Monday, August 6, 2007

A Quickie

Nooooooo, not that kind of quickie, lol. I just wanted to make an entry saying, Welcome Home Angie/Canyonsun04. Lil Sis, I have missed you, and am so glad you are home.

I am going to my daughter Emmas at 11am, for a few hours. She asked me if I'd come over. I am going to try to make a video of my 2 yr old Grandson Daniel. He has been going around singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for days now. I just heard him this morning in the background while I was talking to Emma and he sounded soooooooo cute, I almost cried. I have to do this without him knowing, cause then he won't sing for the camera, lol. Lil Stinker.

I also want to take a pic of Rebecca's new pet. She has a Canadian Goose, lol. That's all I am going to say about it right now, heehee.

Ok gotta get ready to go. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all.................



  1. ((((((((((((((((((((( SIS ))))))))))))))))))))))) TY, I missed you to, I wandered how everyone was doing here in Jland! I have your postcards! now I gotta go mail them, lmao.

  2. Haaaaaaaa I had to laugh at you saying little stinker,My eldest sis used to call one of her boys by that name LOL!! Brought back a few memories for me,which as you know I love memory lane.I hope you manage the video I carn't wait to see it.Bless him.I am so glad you feel so happy your sis is back.Take Care Have a great day.Thanx for the laugh.Kath

  3. A Canadian Goose? Not a kitten, or a puppy? A goose?? LOL!

  4. Hope you get that video and picture. Have a nice wisit with Emma. Hugs, Helen

  5. Glad you are pleased your Sister is back home ~ Look forward to seeing Daniel singing twinkle twinkle Little Star ~ that is of course if he don't catch you making a video him :o) you will have to get a picture of Rebecca's new pet ~ makes a change to getting a dog :o) ~ hope you have a great day ~ Ally x

  6. welcome bk home angie...and i hope the video turns out i'm really looking toward seeeing it.....did you say canadian goose?!!!....oh my word!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cindy, so glad Angie is home, have fun at Emma's today, I hope you enjoy that CSI tonight on Spike at 6:00 p.m., Hugs Lisa

  8. Hi Cindy Ü

    I LOVED your subject line "A Quickie" LOL!LOL!

    I hope you get a great video of Daniel singing his song Ü, they are so precious at this age. Our grand daughter Sarah is also 2 & our youngest Katie is 1. They are the most precious things to me besides my own children.

    I'm so jealous that Rebecca's got a Canadian Goose! I love birds. When I was a teenager we had a duck and her name was Baby. She was the most affectionate thing. Every morning she would come into the house and have her own cup of coffee with a slice of dry toast Ü. And talk about a watch dog err goose lol, she let us know in a heart beat if someone was at the house that she didn't know.

    I hope you get some pretty pictures of her goose. Have a wonderful day.

    Donna aka LadyMagnolia1963

  9. A great day for a  quickie!!!
    Have  fun.

  10. aaawww...I can't wait to see the video! :o) Welcome home Ang! I hope you have a great day. :o)

  11. Hi Cindy, a canadian goose I have heard all about those looking forward to some pictures.  Hope you have luck with the video. I manage to get Hannah singing the same song on video but it was her own version so I didn't think I should post it, its a little rude. So good luck with yours Kathie.

  12. Welcome home Angie:) have a good week


  13. Daniel sounds so cute!  Looking forward to the video!


  14. The other quickie would have been a lot more entertaining!  

  15. Looks like you been Schmitten! Put the vid on here so we can see it!


  16. so glad Ang is back....J LAND is not the same without her!

  17. Can't wait to hear Daniel. Must be a 2yo song because Ky started singing it a few months ago and we didn't even know he knew it...LoL. Ky won't sing for the camera either. I have to fool him. Will Daniel sing in front of a mirror, Ky is a sucker for the mirror. He loves to look at himself.
    Hope Angie had a good time. Can't wait to see what Rebecca has now.
    Take care, Chrissie