Saturday, August 11, 2007

No sitting on butt today

Jim got up, went in bathroom. I poured him a cup of coffee, sat it on desk, put up my rant I made this morning in journal, and when he walked in livingroom I told him sit at the desk, drink your coffee and read. Not a word out of him while he was reading. In fact it took so long I'm pretty sure he read it twice.

He looks at me, and says, Is that how it really has been for you? I looked at him and said, DUHHHHHHHHHHH, yes. He got up and gave me a big hug and kiss and said, I am sorry hun, I just didn't realize it. He said ok, I am going to help you today. He finished his coffee, got all the dirty laundry together and put it out in van. Came back upstairs and said when he gets back, he will clean the kitchen, then take Rebecca out for a couple hours to give me some "ME" time. I said that sounds great. He goes and gets in van starts it up, and a minute later I hear van shut off. He comes back upstairs and says ummmmmmm hun, you know I'm on call at work right? I say yea. He says I just got a call. I have to meet Brian at shop, and go install a bullet proof piece of glass in an armored car in Ben Salem. He said when they are done he will go to the laundry mat and do the laundry. He said if I do the dishes, he will cook dinner. That works for me. There's only a little bit of dishes in sink and 1 frying pan. Hmmmm, now what do I want for dinner, lol. Steaks cooked on grill, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauteed peppers and onions and a big salad. Yea, that's what I want. I was going to make Chicken cordon bleu, but I won't ask him to make that. I don't even think he knows how, lol.

So, it seems I'll get a little bit of help later today. A little bit is better then none right? When he comes home, I told him I am taking a nap, and if anyone wakes me up, their dead meat.

Now I have a bigger problem. I own 3 pr pants and 5 shirts. Those I wear daily. I have other clothes, skirts, dresses, dress slacks. Now brings the clothes I wear daily are in the van to be taken to laundry mat, I have to figure out what I am going to wear today, lol. I seriously need new clothes. Maybe I'll hit up the thrift store next week. It's alot cheaper to buy bigger clothes there to fit me then it is to go to a department store and pay for them. For what I'd pay for a pair of pants there I can buy 3 pr in the thrift store.

Ok, I want to clear up a couple things. I think maybe a couple people misunderstood my rant.

1. Jim has never hit me and never would. (He knows I'd get Clyde) My handy 2by4 I used on him years ago, long story there.

2. Divorce is not an option. I love my husband very much and I know he loves me. He waited on me hand and foot, worked all day and came home and cleaned and cooked and took care of Rebecca while I was dealing with cancer and recovery.

3. He takes out the trash everyday, does laundry every week, and takes Rebecca to the park for a couple hours weather permitting once a week. He goes to the store if I need something. My printer took a crap, so he bought me another one, which will be here any day now, because it was shipped yesterday.

4. He's not a romantic guy. Never has been and probably will never be. There's no daily hugs or kisses or holding of hands, which is fine. There's no sex, which is perfectly fine with me.

5. He is a hard worker. He would work double shifts at work if he was allowed too. If something is needed by Rebecca or I he will go buy it.

Well, he just called me. While at the shop getting the materials to go install the glass into the armored car, they got another call. They have to go to Burlington, New Jersey and install a windshield and fix another one that is leaking. I may end up cooking dinner myself tonight. Oh well, life goes on right? And tomorrow is another day. I don't mind it though, because it is double time and we can use the money because I have the babyshower, Rebecca's birthday and school shopping to do, so that extra money will help.

Oh well, I'm gonna go find something to wear, and get my day started. I don't think I will get that nap today. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight instead.

Have a great weekend.




  1. Well, you make sure that you get that dinner and that you DO get some time to yourself.  If not then make him read your previous entry again!!!  I have just posted for the first time in ages.  Been nice doing an entry again.

  2. Jim and my Scott are a lot a like. They don't mean to  be insensitive they are clueless they are doing it until it is pointed out to them. nobody has a perfect spouse, if they say so  they are lying. LMAO. None of us are perfect. Us woman are just close. lmao

  3. i think getting that out helped you most of all, and letting him read it.
    take care and enjoy your day

  4. i hope he helps.....i hope you do get out and get some CINDY need it.....just know i care about you so damn much.


  5. You did well, letting him read your rant. Don't blame you........ Well it would have worked if he wasn't on call wouldn't it?
    Gaz ;-)

  6. Cindy, I'm glad Jim saw your rant and now he understands how you feel, enjoy your Me time , Hugs Lisa

  7. Good that Jim seen what you wrote. I hope that things will now be different for you and be able to have some time for YOU! :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. What matters is that Jim would have done it... it sucks that he was on call... maybe tomorrow.  Just be today... just have fun... relax.  Let it go.  It will all be there tomorrow.  I relate so much to everything you wrote.  Men are just stupid sometimes and we have to smack them upside the head with the 'figurative' 2x4!  LOL

    be well,

  9. Good for you having him read it.  Sometimes men don't get it even if you're telling them but if they see it in writing, they realize it.  

  10. I was with Doc 3 1/2 years before I started a journal. In that time I had lost the last of my hearing and gone deaf and suffered depression. Soon after starting my journal he asked me what I was writing , curiosity had gotten the best of him. I let him sit down and read my entries all the way from the beginning. His eyes welled up and gave me a hug and kiss. He said he knew I had shut myself off in my own world but didn't know how to reach me or to understand what I had been going through. Reading my thoughts and entries opened up a whole new communication between us. I never post an entry now without him asking if he can read what I wrote. He says he understands me now and knows the person I am more than he ever did in the time we where together before. Jim needs to read your journal more often to get an idea of what makes you tick. (Hugs) Indigo


  12. Good I'm glad he understands how you feel now. Hope you get some YOU time very soon.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  13. I'm sorry he had to work, but at least he was going to do those nice things for you until he got called. He's a good guy! Those are wait....IMPOSSIBLE to find anymore! Hang onto him! Hope you have a good weekend.
    Love ya!

  14. Okay, so he's not perfect! lol  What man is?  At least he read and listened and tried to do better!  I'd say that's pretty awesome! :)


  15. Marriage is constant work. I know. He seems like he's willing to listen and work at it, so that's half the battle !
    Hope you had a good day

  16. That's awesome!  You do have a great guy there!

  17. i was rootin for a steak dinner and a nap for you...too bad about that call...i do hope that you get your you time soon.
    i would come and take care of things and let you rest...just as long as you let me take a nap right after, k ; )

    im glad you got things off your chest and jim understands though...that is almost making things half better right there huh