Monday, August 20, 2007

A Thank you and more.........

  Now that the babyshower is over, I'm feeling kind of lost. I have been sitting here for over 2 hours trying to make an entry and just couldn't. It's been raining here in Philadelphia for 2 days, and they say it's going to continue for at least another 24 hours. Jim and Rebecca are asleep for the night. It's 68 degree's in my apartment, and I love it. I won't need the airconditioner tonight, but I do need my fan. I cannot sleep unless cool air is blowing in my face and I hear the hum of the fan, it's my loliby, lol.

I was sitting here and it dawned on me, I have 24 days to plan Rebecca's birthday party. My baby is going to be 6 years old. Where has all the time gone? Another year older and going to school this year? Time just goes by too fast. Rebecca wants a princess party. A princess costume to wear, a cake that looks like a castle, balloons, streamers, and a pinata. I know I spelled that wrong, lol. And she asked for Pin the tail on the donkey game, lol. On Rebecca's birthday, my other daughter will most likely be in hospital having her babygirl. So, Emma asked me to plan the party after she gets home with the baby. That I can do, because I want Rebecca's big sister to be there. Why do I feel so old tonight, lol.

Yesterday my great niece Kaylei gave me a big hug and told me I looked lovely. My eyes filled with tears and I gave her a hug and kiss and thanked her so much for making me feel so good with that compliment. She is just the sweetest lil girl, and I love her so much. Remember the baby I wrote about (my great nephew Eden) who was born addicted to heroine? He is home now and doing great. Kaylei gets to see him once in a while. The last time was on July 14th. Here is a pic of Kaylei and Eden taken then. They are so cute together.

 Eden has gotten so big from the last picture I seen of him. I have not seen him in person yet. My nephew and his girlfriend seem to think they are too good for the family. But yet when they need money who do they call? Me, or my daughter Emma. Kaylei's Mom Katie wants to go to virginia to visit my sister Lucy so she can see her granddaughter Kaylei. I told her if she goes, I would like to go also. We'll share expenses on the trip. I'll take Rebecca with me and my camera, lol. It'll be nice to see my sister, nieces and nephews and all their children, who I have not seen. I want to go visit my niece Sandy's son Christopher also. Remember she is my niece who died 12 days after giving birth to her son Christopher.

I am watching the news right now and Hurricane Dean has now been classed as a category 5 hurricane. That is not good at all. This storm has claimed 12 lives already. They say it is heading to mexico, but could turn into texas. I pray it does not take anymore lives.

Well, I am tired. I am going to take my tired body to bed now. Lay my head on my pillows, turn on my fan and go off to dreamland. I'll need a good nights sleep for tomorrow. I have let my housework go and now I am surrounded in filth, I also have to get ahold of board of education because this school isn't done being rebuilt yet and I don't know when their doing school registration or where.

Good night, sweet dreams and hope tomorrow is a good one for you all.

Love to all..............Cindy

I would like to send out a great big thank you to Kath of  for this lovely award she emailed me. I absolutely love it, thank you so much.


  1. you deserve that trophy!!!!  The let down after all the primping and planning.. life will resume soon enough enjoy the down time.

  2. Cindy, Hope you get some rest, That was a sweet thing your niece said to you,  Do'nt forget to watch that CSI Thursday night at 9 :00 p.m. on Spike, it's sooooo good, Love and Hugs Lisa XO

  3. Awwww the trophy is adorable. You deserve it too!!!!
    Hugs, Sug

  4. I'm sure the baby shower was tons of fun and you do get the trophy. It's so hard to believe how fast our babies grow up. I hope you get some sleep.

  5. Congrats on the award:) have a good week


  6. Lost? now is the time to relax for a second while you can. The best part comes next.. the baby! Wow Rebecca's party will be a blast. Glad the temps have cooled down for you. I hope you get a chance to travel to your sisters. You would have fun. So when does school start over there? Cute graphic award you deserve it for all that hard work.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. Princess parties have been common in my faimily too .They are adorable I love them.Yes time goes by so quicly.I am sure you will make Rebeccas party a time to rember without a doubt.We get so much pleasure from doing these things .Now my family live away I miss these times so much.So it's good to join in with others.
    Children can say the most wondeful things to lift out hearts.The children in th epic are beautiful.Prayers are beign said for the people who Dean is affecting so sad.Have a restful day if possible .Glad you liked the trophy I didi it for a laugh.I am not a graphic maker but I tried LOL as I thought you desreved a little something for all your hard work.Take Care God Bless Kath

  8. ok this is your inner voice telling you..."go to sleep child, you did excellent today and every day before this. now close your eyelids and dream of a beach where all you have to do is ask to be waited on by handsome men."

    happy all went well are the best!


  9. Nice award!! I cant wait to see the princess party ! That should be fun.
    Enjoy the cool weather. We are getting it too. And the rain.

  10. 24 days huh? Can you tell me WHAT day that is on?? LOL! Help me out so I can send my godprincess something cool.  You have so much going on right now, I tell ya, your a busy sis.  It started raining here yesterday and it is suppose to continue for several days to follow. We need it badly though, but I agree I pray nobody else suffers this horrible storm that is blowing through. <sigh>
    Hugs sis

  11. what a nice award!
    I hope you are able to relax and rest up after all the excitement and HARD WORK you have put in recently. I have always had huge fun bday parties for my kids....esp Megan...girls are easier to plan for.
    Love, lisa


  13. Im glad rebecca wants to wait for her big sister to celebrate her bday
    gosh i cannot believe sept is almost here
    2 princess celebrating parties ;)

  14. Nice award!  Congrats!  Send the rain down here to Bama.  We need it so bad.

  15. Your baby is going to be 6 !!!! the fun starts!!!! Take it easy have been doing so much here lately and I worry about you...GET SOME REST.
    love ya,

  16. What a great award Cindy you deserve it after all that hard work. Another Birday to celabrate. What a great idea waiting for the new baby to be there. Get some rest first though. You must start thinking about yourself sometime. Take care Kathie.

  17. Hope you slept well. Cute award! You do deserve it! Have a good day today. I hope you're not too tired...or sore. So we have a Birthday girl, huh?? Can't believe she'll be in school. She'll love it!

  18. very nice award sissy you deserve it.....i hope you got the rest you so badly needed

  19. very nice award! it rained here for days too, I think it is gone! Now I am waiting for the warm weather that the weather man claims is coming back to come back! Not that I don't like the cool weather. BUT I sure would like to know the night before what type of clothes to have out for the next day!

    make it a great day!

  20. I think you just need to chill for a while don't you? We think you do don't we gang?
    Gaz xxxx

  21. My boy Anthony's  Birthday is coming fast too.
    Oh my gosh school, yeah here I am kinda lost
    without these boys here with me. All day to
    myself. :)

  22. My oldest child will be thirty on the 26th this month and I'm only 45 so who really feels old here in J-land? ME!!! LOL and then there's the 28 year old, the 24 year old and the 19 year old.  OK pass me the Geritol. ROFLOL