Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Thank you and Prayer Request

I would like to send out a great big thank you to Chrissie. Thanks to her sending me the information on how to put video's in my journal of Daniel singing, I was able to do it. So, Chrissie, thank you so much girlfriend, you rock!!!!!!!!!!! And that big vase of flowers above are for you.

Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments about Daniel singing. He is such a good little boy, and brings so much love into my heart. I am so honored that I was blessed with a grandson. I love watching him learn how to do things, and run and play, and beat up Rebecca and Marissa when they take his toys, lol. Out of the 3 kids he is the only one who will pick up his toys and put them away without being told.

I like to ask everyone for some special prayers for a very sweet lady. Our dear friend Jeannette of Jeannette's Jottings is in need of our prayers. Through emails back and forth to each other and a very special phone conversation with her she has told me she is in so much pain now due to her surgery and radiotherapy she was given. Jeannette like I, is having a problem lifting her arm up over her head. To do this she is in so much pain. The radiotherapy has left her with skin burns and irritations which is so very uncomfortable for her. Could you all please send up prayers or good thoughts. Prayers do help, I am a total believer in them. Please ask god to rid Jeannette of all her pain, so she can get her life back to normal and enjoy those very handsome grandsons she was blessed with.

There are 3 others that could use some prayers also. Our dear Sugar who also battled cancer and is still recovering. And now is left without a vehicle because her Lily needs a transmission. A few people have sent her what they could afford, including myself, so she can put it into a fund to get Lily fixed or another car. Sugar still has a long way to go with this.

And there is Donna's sister who is battling cancer. Please send up prayers for her also.

And there is Irene, who is dealing with cancer now. This lady is so sweet and I very much enjoy reading about her.

Our dear Missie's daughter Nicci is also in need of prayer.

There are so many that need our prayers. I pray for everyone everyday and night.

I had better go. I have alerts to read, about 50 of them left. Oh I almost forgot. Our friend Emily, mother of Miss O mentioned that Miss O was sick with the flu. Please send up a prayer for Emily's lil girl. I hate it when kids are so sick.

LOVE TO ALL............................


  1. I will certainly add them all to my prayers!!

  2. I just added them to my prayer list!  Prayers work!  I beleive that!

  3. Cindy, prayers going up for all, Hugs Lisa

  4. prayers going up and to everyone who reads this it's really hot in some locations so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take it very easy and drink A LOTTTTT OF FLUIDS
    lots of love to all muahhhhh love you sissy kiss the kids for me your soon to be sil

  5. prayers for all:)


  6. Prayers for All :)
    I wish I could do videos :(

  7. thank you my friend... this is a great entry sending the power to others... you rock!
    love ya

  8. I am finally getting caught up on my alerts so I figured I would read all your entries and just throw out one comment...LOVE the video...he is such a cutie! Now as far as grandchildren...I am 38 with 2 and one more on the way...I turned 35 the day before the 1st one came along...I felt so! All these people with cancer just breaks my heart. I have been helping care with my dad who has lost a colon and bladder to it. Its such an ugly diease! The heat index here was 111 today....been like that all week. They say it is cooling off cause the temp is dropping to 95..geesh let me get out my big coat..LOL....Huggggs, Robin

  9. Prayers being said for everyone - so much pain/anguish going around Jland lately.  Leene

  10. Beautiful entry!
    Prayers going up for all those in need.
    Hugs & God bless,

  11. Poor Jeanette.  She's in my prayers.

  12. Daniel has beautiful eyes! Prayers beginning for the JLanders.
    XO lj

  13. I was thinking of Sugar just the other day, bless her.  I will keep Jeannett in my prayers too along with the others.  To us, this can be so overwhelming, but isn't it great that God can get us through these tough times, and also heal.  

  14. I'm so praying for everyone in J-land that is suffering. Thanks for the entry.  I know how much love your grandson and your kids. Your a wonderful mom and grandma.

  15. My prayers have been with some of these people that I am familiar with their journals so I will include the others also. There are some more j-landers and some families of j-landers who has cancer also. My prayers are for them also. Helen

  16. aw thank you miss o is feeling better now just havent had a moment until now to get to update
    or read journals
    i will keep the others in my prayers

  17. I will pray for God to touch them.  I'm so glad you brought this to our attention.  I believe and ask in faith when I pray so hopefully we will hear a good report very soon.  
    Big Hugs,

  18. I'll pray for those people who are sick and is suffering so they can get better soon. :)

  19. Sending out prayers... will drop in and leave notes too...

    be well,

  20. Yes Grandchildren do bring us so much pleasure,as I said in my last comment,they are proceless.I already follow these peoples journals and many more who are suffering th esame.They are in my prayers too day and night.So kind of you to put them out in your posting.God Bless You. Take Care Kath

  21. First off I wanna say *MUAH, MUAH, MUAH* for the beautiful flowers and you're welcome for the notes on the video. I was so excited to get to hear your grandson this time. LOVED IT> Now you know I want more. No excuses now you know how to do it.
    I have one request too. I wanna hear the baby cry when it gets here. Okay so if you gotta pinch her do it I wanna here her cry, OKAY don't pinch her, but when she's hungry catch her.
    Just in coming here I have learned to much I am behind in alerts and have been gone all day. I feel like I'm on nightshift right now in journals. I have noticed that at around 2am to 4am my time everyone is quiet...hehehe.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  22. Cindy will keep them all in my thoughts ~ Hoping their pain will be eased ~ Ally x

  23. May God Bless those in need.


  24. Thank you my dear friend for the prayer request for myself and others, it means so much to me.  I told you last night I had tried to comment but been unable to, hope this one works.  You also know what I was going to say.  Once again, loved your little grandson, what a handsome little boy.  It is so nice of you to help Sugar.  I hope her car is fixed really soon.  Big hugs and thanks once again.  Let us hope the prayers work. xxxxxxx

  25. For sure you have my prayers coming...hugs and love,

  26. I will have them all in my payers.

  27. Keeping everyone mentioned in my prayers on the smoke! The video of Daniel was a true delight. (Hugs) Indigo

  28. Sending healing vibes over the water.......... Gaz xxxxx

  29. Praying for all mentioned. Hopefully next time you will leave thier links, So that we can all leave our love and prayers were they can see them.

    God Bless.

  30. I've been so behind in journals that I wasn't even aware that Jeannette is having trouble. Will keep them all in my prayers.
    Hugs..Pam xoxox