Monday, August 27, 2007

Sat, Sun, Today

Someone was playing with my camera. I wonder who? Must of been yesterday while I was cleaning the bedroom. Lil stinker.

So let's see, saturday I didn't do much, except clean off computer desk, organize papers, books, etc. Then gave Jim 12 pork ribs, 6 burgers and 10 hotdogs to cook on grill. He calls me from downstairs on cell, Food is done you coming down here? No, bring it up here. So out of 28 pieces of meat I gave him, he brings up 4 ribs, 3 burgers and 4 hotdogs. I look and say where's the rest of it? He says downstairs. Ok fine I thought, he and Joe must be hungry. So I fix Rebecca a hotdog and give her some sliced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes, pickles. I fix myself a hamburger, and we come in livingroom. About 20 minutes later I felt hungry still and Rebecca wanted another hotdog. I get her hotdog fixed and give it to her. My cellphone is ringing, so I sit down to answer it. In my front door comes Jim, Joe, and some guy and girl I never seen before. They go into my kitchen and a few minutes later come in livingroom, with my damn food. The guy and girl turned out to be one of Jims co-workers and his girlfriend. They all sat here for a whole 10 minutes, then left. So, I go into kitchen and see if there's anything left, and found nothing. They ate everything. Even my sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. The PIGS!!!!!!!!! I was so mad, I lost my appetite. At least my child ate dinner and was full.

Sunday. I spent  hours in bedroom cleaning it, and rearranging everything. Putting clothes away, sorting out toys, shoes, dusting, changing linens. Even repaired the Princess lamp I got for Rebecca, because she and Marissa broke it in 4 pieces. With a little rewiring, tightening of screws and crazy glue, it works again. Dinner I fixed macaroni and cheese and a salad, no meat. Jim asks where's the meat. I told him you pigs ate it all last night. He shut up and ate and said nothing, lol.

Today. Take Jim to work. Come home fix Rebecca breakfast. Make the beds, check email. 9am, call school board, no answer. Call again every 5 minutes, no answer. Emma calls. Mom I need you. Get Rebecca, drive to Emma's. Emma is beat red, sweating, and in alot of pain. Ok painscale I asked from 1 to 10, she says an 8. Call your doctor. Calls doctor, is told go to hospital. Called Dan, meet us at hospital. He is in Atlantic City working. Called Jim. Taking Emma to hospital will call you when we find out anything. Dans brother Bill babysat the kids. Drive to hospital, walk Emma up to labor and delivery. I went back downstairs to register her. She was put into a bed, monitor hooked to stomach, took temperature, blood work, IV given. Dan walks in. I go sit in waiting room. And sit and sit. Little while later here comes Emma and Dan. Their releasing you? Yep, I'm not in labor. Why all the pain? Seems now Emma has an infection in her cervix. This infection caused by caffeine? She allowed no soda, no tea. Water and real fruit juice only. And given a 7 day antibiotic. Wednesday she gets an ultrasound, and friday she meets with her doctor. She will find out then hopefully what is going on and when she is having her c-section. My nerves were a wreck today. I never got to do any of my errands. And tomorrow I register Rebecca in school. I finally reached someone at the school board. Open enrollment is held once a year. This year it will be in October and it will come in effect next year in September. Ok, my health is poor, is there any special circumstance clause that would allow my child to go to the clpser school to me, rather then walk so far to other school. No there isn't but for a special fee you can have your child bused to school. No thanks, your bus drivers run stop signs, talk on cellphones and let kids hang out bus windows yelling profanity. So, she will be going to school near Emma. I wish I had the 7 grand a year it costs for private school. This school they want my child to go to, has metal detectors in doors of front of school, graffitti written all over the building, and a third grader was caught with a gun last year. Ain't no fricken way my kid is ever stepping one foot in that school.

So wednesday, have to take Emma for ultrasound. Thursday go school clothes shopping for Rebecca, and friday take Emma to doctor's. By the end of this week I am going to be worn out. I'm thinking lots and lots of sleep this coming weekend.LOL. Yea right who am I fooling. I'm always up before the dag on roosters.

Here's Rebecca yesterday in her clean bed with everything she sleeps with and around her each night.

That's about it.

Love to all........................Cindy


  1. Awww that sucks Jim's co-workers ate your food up, hope Emma's ultrasound goes ok Thursday, Hugs Lisa

  2. Funny abut the pics advertising Mr. Clean.  Hope Emma's u/s goes well.  Never heard of getting a cervix infection from caffeine.  That's weird.

  3. have a good week:)


  4. Never heard of the caffiene causing infection! Learn something new everyday!
    Hope she is feeling better by now.
    Lol...I laughed when I saw Rebecca's pictures!!!!
    Our schools here are pretty rough too...always wished I had enough money to send mine to private too.
    love ya,

  5. Talk about laugh this morning.I have rolled at The pics Rebecca took.Haaaaaaaa.The one on her bed is beautiful.She looks so happy.Fancy them two coming along and eating all your meat.It might make Jim think twice about asking them again when all the meat was gone LOL!!.Happy to read there was nothing serious at the hospital results.Don't blame you for one minute not sending her to that school.Youhave a lovely Tuesday I hope Rest up now if possible after all that cleaning work.Bedroom looks lovely.Take Care God Bless Kath
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  6. I'm glad Emma was okay. I'll be glad when you all finally know when the baby is coming that way you can plan and be ready until then everyone will be on pins and needles til that baby is safe in everybody's arms.
    Love the pics lol.
    I'm cooking ribs this weekend for labor day.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  7. You got yourself a little photographer. Glad Emma is ok, I've never heard of caffine causing infections.

  8. I'm worn out with you there. Lots going on. I'm so happy that Emma is ok though and good luck at the doctors when she goes. Kids they are so funny aren't they. My kids have played with everthing I own sooner or later. That was not nice that they ate all your food, I would have been mad too.

  9. WOW, glad Emma is okay, never heard of an infection in the cervix. Poor girl.  You know some people are so rude when it comes to being at others homes and eating there food. I just did a huge eye rool about that.
    IS Rebecca picky with clothes??? I WOULD LOVE to buy some clothes for her since I have all boys.  If she is not picky, and you have a walmart nearby, send me her sizes :)

  10. Yep...thats what pictures look like when my grandson gets ahold of my camera! lol Those are cute pictures. And need some rest. Thats a lot of running. I do hope that Emma is alright. {{{Cindy}}}

  11. LOL, I remember when I was about Rebecca's age I got a hold of my mom's brand new Polaroid camera, they just came out, and took a picture but ended up breaking it.  Unfortunately the picture came out, but only of the top of my head reflected in a mirror, I was busted!!!  I HATE IT when people come over and just raid your kitchen not thinking that you actually spent money on that food.  I never cared about it before because well, money wasn't an issue, now it is!!!  It is sooooooooo rude and one of my BIGGEST pet peeves!!!

  12. I hope your oldest one is feeling better.  How scary!  Rebecca looks like she's growing up in the picuture in her room.

  13. Rebecca looks so cute in her little bed!! Glad Emma is ok. Scary!! You're gonna be one busy lady! I hope you don't overdue it!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxo

  14. Boy, Rebecca sure did take a mess of pictures, didn't she? lol  
    I'm glad Emma's doing okay.. I will keep her in my prayers..   Don't stress out, Cindy..  You have seemed very stressed out and unhappy in your last few entries..  I do hope and pray that all is well with you!


  15. Wow, what a couple of days huh? You poor thing. If someone walked inot my room and nicked my food, that last hot dog would have been rammed up their A***! Gaz ;-)

  16. Sounds like way too much excitement for you.....i would be mad if someone ate my costs alot.....i am glad Emma is ok.
    XO lj

  17. cute pic of rebecca
    wow things are hectic glad emma is ok
    hang in there