Friday, August 24, 2007

Wish me luck

I have spoken to Emma and to Jim on the subject of Rebecca's schooling. Emma said I can use her address if I want too. Jim says I can have the van everyday to take Rebecca to and from school, but during bad winter months where there is snow and ice on roads and knowing I am scared to death to drive in the winter, he will drop us off in the morning at Emma's and pick us up when he's done work. That way I can walk her to school and pick her up and not let her ride a schoolbus or go to that bad school. But before I register Rebecca in the school near her sister's house, I am going to see if there is a loop hole in the school systems rules. See if they can make an exception due to my health and allow Rebecca to go to the school that is just 2 blocks from me. Going to this school would make things so much easier for me. So please wish me luck, say a prayer, send good thoughts that I can get her in this school near me. If it doesn't work out that way then I'll have no other choice but to home school or send her to the school close to her sister's. I really want her to go to school, make friends, be around other kids besides Marissa and Daniel and Kaylei. She needs to be around other kids too. I think it would be good for her.

Well, the heat is back. I've got the airconditioner's on. Livingroom is on high, bedroom is on low. It gets to cold in bedroom when it's on high. Rebecca likes to kick her covers off her legs and feet during the night. And I know she gets cold. She woke up cold last night and I had to get her another blanket and turned air on low setting. She's like me not wanting her legs and feet under the covers. In cold winter months if I go to bed with socks on, I'll awaken in the morning and the socks are off, lol. Winter Rebecca doesn't like. I put her in those 1 piece sleepers with the feet in them so I know she is warm during the night. She'll argue about wearing them, but I win, lol.

There's not much else to write about. I hope your all enjoying your evening and I hope you have a great weekend.

Love you all.................CINDY


  1. you go girl

  2. sounds like a plan.  Good luck!
    hot and sticky here today too

  3. Cindy sounds good. Hopefully the school close will let you take her there and work with you. Hope it's not like here and they want you to pay for her to go to a public school out of district. If I'm paying I'm sending to private school.
    I was gonna say when you mentioned homeschool, that I thought you wanted her to get out in public some plus I feel like you need the break to do what you need to do in peace for a minute.
    I hope it all works out.
    Take care, Chrissie

  4. Cindy, Good luck !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa XO

  5. I hope everything works out as you wish it to.So much hassle nowadys with school boundary lines.Have a lovely weekend Take care God Bless Kath

  6. I hope you get the school near to you, that would be far and away the best and less stressful on you and Jim.  Will pray for it.  Big hugs xxxx

  7. Dear Cindy,  do hope that a solution can be found that will enable Rebecca to go to the nearest school. It seems so daft that she can't. Could you perhaps get a letter from your Dr. stating about your health and that she must go to the nearest school so that you can get to her in an emergency....just a thought.  Love  Sybil x

  8. I think that is an excellent idea from Sybil!  I would also call the administration office and ask what the waiver process entails to see about requesting permission to have her attend the school of your choice.  Don't focus on saying good and bad school in your request either, just keep to what you said here about your health issue.  I just have a feeling they will work with you on this matter.  Good vibes coming your way, and best wishes and praying this all works out!

  9. I hope all the schooling works out, what a pain I know. I was wandering if your health would play a factor, but I honestly doubt it, schools can be non forgiving like that. :( I think school is important for socialization. So I would try Emma's school first then try and move soon as your able to.
    Love ya tons

  10. Sounds like you have a good plan. Hope all works out well. {{{}}}}
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I am wishing you all the best of luck! And sending you some good vibes as well. :o)

  12. Cindy I do wish you luck and sending lots of good vibes ~ hope there is some loop hole so you can get Rebecca into the school near home ~ Ally x

  13. I'm keeping you guys in my prayers that Rebecca can go to the school by you.  I would really make a huff about it until they gave in.  Good Luck.


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  15. Sounds like you have it all figured out. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  16. here in Colorado we have what is called open enrollment that is how i got my kids in a good elemantary:) hope you can get it worked out


  17. I hope you can get a special zoning due to your health... you would think that people would try to help each other in this world when they can... I am praying for you...

    be well,

  18. I cant sleep with socks on either. I wish you all the luck in the world....Chad was always bused and loved it....well, when he was in elementary school. I hate worrying over school, as we both are doing.

  19. I HAVE to be warm in bed or I can't sleep. Give me heat anytime.

  20. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke that some sort of solution becomes available so Rebecca doesn't have to end up in a bad environment, with bad influences. (Hugs) Indigo

  21. I'll be prayng Cindy.

  22. cindy i hope that everything works out
    prayers out to you and rebecca