing up a storm. Someone hit our van in the front corner, drivers side and busted up the bumper. Left no note or anything, the jerks. See that's another reason I hate this city. You have to park on the street and take a chance of having your vehicledestroyed. I am hoping to find a house soon with a driveway, cause this apartment and this city are really getting on my last nerve. I'm going to contact my old landlord again in New Jersey and see if he has anything available. I'm having no luck finding something in Pa. I guess I am being picky, but I wanna make sure it's nice, safe, schools are good, has 3 bedrooms, a driveway, a big yard, a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer hookup. I plan on living there a very long time, so I want it to have what I need and want. I could have a place rent free right now if I wanted it. But it's over top Jims place he works at and needs plumbing and electrical work, and alot of other work I suppose. It's nothing we can't do ourselves, but it involves alot of work and time to do. Jim's great at plumbing and electrical work and sheet rocking. I can do the spackling, sanding and painting. I can even do ceramic tiling and floor tiling. But the neighborhood isn't that great, and just across the street from his shop a man was shot and killed waiting for a bus by a drive by shooting. There's no yard at all to take Rebecca outside to play, and I would still have to climb steps, and that is a hard task for me anymore. Maybe I'll win the lottery and can have a house built to my specific needs huh, yea right I won't hold my breath on that one.

Well, not much else to write about right now. Gonna call my sister Lucy later today and see how she is doing. A few of you left comments that I should send in her story to Extreme Makeover. If she had owned her home believe me I would of done just that. But Lucy rented the house that caught on fire, and didn't have renter's insurance. She was struggling as it was to keep the bills she had paid, and couldn't afford an added expense. When you have 2 teenage kids saying, I need this and I need that, there is no extra money.

Ok, I will go now. I hope your all enjoying your weekend so far and have a wonderful easter.

LOVE TO ALL............................


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  1. one year i put Meg and Chad in Goodwill shirts and let them dye the shirts and take colored glue and write all over them. i STILL have those shirts....will have them always. I bet Rebecca would like to do that and design her own shirt. It cost next to nothing. I love the pics. All that food makes me jealous!!! LOL
    I pray you all get a beautiful home soon. YOU deserve that. So sorry about the van.
    LOVE you,

  2. Happy Easter:)


  3. and i hope you are going to have an even happier easter and i'm sorry about the van getting hit....i know jim had to be a lil upset over it.....i hope becca will enjoy her basket ...try and get a picture of it to share so we can see what it looks like
                              well ttyl tonight sissy i love you girl muahhhhh nancy

  4. Cindy
    When Lucy finds another place she MUST get renters insurance it's the cheapest thing she'd probably ever buy and the best thing, we pay I think it's something like $15.00 a month, if you don't have it you need to get this as well. It's far too cheap to not have.

    I hope you guys find another place to live. Have you thought about trying to buy? Anymore you can find a place and pay the same on a house payment as you do rent, and it's yours!

    God Bless

  5. Very cute pics!  Looks like she had a great time!  What fun at that age.  Take pics of her with her basket, ok?
    I agree with your previous commenter. When we had renter's insurance it was pretty cheap.  But, that was a long time ago. It was $60/year.  I have no idea what premiums are now.
    Have a great Easter.
    Love ya, Pam

  6. Looks like Rebecca wanted to be a painted egg herself! LOL  She's so adorable!  Hope you have a happy Easter.

  7. Rebecca certainly had fundyeing her eggs,  have you thought of putting her one of Jims or your old shirts /t shirts on when she is painting, I used to do this with my children to save their clothes, I hope that they al have a lovely day tomorrow, on the train,   wishing you luck wiht the house hunting

    Love Lynne xx

  8. Hey sweetie, dang that's too bad about the van, jerks.
    I love dyeing Easter eggs, your gal looks like she had a
    great time.
    Yum, yum, your dinner sounds wonderful!!!!!!
    Have a Happy Easter! Delaine

  9. OMG...EHMakeover is perfect! She didn't have to OWN that house to be eligible. She is a PERFECT PERFECT person for that show. Lack of homes in that area, her past heartaches, all of it.  I will write to them also!!!
    Move to Ohio! I know a cute house that is on the market right now. LOL HAAHAHAHAH
    I love ya sis

  10. Go buy Angie's house !!! Good idea, huh?
    Good luck hun, I know how bad you want to get out before Rebecca starts school.
    Happy Easter

  11. Rebecca really looked like she had fun doing the eggs, I am sure it will be a really happy childhood memory for her.  Shame about the car, that has happened to us a couple of times but its even worse when you go out there and its not there!  That has happened to us a couple of times too.  Hope you had a great day today.  Hugs, Terry x

  12. rebecca had a great time huh!!!!   looks good!