Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling Better

The blahhhhhhh's seem to of left me. Man, for 2 days I didn't know whether to scream or cry. I hate that feeling. This morning I felt alot better. Been catching up on my sleep. I have to tell you how I have been able to sleep. One day Rebecca and I were talking about dream catchers. She saked me do dream catchers catch dreams? I wasn't exactly sure, but I had an idea. I told her, well yes they catch the bad dreams so you can't see them in your dreams and wake up scared. She said, mommy maybe I should have a dream catcher to catch the bad dreams so I won't wake up at night. Hmmmmm, got me to thinking, I wonder if that would really work. So the next day I was on a hunt for something to make a dream catcher with, but instead I found one already made at our dollar store, for $1.00. Here it is:

 Well, I put it alongside Rebecca's bed hanging off her bookshelf. Each night after she says her prayers, she touches the dream catcher also and says, Bad Dreams Go Away, Good Dreams Come And Stay. I love you Dream Catcher, and she blows it a kiss. Well, this 1.00 gadget is a miracle worker. I have slept all through the night for a few nights now, without Rebecca waking me up. Jims happy cause he gets to sleep too, lol.

Today Rebecca is at her big sister's house. She's going to have dinner over there, and Emma or Dan will bring her home. But could I escape that house without kids or just one kid? Nope couldn't, lol. There's a certain lil man, who sticks to his Mommom like glue, packed his own diaper bag and said come on mommom lets go, lol. In the diaper bag was a cup, bottle of water, toys and 1 diaper. Emma repacked it, lol. So Daniel and I went to Kmart. Got Rebecca a really nice Disney Princess bookbag for school. 19.99 but 50% off, so I paid 10.00 for it. Also got  her scissors, glue, crayons, pencils, ruler, folder for homework, pencil box.

Then Daniel and I went to the grocery store for dinner. We're having salisbury steaks with gravy, macaronni and cheese, salad and garlic bread. All Daniel's favorites. And of course while at the grocery store we had to get his favorite snack. Cheese doodles and apple juice. This kid loves them. He calls them cheesy poofs, lol. Here's my lil man enjoying a snack.

 See the little cars? Yep, got them at Kmart today, 50 cents each for matchbox cars. Daniel loves them. Daniel got a present from mommy and daddy last night. It's time the PT aka potty training starts. So, they wanted to find him something he wouldn't be afraid of using. So they found this potty that looks like a toilet, has a handle and it talks when you go potty in it. Daniel loves it. He hasn't gone in it yet, but he likes sitting on it.

 Isn't it cute? It also came with 2 other things. An award certificate that he'll get after he completes potty training, and a chart with stickers for each day he uses potty, a sticker will be put on.

 I think he will do well with using the potty once he is use to it. Well, I have pics of a bathtub for the new baby, but I am putting them in prego journal. Man I would love a tub for myself like the one Emma was given for the baby, lol. I'd better go. Hope everyone is doing well. Are you ready for the heat again, it's coming. My air is on right now. 82 and humid outside. Tomorrow, 90's.

Love to you all..............................CINDY


  1. looks like a great potty!  much cuter than the one I had.  
    take care

  2. Good ol potty training!  I remember those days.  Enjoy your night.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. :)

  4. Sometimes it's just mind over matter. Glad to hear the dreamcatcher is working small miracles helping you to sleep. The little guy is too cute. I love that potty chair with the certificate and stickers, what a wonderful idea to encourage him. (Hugs) Indigo

  5. Well if the dream catcher is working it was a real bargain.Yehhhh I am so happy Rebecca is sleeping well and you are getting more rest.The little man is wonderful.Just look at him eating his cheesy puffs I used to call them that when I bought them for the Granchildren when they were small Haaaa.I love the toilet it is so novel.What a great  way to potty train.Have a great day. Take Care God Bless Kath

  6. What a smart lady you are, LOL.  That is a cool idea.  Will have to keep that one to memory about the dream catcher!  Glad you are feeling better.  

  7. The most random things ease are pains. Glad you guys found a dreamcatcher and it's doing its job. LOL how did I know you weren't getting out of that house without your big boy. Sorry, but grandsons are the best. Daniel and Ky would get along very well salisbury steak, mac and cheese are his favs too. I have to keep Motts apple juice at my house too because he expects me to have it in the fridge. I bought a table like that for my house a Diego one same type. We like little cars here too. LOL KT and I were talking about potty training now too. I was wanting to do stickers and stuff too. I told KT I want to buy him some of those old cloth kind of underwear trainers I finally found some at Walmart. We're still in the 100s. Enjoy your grandson.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  8. they work for me

  9. I'm glad you are getting your sleep...rebbecca is sleeping too...good..and Jim all is good! don't ya' love it when a plan come together!


  10. Cindy, Glad the blah's left you, good luck to Daniel with the potty training, I like Rebecca's dreamcatcher, hope you got to see the CSI tonight on CBS, Hugs Lisa

  11. glad the blahs have left the building lol have a good weekend


  12. That dreamcatcher is a good idea! I'm glad it worked!
    I really like that potty chair. Man it's the best one that I've seen! How cute with the chart and award. LOL!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  13. OMG... that potty is precious!!!!  I am so sorry that I didn't tell you my trick... My daughter had a problem with sleeping too... we used a spray.  I put some cheap body spray in a bottle, watered down with water and labled it 'nightmare spray'... lol  She is 10 and still uses it!

    be well,

  14. So glad you are feeling better....... that dream catcher seems to have done the trick....I so hope it continues to work...that is wonderful.
    Hope your tomorrow is terrific!

  15. I am so happy that you have had some good nights sleep. We never can know what is going on in wee ones heads can we. But Rebecca is sure a clever girl to know that dreamcatcher will work for her...and you !!  Little Daniel is a real cute. I hope the potty training goes well. Love Sybil xx

  16. We did the same thing with the dram catcher,  I should have thought to tell you. I did not realize she was having bad dreams. I also do a thing with her brother stuffed mouse, where he has her bad dreams go away , he also sprinkles magic dust around her bed , and yes, I have to do this every night! But it works.

  17. Glad you are feeling better.  That dream catcher was a good idea.  It is going to be hot here today also. yuck.

  18. That is sooo sweet about the dream catcher..I love the little saying she says. Hugggs, Robin

  19. I'm glad you're feeling better! :o) Yes, the dream catcher was a great idea! I made both my children one when they were young and it worked! :o)
    Hugs to you!

  20. Cool potty chart!!!!!!!!!
    I love the dream catchers, you tell her I said.."happy dreaming"

  21. I have seen those at the Dollar Tree but the ones I have in my house were bought at a Pow-Wow made by Real Native Americans and not made in China. lol  Glad you are feeling better and great deals at KM.


  22. Those Dream Catchers are awesome!  I have one in my bedroom, and I don't know whether it works or not, but I know I don't have any bad dreams!  Besides, I love the way they look!


  23. Cheesy Poofs, LOVE IT! LOLOL ;-)
    Gaz x

  24. that dream catcher did the trick for miss rebecca huh?
    im glad you are all getting some needed rest :)
    im so behind but slowly getting in here
    miss ya