Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And the Lucky School is......................

A Private School, walking distance from me at a catholic church rectory, held by board certified nuns who are teachers. Our religion is not catholic, but I will do anything to get my daughter into a better school. It is half day kindergarten. Which is fine with me. There is no more then 20 kids in the classes and 2 teachers per class, and a helper. The helpers are volunteer moms. If asked, yes I will volunteer to help the one day a week, they ask me too. The tuition is a 10 month tuition of 2100.00, and I can make payments monthly. The first payment is a 2 month payment, which totals 420.00, each month afterwards it is 210.00 a month. We will have to tighten our purse strings and wallets to do this but I don't care, my child's safety is far more important. She will need uniforms, they are costly, but there is an exchange program where I can get used uniforms in good condition to use until I can get her new ones. I am going there tomorrow to meet with a lady named Sandy who works in the financial department at the rectory, and discuss with her in more detail about my child attending their school. I hope and I pray this works out. I showed my daughter Emma the school where I do not want Rebecca to go too. Across the street was a group of young men, smoking pot, and holding onto pitbulls with leashes. She looked around and said, Mother, there's no way in hell my little sister is going to this school!!!!! And she's right, Rebecca isn't going there. The school itself, has metal detectors and iron bars on the windows. The school looks over 100 years old, and the grounds are poorly maintained. They can shove that school where the sun don't shine. My neighbor next door has 3 kids, ages 19, 15, 10. Her oldest child went to kindergarten at that bad school, and she said it was the only year he attended there and none of her other kids went there. She put them in private catholic school. Her youngest went to kindergarten where I am going to send Rebecca and she said they are great teachers. So say a prayer, cross your fingers, send up good thoughts that tomorrow works out and I can register Rebecca in the private school.

My pasta sauce is about done, so I'd better get to putting the water on to boil the pasta. Yep, it's spaghetti night, with a nice salad to go with it. After dinner I am going to relax with a cup of herbal tea and read some journals. I am behind again. Hope you all have a good evening. I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

Love to all........................


  1. My kids have always went to private catholic school. There are many kids and families that are NOT catholic. Also, they do have financial aid as in REDUCED TUITION and even FREE MEAL programs. Make sure you apply to those if you think you can qualify. I know some that did qualify for even reduced tuition and it really helps. So ask her about that okay?????  

    Our schools always have used uniform exchange  and I take full advantage of it.  You can get the pants a LOT cheaper.  If she has to wear white shirts let me know I will pass my boys white shirts if they are in good condition on to you.  

    I bought 6 sweatshirts (logo uniform) for $24.00. They are 15.00 NEW! I saved a TON!!!!

    YOU let me know what happens with aid and tuition and uniforms.

    Hugs Sis

  2. I'm sorry it has come to you having to pay out of pocket for your daughter's education, but you're right it will be worth at the end of the day.  The only other thing you could do is to take those drug users and abusers on and fight to get your community back.  That sometimes comes with such a price though, and I hesitate to even recommend it.  We live in such scarey times where the lack of respect for one another, ourselves and our community abounds.  You think you live safe enough, far enough away from it and then something happens and its right at your doorstep!  I hope she will be happy at the school and I just have a feeling it will all work out for good!  God Bless!

  3. I sure hope the new school works out.  I'll be keeping it in my prayers.

  4. I hope everything works out I wouldn't let a kid of mine go to that school either.
    Best wishes.

  5. Praying this works out for you:)


  6. School is always such a tough decision.  Our public schools are scary too, and thankfully we had a great charter school as an option.  Although class sizes usually break the 25 per class mark with no aid after kindergarten.  Ah well, I suppose it could be worse!

  7. I don't blame you Cindy! Ask about tuition grants and help.
    love ya,

  8. wtg sissy but there are grants for tuitions and uniforms

  9. good job!  i hope it works out also. she will be much better off and the money will be well spent!  
    take care

  10. Cindy, praying everything works out for Rebecca, Hugs Lisa

  11. That is wonderful. We have a Catholic church here that does 1-8 grades, but the preK and K are really good in the school next to KT house and I have friends that are teachers there I want them to have Kyan.
    I'm excited for her. What kind of uniforms does she need to have for school? Maybe I can look over here. Do you know what colors and size?
    I'm still fighting this bug, but getting better. I slept all day today.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  12. Great! Keeping my fingers crossed & saying a little prayer. {{}}

  13. Oh I am so happy... I have been praying you would find a good solution!  {{{ Cindy }}}} I am so behind... trying to read here and there...

    be well,

  14. So happy to read this today.I hope everything goes well with your viit to see Sandy.Maybe you will get more help than you realise.God Is Goos.Things will be fine.You have made the right decision.Prayers being said for you and yours.Have  agreat day Kath
    astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  15. Good luck with everything, in regards to the private school!!


  16. Well Cindy You hopefully will still be tucked up in bed as I write this I hope you are having a good sleep so that when you get up you will feel refreshed and ready to go to the school to have a chat. I am SO SO glad that you have found a school although it does seem such a shame you have to pay for a good school. Mind you it is getting a bit like that over here in the Uk as well.  Looking forward to hearing the latest news later.  Love Sybil xx

  17. I think the Catholic school is a great idea. Good luck with that. Hope she gets in.

  18. catholic school is always a great idea. i hope it works out for you

  19. My oldest attented Catholic school for his elementry years.  The church usually looks at your income and then asks you what you can afford.  One way to earn tution at ours was to volunteer alot, in the class room, working the bingo.  Hopefully they have a similar program that will make it easier on you.

  20. all my good thoughts and prayers going up...hugs and love,

  21. I think it's a great idea!! We never wanted our son to attend public school here so he's always gone to a Christian private school. Ever since kindergarten he's been at the same little private school and I think he's had such a good education!  Good for you on this....keep us posted!
    Love ya,

    PS..I wish I'd been there for that yummy sounding dinner!!

  22. I'm so glad to hear this. I am sending good vibes and saying a prayer.

  23. Cindy, good luck with your interview at the school. I hope it turns out ok. We are lucky, we don't need metal detectors in our schools here yey, but that doesn't mean to say it wont come!

  24. Cindy I'm glad you've made a decision and I can completely understand the one you made.  It will be worth it.... peace of mind.  Good luck

  25. cindy im so glad rebecca will be able to go to that school
    sounds like its great!