Friday, August 31, 2007

In Memory of..........

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death. I have followed the beautiful young woman's life since her engagement was announced to Prince Charles. I watched their Fairy Tale wedding, was over joyed at the birth of their 2 sons. I thought, What a beautiful family, a loving family. Never could I be more wrong. Diana was quoted saying, It was a marriage of 3, and it was crowded. I believe Diana loved her husband, but Charles on the other hand had someone else in his life that he loved far more then Diana. I will not mention this woman's name, for the fact being today is Diana's day, not her's.

Diana showed her true beauty in everything she wore, said and did. Her smile would light up a room and warm the hearts of those around her. She was involved in so many charities, organizations, where she helped bring hope to those in need.

The day her death was announced, was a sad day. The world mourned her death, and to this day they still do, I do. No more will we see the beautiful woman smile, help others and spend time with her 2 handsome son's. Today we mourn her in memory of her life. Ten years ago this Princess was taken from her son's, her family, her friends.

Diana, rest in peace. Sing with the angels and spread your wings and fly.

Gone, but never forgotten. An angel returning to heaven.


  1. Nice tribute! I did one too, & also posted several tags in my Tag Journal for today.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. I remember that night so vividly - sitting on the couch at 2am watching CNN when they cut in with the breaking news then staying up a few days later to watch the funeral.  Such a horrific time, what a loving tribute.  Leene

  3. BEAUTIFUL. She was truly an angel.  She was huge in helping Landmine victims and ridding of exsisting land mines. I really admire WHO she was and what she did.
    Love you

  4. Cindy what a beautiful tribute to Diana "The People's Princess" ~ she will never be forgotten ~ Ally x

  5. Thank you for this lovely tribute to our princess. We have just watched the memorial service for her arranged by Princes William and Harry.  Harry made a very moving speech.  The Royal family had the greatest treasure in their midst, someone who was loved the world over, someone who related to ordinary people and did so much for charity and good causes.  They cast her aside.  The biggest mistake they ever made. I hope Charles never becomes King and the crown passes straight to William.

  6. Yes, Dianna is an angel!!

  7. What a nice tribute.  I too am a big fan of the princess, I remember the night it happened we stayed up watching the news, at the time my grandma was very sick and I went to see her the next day in the hospital and we watched it, I grandma was really into princess diana, she passed away shortly after I left her that night and we had her funeral on the same day as diana's, I am sure it made my grandma happy.  I have my grandma's ashes on my fireplace mantel trying to find the right thing to put them in, and now thinking of this I think I will get something that reminds me of both of them.  I agree that her son should be king.  I think she was done wrong by the royal family, she could of made all of them look so good.

  8. Cindy, what a beautiful tribute to Diana, she will never be forgotten, Hugs Lisa

  9. beautiful sissy

  10. What a beautiful tribute! I miss her too.

  11. I love her too, Cindy!  What a beautiful tribute!


  12. This is a wonderful tribute to her!

  13. what a beautiful tribute

  14. My brother got married on the day she died. While the wedding was wonderful so many people talked about the Princess all night long. She was a classy lady.

  15. Today was my wedding anniversary so I never forget when Diana died. We had just come in after eating dinner and going to a movie, came home turned on the tv and it was everywhere I cried like I lost someone I knew. I was like you and grew up with Diana from the first moment they thought she would be engaged to Charles. It was so sad that all she wanted was her husband to love her and be a family with their children. All he wanted was heirs to the throne. She did her job, but he never returned the favor of respect. To this day I still don't like Charles and I hope one day he will pass over the throne to his son, William. I love this boy and I know that Diana would be so proud of both her sons.
    Loved the tribute.
    Take care, Chrissie

  16. I miss and loved her...such a grand lady...wonderful tribute....
    Hugs and love,

  17. Its very strange,i never really payed much attention to  her,until she passed away,i mean i always thought she was very beautiful,and graceful,WHENEVER i saw her,but when i heard the news,i remeber thinking,the world has lost alot of LOVE,GRACE,and BEAUTY,it made me very sad..She was truly an angel on earth,and i know HEAVEN is alot brighter now...We truly lost ALOT!!!!!!!!

  18. my friend Lori and i wept like crazy at Di's sad. I loved her too.
    XO lj

  19. I loved Di.  It's a shame how she died.