Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reason being..........

I guess I should tell you the reason I can't use Emma's address. When we went to the school to register the girls, I was given a form. It was to be filled out and signed and notarized by Emma's landlord, stating I live at her address. Emma said her landlord wouldn't lie. He'd be afraid it would come back on him.

I am going this morning to register her into this horrible school. I was given very good information on homeschooling. When I get home later today, I am going to be reading about it. I didn't want to home school her. I wanted her to be in a group, make friends. But if it comes down to bad school or home school I will choose homeschool. Hopefully the Christian school says, We have an opening"!!!! That would totally make my day, week, month, year, lol.

So, after the registration thing is done, I have to go babysit my grandkids so Emma can go get a social security card with her married name on it, so she can get an ID with current adress and married name on it in order for her to register Marissa in school. Whatever happened with just needing Birth Certificate and Shot Records? Now they want a million and one things to register a child in school. UGH!!!!!!!

Gotta go. Have a great day.

Love to all.................Cindy



  1. Wow, your city must have lots of people who use others addresses and they came up with that notarized thing to stop it. That is a shame for you.....i do hope Rebecca can get to go to school somehow...maybe that private school will call!

  2. I am sorry you can't get Rebecca into the school near Emmas house but can understand the school boards policy on getting notarized statements from a landlord.  Have the school zones been changed recently?  If they have and your street was rezoned maybe you could have a shot at going to the other school.  Just an idea.  Leene

  3. OHhhhhhh  I'm so sorry you can't get her registered :( I think the landlord should lie, but O'well. I'm one sided on the issue.
    I would seriously consider homeschooling her for kindergarten and find somewhere else to live if you can or wait for an opening up at another school.
    Hugs Sis

  4. Hoping all works out well. Prayers going up.

  5. Still hoping that the private school will call, but yes homeschool is the next best thing.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Cindy, hope everything works out, praying for you, Hugs Lisa

  7. I'm praying everything works out!

  8. prayers going up that all will be okay

  9. I hope things work out soon! Maybe just home school her through kindergarten and then move to a better school district for 1st grade. You guys were planning to move anyway, right?
    Good luck!
    Love ya,

  10. and it doesn't get any better!  they keep wanting stuff.  and you think you ave the shots done, and they "reccomend" another one, a booster, and on and on.  
    take care

  11. Oh Cindy....I have you in my prayers.

  12. What a frigging nightmare.......... Move overe here, it's much easier!
    Gaz ;-)

  13. I am so sorry things aren't going smoothly.  The school obviously has issues with folks out of the district trying to go there.. why else would they need that proof.  Should be sending red flags up and give some help to the other school.  GRRR

  14. I hope yall fnd a new place before she has to go to 1st grade!
    love ya,

  15. I hope you get it all straightened out soon. You once said you were looking to move, maybe you should homescool untill you find a new place to live.

  16. maybe you could volunteer at the school that way you would know what is going on.


  17. seems you need a million and one things for paperwork for anything now days.
    i hope that if it comes down to homeschooling an opening will come soon and maybe she could be fit in???
    not sure how it all works but i would homeschool ever before having her go to the other bad school
    hope it works out fast!