Monday, August 13, 2007

Life goes on.

My new printer just arrived via UPS. I am so glad. I hate being without a printer. Jim will hook it up when he comes home from work.
Last night was a bad night. Went to bed at 11pm, was awakened at 1:30am by Rebecca. She couldn't sleep. Out to livingroom again we came. She fell asleep about an hour later on couch. I slept in rocking chair with feet up on computer chair for a couple hours, until I got up on other end of couch. I think I got 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep. It's after 2pm and I have done nothing but get dressed and sit here at this computer. This morning I watched 2 episodes of JAG and 2 episodes of WALKER,TEXAS RANGER. Now I am watching the movie The Poseidon Adventure (2005). I will not allow cartoons to go on this tv today. Since Rebecca seems to think keeping me up all night is ok, I will teach her otherwise. I am tired of people in this house thinking it is ok that I get crapped on by them. From now on it is my way and only my way. And if they don't like it, I don't care, it's their problem. Rebecca haas already told me 3 times already today that I am a big fat meany and she doesn't like me anymore, and I should move out so it is just daddy and her here. Too bad, she'll have to deal with me being here and being her Mom.
I guess I will go now. I am going to relax, watch the ending of this movie, and maybe I'll take something out for dinner, lol.
There's a link above to my poem journal. I wrote a poem today and posted it. Not sure if I want to enter it in yet.
Love to all.............CINDY


  1. Oh I ruined the sleepover last night when I had them go up to bed at MIDNIGHT... oh yeah... I was called 'the worst mom ever'.  pfft... they will get over it... they always do!  {{{ mom to mom hugs }}}

    be well,

  2. Rebecca will get over being mad at you.  That little stinker.  I want a new printer.  Mine is getting pretty old, and when I print pictures, they don't come out well.

  3. Awwwww Cindy Rebecca will get over being mad at you, You are a sweetie, Hugs Lisa

  4. I've never had a printer, know I'd love one. I don't have ANY extras. LOL
    You go Mom!!!!!!
    Love your poem journal, visit it from time to time.

  5. Oh yeah.....I remember those days when Krissy would do that to me.  They're get over it.  Glad you got your new printer.

  6. Glad your printer came.yes we feel lost without them don't we.Sorry Rebecca has been playing you up.Kids will try anything on and it does get very tiring.I have had all this in the past yrs when my four were small.Like you I just carried on and on.I am sure what she said was only in anger.You are doing the right thing though .I always stopped what they loved best in life as punishment.The boys it was usualy there sports evenings after school that soon cured them.Daughter no friends to come around and no sleeeping at friends.That soon cured her too.LOL!! You look after number one for a while they will soon tire of it.Take Care God Bless Have a nice evening if possible.Feet up Haaaaaa.God Bless Kath

  7. Sorry to hear that Rebecca has been playing you up.  When you know what arrives for her, tell her she cannot have it unless she stops being rude to you and starts behaving like a young lady and also stop getting you up at nights.  When she does have it, it she misbehaves again, take it away from her.

  8. Oh my gosh, she'd HATE me...because I'd have marched her "happy tush" right back to bed at that time of night and if she'd sassed me like that she'd gotten a nice little dose of Sassy sauce (hot sauce or vinegar) and an apology.

    I'm glad you got your printer.

  9. I'm glad you got your printer! I hope you are able to rest today. I'm not sure what I'd do if my son had ever said that to me. He never has...luckily. He has gotten mad at me before. But, usually he would just get quiet and go to his room. Good luck with her.
    Love ya.
    Pam XOXOX

  10. Well if she is calling you a big fat meany then your doing a good job :) that's the way I see it. Stand your ground sis.
    Love you tons, going to check out the poems now.

  11. Thank you so much Cindy i appreciate you coming by and also thank you for the BIG hug. And yep my grandpa is in my heart. Thank you again.


  12. Glad you're getting a new printer.
    Sorry Rebecca is not sleeping at night. What is with that? Does she sleep in the day? I know she doesn't sleep in because she wakes you up early. Sounds to me like she needs SCHOOL. She just needs to be worn out so she'll pass out and sleep all night long.
    L.A never slept until she started school and they run her legs off all day long and when she got home I wouldn't let her nap either we just kept going. So by the time it was bedtime she slept all night long. That ended all that up and down crap for me. I was like you dragging everywhere and I was working outside the home at that time too. John never understood why I was so tired, but heck he was the one working outside the house and when he did come home he watched tv for a minute, ate, took a shower and went to bed while I was up "partying" until the wee hours of the morning. Sound familiar!
    Hope you all can get straightened out soon.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  13. so when does school start? praying you get some much needed rest tonight


  14. you are in no way a big fat meanie, you are tired. I wish there was a way i could make you feel better! Love,lisa

  15. I know how you feel :(  I no longer own my tv, my daughters do, and it's a miracle when I get to get on this computer!!  And my cell phone?  It's also taken over!!!  

  16. I ll add your mom to prayers. I want to go watch the funny dog video. man your lucky. every day we go to bed (not to sleep but bed) at midnight and get up at 5 am sometimes earlier. 3 or four tops is our nomral sleep. I would kill for a straight 8 hours sleep. SO I REALLY do understand how you feel. I know sleep depravation is hard on your whole self.

  17. I think Rebecca is pushing her luck and trying to see how far she can go with you ~ I hope she will grow out of it sooner rather than later :o) ~ Ally x

  18. its just a stage kids go through ...unfortunately it gets better briefly and then the teenager comes out in them...its not you its all mothers.
    i hope you were able to rest last night
    i hate being the only one woke up too...where miss o cannot help it...its still ALWAYS me that goes in there. never "dad"

  19. {{{Cindy}}} You need a vacation for just you! Bless your heart. Many hugs to you.

  20. I think I am reading your entires back to front. Good old AOHELL!

  21. It's about damn time you stopped letting your family take such advantage of you, Cindy.  You are such a good mom.. and you try so hard to give your husband and  children all that they need, but sometimes, you give too much, and all they do is take!  That isn't fair.. and Rebecca should not be saying such mean and hateful things to you.  You just keep standing up for yourself... otherwise it will get worse before it ever gets better!