Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lots to do

I just thought I'd write a bit, before I get busy with what I need to do for tomorrow. I still have Daniel's birthday gifts to wrap. I picked him up another gift today. A Spider man Mr. Potato head. It's for ages 1 to 3, so he should be ok with it. The pieces are larger then normal.

Emma was in a jam for his party tomorrow. She was going to postpone it for another week due to low in funds. I can't have that. My lil man needed his party. After all 2 years old is a big deal, right? LOL So, I bought food, ice cream cake, chips, cheese curls, soda, balloons. I am making Baked Ziti, salad, and meatballs and sauce, also bought 4 inch rolls for the meatballs. So, there should be enough to feed everyone.

Emma said, Mom, I feel bad with you paying for all this. I told her not to feel bad. Daniel is my grandson and I would do anything for him. I told her just be happy her lil boy is going to have a very special day tomorrow. And yes, I am taking my camera. Batteries are charging and I'm taking an extra set with me, just in case.

I found quite a few Disney Princess graphics on line. I was wondering what to do with them. Thanks to Sugar, I now know what I can do. She suggested having them enlarged. SO, that's what I'm going to do. But only I'll be enlarging them myself. This scanner Jim bought me lets me enlarge photo's, then I'll print them out on photo paper. I'll get matching frames and hang them up on Rebecca's bedroom walls. So, thank you Sugar for the wonderful idea. Sugar also made me 2 Disney Princess graphics with Rebecca's name on them. I'm gonna enlarge them also and frame them.

Monday I will continue my search for a house. And I'm going to expand it back over the bridge into New Jersey. I'll keep it close to Philadelphia of course. Gonna stay in Burlington County with my search. Where I live now, I am about 5 minutes from the bridge, (Tacony Palmyra Bridge).

I don't think my hubby is feeling very well. He went to bed at 6:30 and is still asleep. Which means he's sick, or he'll be up half the night. I wish I could sleep as much as he does. I am lucky to get 4 to 5 hours a night. 6 if I'm lucky. My legs get to aching, then go numb on me, and I have to get up and move around. I hate when it happens. Cause at first it feels like a swarm of bees are stinging my legs, and if you've ever been stung, you know what that can feel like.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I want to clean up my livingroom now, then wrap my grandson's birthday presents. I took out 2 very large containers of homemade sauce from the freezer for my Baked Ziti tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful night, and an even better tomorrow. I'll post the pics of party as soon as I get home tomorrow.

Love to all.............................



  1. Cindy you are a great Grand Ma, the party sounds like its going to be great. Can you tell me what baked Zitti is, being a Brit aint just aint too sure!

  2. have a good time at the party:) wow 2 years old is a big deal:) can't wait to see the pictures


  3. WOW you sure have been busy. Daniel is going to  have a wonderful day  and  everyone is going to have  quite a feast. Have a great day.

  4. You are a lovely grandma!  I hope little Daniel has a great time and that you all have lots of fun.  Look forward to seeing the photos. Hugs, Terry x

  5. It's no wander I love ya so much, your so sweet. Emma is very lucky to have a mom like you :)  Good luck on the house hunt, I know it's hard. I was wandering how Sugar was, I dont' know why but I dont' get her alerts.

  6. Have a wonderful time today at the party !
    Cant wait for pictures!

  7. Have a great time :)
    I hope that your hubby feels better!


  8. Cindy Have you ever been checked for Restless Leg Syndrome?  Look it up.  I don't know your history, but it sounds like some of the same symptons.  Hope you get some rest and have a wonderful time with young Daniel!  Hope your husband feels better too!

  9. Wishing your grandson a very happy birthday!  Hope you all have a great time!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  10. Have fun at the party and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!  Hope Jim feels better and doesn't miss the party!  That baked ziti  and meatballs would be enough to get me out of bed! YUMMY!
    Love ya,

  11. food sounds yum! i'm sure his party will be lots of fun
    hope you ugys have a good day

  12. Hey there grilfriend!  Since I just happen to be over here in NJ (although Camden County, not Burlington) let me know what kind of house you are looking for and I will keep my eyes open for you!!!

    Can't wait to see pictures from Daniel's party!


  13. I hope hubby is feeling are a good mom and grandma! I know that party was so much fun.
    XOXO lj

  14. You are such a great granny to those kids.  Glad daniel is going to get to celebrate his birthday with your good cooking.