Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ok, she's registered in school. I need to make her an appt at the doctor's for a physical, and turn in the doctor's form to the school nurse by the end of September. Her teacher's name is Mrs. FitzPatrick. I was at the school for over 2 hour's. I had a talk with the head of the front office. I explained to her my fear's about putting Rebecca into that school, about any public school here in Philadelphia. I told her I am checking into private school's but there is a waiting list, and I am also thinking about homeschooling. She said I should give it some time. See if Rebecca likes going to school. I told her I know about the third grader who was caught with the gun last year. I see teens at the park across the street smoking pot and have pitbulls, this scares me that one can get lose and go after my child during recess. She then told me the school is now working under a no tollerance law. You mess up 1 time, your in school suspention for 2 days. Second time, it's 5 days suspended, third time you are expelled. Lockers are randomly searched, so are bookbags. Kindergarten kids are allowed regular bookbags, grades 1 to 8 have to have clear zipper bookbags so they can't hide anything in a regular bookbag. No big baggy pants with lots of pockets are allowed. It is school uniforms and pants have to fit properly. She said they are very strict on their dress code. Shoes are black dress shoes, and white sneakers. White cotton socks only. And uniforms are navy blue with white shirts only, for boys and girls.

Here is what Rebecca is allowed to wear.

The teacher that Rebecca will have will be calling me, for last minute details on all that Rebecca needs for class. When she calls I am going to volunteer myself for anyhelp that she needs, so I can spend lots of time at the school. At least until my nerves settle. Ever since I registered this morning my stomach has been hurting, like it's tight and tied in knots. Nerves? My daughter took a pic of me today. She said Mom, you look worn out and your eyes are so baggy. Thanks, Em, I told her, lol. So she took the pic so I could see what she was seeing.

 Yep, baggy eyes and looking very tired. I decided I am not cutting my hair short again. I'm letting it grow long. Before chemo my hair was awful. Dull, frizzy, now it's shiney and wavey. I'm keeping it, lol. It's grown alot since it felt out and Emma shaved the rest off when I was doing the chemo. One more day of running around and I can rest this weekend. Tomorrow I have to take Emma to the doctor's. She should know tomorrow when they are doing her c-section. She better know tomorrow, otherwise my dark hair is gonna turn grey and I won't be liking that at all, lol. I don't have any grey hair and I plan to keep it that way, lol.

So, I will fill out private school forms and send them back to school when I get them. And over the weekend I am going to go through all the links a few of you sent me for homeschooling. I want to thank you for those links too. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  1. I'm so glad she's registered for now.  Try to relax now and take a deep breath!

  2. Glad she got registered. Maybe things will work out fine! WIll keep it in my prayers. {{}}
    Try & relax some, get a little rest. You do too much!

  3. I'm glad she's all registered! The school sounds pretty strict which is a good thing! And I really like her uniforms! She'll look soooo cute!!
    Relax this weekend and enjoy it!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  4. i am betting that all will be ok and Rebecca will love the school:) and you can be very involved and make sure everything is ok:) you are the best advocate for your child. the school sounds like its trying to turn around its bad reputation. praying you get some sleep


  5. Best of luck to you, I know the pain you are enduring, as I too wnet through it not so long ago with my 8 year old son. I since have moved to a small town where he attends a school 4 days a week, 10 kids in the class, a teacher and an aid as well as volunteer parents. I love it, and feel very blessed. But what we went through the previous year felt like a nightmare and it is now over! God Bless! Many prayers your way....smiles...

  6. It's hard to beleive that kids that wear a uniform like that go to such a troublesome school!
    I did laugh at the photo of you, is there any significance of the knives being in the photo? ;-) Killer Cin, ridea again. I guess you aint gonna take no crap from those teachers!

  7. Cindy, glad you got Rebecca registered, now get some rest hon !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  8. You're like me my hair has gotten so long, but for me personally I got to have a cut. If you're tired it's because you never rest. Glad you're registered sorry it's not where you wanted. Hope the other comes through with you. Love the school clothes they look so smart.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. i'm glad she's registered, sorry its not the school you wanted.She will love it though, you'll see.

  10. I am hoping once you start seeing first hand, it will work out okay - or she'll get a spot at the private school.  Unfortunately, where there are bullies (and they are everywhere, no school is exempt), there is a possibility of violence.  No school is exempt.  Everyday my daughter trek's to public school I should be praying for her safety.  The one thing I was surprised at is the statement "they are starting to work on..."  Good gosh, you would thought they would of had that plan in place a long time ago.  What is taking them so long?  Another thing, why are those teens w/pitbulls allowed free reign across the street.  If I had to call the police everyday, up to the police chief himself, I would get them down there to patrol the area and ward the rif raf out.  It is totally unacceptable.  Crime has no place, but especially not near our children!  Best wishes, Cindy!

  11. She'll be okay mama I promise..she will love school..and if anyone messes with her mama will be there wielding those knives...LOL..;-)
    I like your hair long too...

  12. I know how scared you must be to send your darling daughter to school. It's very scary that's for sure. I think it would be good if you volunteered so you won't be so worried. The uniforms look nice. Not to bad. I hope you get some well deserve rest. Can't believe it's getting close for Em to have that baby already.

  13. Cindy I am sorry to hear that you are so worried.  I know that it is much harder with your youngest.  I could never live in the big city with all those big schools.  I am sure everything will work out fine.  School shopping will be easy with only having to buy uniforms.  I think uniforms are a great idea.  I am sure that Rebecca will love going to school.  Have a great holiday weekend.

  14. I'm so glad you have Rebecca situated now!  I know that is a big burden off your shoulders!  Now, just try and relax this weekend!  Stop worrying so much! :)  You're lucky you don't have any gray hair.  I've had it since I was in highschool.  Now I'm probably 95% gray, but you would never know it.  I keep it colored.. ALWAYS! lol
    My hair came back wavy too, after chemo.  It was straight as a poker beforehand.  Healthy but straight.


  15. Well, just go in the school year thinking positve and keep an open mind.  :)  Our school always has used uniform sales. I wish I had known Rebecca had needed them I would have seen what they have for her.  White shirts are cheapest at Wal-Mart from what I have found and man do they take a beating.
    Hugs and Love

  16. I can understand how nervous you are to sending her to that school. I would be too! Bless your heart! Many hugs to you Cindy.

  17. My daughter is a school teacher and they now have drug dogs which they bring into schools regularly. There is a shutdown while this is going on. It is a shame that things have to be the way they are now. Better that though than have the kids using and peddling drugs. This is a middle school. Helen

  18. CIndy, maybe there are some other private schools near by besides the catholic one...I would go to the yellow pages online and see.
    love ya,

  19. i hope emma found out her csection date
    and hopefully theres some things you can do to volunteer at rebeccas school so you can be near her

  20. Your hair is beautiful and long... I do hope you get some rest... the school sounds like they are on top of stuff!

    be well,