Sunday, August 12, 2007


     Good Morning!!!!! Guess what? There's no one home, yep you read it right. It's just me here. And I didn't get up out of bed until 10 this morning. I fell asleep in my rocking chair last night watching tv, after I had put Rebecca to bed. I woke up, shut off the computer, and went to bed. Got up at 3:30 to use bathroom and get a drink, when right back to bed and slept until 10am. When I got up, I went into kitchen and guess what I found? A clean kitchen. Jim did all the dishes, pots and pans, cleaned the stove, and there was a fresh pot of coffee made. I am on my second cup, and I just may have a third, lol. Ok, I am back. I got a third cup of coffee, fixed myself a sandwich, grabbed a banana and sat in kitchen and looked out the window while enjoying my food. It was so nice sitting there, in a quiet kitchen, and being able to enjoy my meal. Jim took Rebecca to the park, and then their going to the grocery store to buy icecream and cones for it and coming home.

While they are gone, after I make this entry, I will get dressed and go tackle the bedroom. Change the linens, put clean clothes away, organize Rebecca's shelves, and vacuum. I am going to put my spaghetti sauce on to cook, making meatballs and hot italian sausage to go into it.

I am sitting here typing in between commercials, watching ROSEANNE. I love this show, I get a laugh whenever I watch it. This episode is about Roseanne's daughter Becky. She was giving a report in front of the student coucil and she.........Cut the cheese, lmao. Too funny.

Tonight we will watch a series on HBO called John from Cincinnati. Tonight I think is the last episode. Jim loves this show. I like it, but tomorrow night is my favorite on HBO. I love to watch BIG LOVE. It's like my weekly night time soap opera. And then there's thursday night's. Thanks to our very own CSI informant Lisa, I now have something worthwhile to watch on that night. Well, I guess that's about it. I will go get dressed and get the bedroom cleaned, and relax for the rest of the day.

I will get my alerts caught up today. And maybe start working on one of the items I am making for 2 others here in JLand. Pam and Angie. I haven't forgotten you both. Later on I'll take a pic of the things I have started and maybe put it in an entry. I love to crochet. My aunt taught me when I was like 10yrs old, when she use to babysit us after my Mom died and my Dad had to work. My Aunt Marge was an awesome lady, she taught me how to cook, crochet, sew. I miss her. She passed away years ago. I think it's been about 20 years.

Ok, I gotta go. Hope you all have a great sunday, I am, lol.

Love to all.........................


  1. WOOOOOHOOOOO YOU GO GIRL....i knew ya'd get some "ALONE TIME"'s about time...very proud of yas sissy muahhhhhh ttyl tonight

  2. Cindy, enjoy your alone time, Have a good Sunday, Hugs Lisa

  3. Enjoy your nice quiet alone time Cindy ~ that may not happen again for a long time :o) Dear Jim doing all the pots and pans and putting coffee on for you ~ sounds like you are having a good weekend ~ Ally x

  4. Home alone :::grasping face:::  LOL It's nice.. enjoy it.   Sauce sounds great

  5. Glad to hear you are having a good day, Cindy!  Enjoy that quiet time!!


  6. Happy you have some "alone time", but don't work the whole time...spend some of for "me time".

  7. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Enjoy your peacefulness!!!!


  8. Enjoy it !! I love alone time !

  9. Glad you got alone time!!! Leene

  10. I love ME time too! My favs on TV are Dexter and Weeds at the moment!

  11. Glad Jim took Rebecca out so you could sleep in and have some much needed and deserved alone time and that he cleaned up the kitchen! Tonight as soon as dinner was done, Chad got the kitchen all nice and cleaned up and the dish washer is running as I type and all the pots and pans that can't go in there have been washed and he's rocking Emma so I can get a small break for about 15 minutes! LOL

  12. AHHHH! peace I had that today drivng back from church...I'll post my "ME" time later tonight. glad all is GOOD at your place!!!!!

    Love ya'!!!

  13. maybe you'll have time this winter to watch LOST like you watch CSI. LOST is the best show on TV.
    I am glad you have had a day to yourself...i bet you feel so much better mentally after that! Dont over do it.

  14. have a good week:)


  15. I sure hope you enjoyed your "me" time!  Lucky You!!

  16. Some alone time is so nice. To bad we have to smack our men upside the head to get it, but we love them anyways.  I know you haven't forgot about me!
    Love you

  17. Woohoo....glad you got some "me" time!  You sure deserved it!

  18. cindy!!!! big hugs to you i am so happy you had some alone time and did some things for yourself

    the more i get to know you the more i realize we would get along great...i LOVE ROSEANNE AND LOVE TO CROCHET i really desperately need some new clothes too...which i go to thriftstores as well for.  We just dont have the extra money ever it seems for department store things...

    at least grandma will bring over some things for olivia...sometimes i wish i was a baby, LOL
    i want things brought over for me too, ya know
    talk to you later

  19. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    It sounds like you had a good morning. I was away with my family so it seems that I have missed a lot. I had to come and visit you now that I'm home. I didn't have a tv this whole weekend so I am sure I missed a lot there to. I did have a blast with my family. Have a great week !!!!!!

  20. YIPPY!!! alone time.... what ever will you do
    Nobody in my family is crafty so when I was around that age or a little younger I made my mom buy me supplies and I taught myself how to crochet from a book. Just like needlework I learned that on my own too. I was teaching myself how to quilt, but then I had kids. I do have a beautiful top pieced and I'm proud to say I cut and sewed each piece by hand. I'll have to show you a picture sometime. It's different colors of blue and has white patches on it.
    LoL... I have Roseanne on DVD. KT and I could sit and watch it for hours. I don't know if you've ever seen the show Reba, but I love to watch that too. It makes me think of my family now. Her X lives next door to her with his new wife.
    Way to go JIM... I'm so proud of him. Glad he took what he read and understood you just wanted a little help. Yea he works all the time, but you do just as much in the home and that's hard for a man to understand. They think if you don't leave the house that you're doing nothing.
    I wish I could see Big Love I don't have HBO. Guess I have to wait for the DVD series.
    I'm getting hooked on CSI now thanks to Mrs. Grissom. I wish I was up to the new shows, but I'm sure I'll be caught up soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  21. Isn't it great to have some ME time????
    Hope you made the most of deserve it are always helping everyone else out...and working so hard...
    love ya,

  22. I KNOW I love me some alone time. I have very little of it. I don't know what to someting productive without 4 feet under me or relax. i ususally relax. DH missed John from Cinn. tonight because he was at work & I didn't thnk about recording it. So he says he is staying up till 3am to watch it. I am excited to see what happens on Big Love though. I love it. I saw Roman get shot in the previews. Wonder what will happen if HE dies? LOL Gotta love that HBO. I SO miss the Sopranos though. I watch the reruns but still. I love to crochet too. I had this green & baby blue yarn that I whipped out a baby afghan c ouple years ago. My daughter in law claimed it as her...even if her baby is a girl. Now  I'm crocheting hems on receiving blankets that I bought for a dollar apiece at Walgreens!!I have a boy afghan to make as we have a great nehew due in Occt.
    Well, glad you had a day off & hope you have a good week.
    Hugs, Barb
    nnnnn Spaghetti!

  23. YAY!!!! You got some good sleep and some time for you! :o) How wonderful! :o)

  24. I'm so glad you got some alone time. Everybody needs that!! I love my alone times...although sometimes it's too much around here!
    Love ya girl,

  25. I am glad that you had a wonderful Sunday!!!

    be well,

  26. LOL, I feel like that when I'm alone.  Although, my daughter just reminded me, I'm never alone, yes she is reading over my shoulder.  I also love Big Love!!!  Just can't ever watch it :(  Oh well, glad you had a good Sunday!

  27. wow you are one lucky woman to have all that done for you and time alone and food adn chillin.