Monday, August 6, 2007

My Monday

Hot, humid, hazy and 94 today. Horrible. Tomorrow, hot, humid, hazy and 99. When is this heatwave going to end? YUCK!!!!!!!!!

Well, there's Rebecca's new pet. Her stuffed toy canadian goose, lol. Jim took her to the pet store here in philadelphia called World Wide Aquarium. I told him Do not come back with any critters. This apartment is too small for a pet. So, their walking around the store looking at the animals and fish, snakes, lizzards, birds and Rebecca starts buttering up her daddy. Big brown eyes and cute lil smile she says, Daddy did you know this was Daddy/Daughter day? Jim says, Oh it is, is it? Rebecca says, Yup it is. So Jim asks, What is daddy/daughter day all about? Rebecca goes on to say, Well, it's when we spend time together, have fun and then I get a surprise for being a good girl on our day. He smiled, he knew that was coming. So, he says, well what kind of surprise are you thinking about? She says follow me. I swear she knows where everything is in that store. Jim follows her to the pet toy isle. He says, what you want another turtle? She says nope, I'll let you know when I see it. Ten minutes go by and then she spotted it. A big bin filled with stuffed toys, pet toys. She picks up each toy, and with each one she says, not this one. Until she see the goose, and Jim said her eyes lit up. She yells, this one daddy, this is the special toy. Jim looks at it, sees no price tag, so he checks the other toys, just a few. The ones he checked were anywhere from 7.99 to 9.99. So, he tells her ok, she can have it. Rebecca is skipping to the cashier all happy about her new toy. Jim hands the cashier the toy and says I don't see a price tag, but the others in the bin say 7.99 and 9.99. The cashier says not this one, and she lifts up a wing and there is the price tag, 16.99. Jim was like oh my for a stuffed toy. But this isn't just any stuffed toy and she shows Jim what this toy does. This toy squeeks and honks just like a goose. Rebecca is looking at her daddy saying wow daddy I love it, it sounds coooooooooool, lol. He can't resist and he gets it for her. And what has she named this beautiful stuffed nerve rattling toy? Well, meet HONKY, lol. Yep, she named him Honky. You squeeze this toys neck and it squeeks, squeeze it's butt and it honks. It sleeps with her along with the every stuffed toy she owns. It goes for car rides, it goes in the bathroom with her when she has to go potty.

We went to Emma's and you guessed it, Honky came along too. And as for my grandson, he was singing away and before he could catch me I went to make a video and my dag on camera was out of memory, grrrrrrrrrrr. I was so mad. So I came home, deleted it and I'm going back to Emma's tomorrow to try again. I am determined to get that video, lol. Well, I am going to go now. Hope your all doing well.

Before I forget, thank you LJ for the baby coupons. I will give them to Emma tomorrow. She'll be using them for sure.

Love to all..........................



  1. Cindy, Honky is a perfect name, lol, there are some real Canadian geese here, Have a good rest of the week, Hugs Lisa

  2. That's a cute story! Have a good week!

  3. I like Honky for a name.  LOL

  4. HONKY ....Ehhhh? very catchy name

  5. AWWWW how cute is that! {{ }}

  6. love the story of how honky came to  your family It's very cute.

  7. WELCOME HONKY!!!!  You are going to be living with a very awesome family!!!


  8. Very cute pictures even if you didn't get the movie. Honky is so cute and so is Rebecca. She knows exactly how to handle her daddy. It was a hot day here also and going to be hot all week. By the way my Patches would love Honky. She loves those toys that makes noises. Hugs, Helen

  9. Awwww I am so happy Daddy bought HONKEY LOL!!Kids over the pond here love these toys which make the noices.At times it sounds like a Zoo Haaaa.They are forever testing them in the stores when you shop.I just hope she doesn't HONK you all night when she needs you LOL!! I hope the video is sorted soon.We can wait.Have a great Tuesday.Take Care God Bless Kath

  10. What a negotiator, LOL.  Glad daddy and daughter had a lovely day, and Honky found a home!  :-)  

  11. I cant see the pictures.. : (
    Honky sounds cool for sure , hope she enjoys him.

  12. LOL @ Honky, to funny. She is such a doll, I just love that little girl to pieces! What type of coupons does Emma need?? I will keep an eye out to.

  13. You got the coupons ALREADY?!! Wow, i think i mailed them on Saturday! When did Rebecca get her hair cut?! I must have missed an entry. She's a cutie...and i will NEVER EVER forget the name of that stuffed animal..HONKY. Funny stuff.

  14. aaawww, thats so cute! :o) You can't resist that kind of charm! :o) lol...I like the name she picked out for it! :o)

  15. what is the turtles name? have a good week


  16. Honky! LOL  I love the name.  I'm sure glad it's a stuffed goose.  You had me worried the last entry! LOL

  17. Sorry for laughing, but I can't beleive you went all that way and your camera was out of memory!
    Gaz ;-) xxxx

  18. (I'm screaming) OHGosh did I miss something I know I get behind, but where is Rebecca long locks? Did you cut off her gorgeous hair.. I'm crying now. Was it to hot for her or just didn't wanna mess with it anymore? Did you write that in the journal because I want the entry link I must have been asleep when I read it.

    Love the new animal. Daddy is such a push over...hehehe. I'm glad her Daddy loves her like that. Man, she would have gone crazy and Kings Island they had huge ones. I'm so happy that Ky doesn't know what that is. He still likes little ones.

    Take care, Chrissie

  19. That is such a cute name for the goose.  I can't believe Daniel is old enough to sing that song.  I almost melted the first time Katie sang it on her own.  Now she asks me to sing that to her every night when she sleeps here, that and the Mocking Bird song.   I started out with the Carly Simon version one night and Dirk gave me such a look.  No Mammaw, not that way, she told me.  Growing up fast.  Too fast.


  20. Daddy/Daughter Day!!!  How creative!!  Just wait'll she's a teenager! LOL That is so precious.  Love the name given to the toy goose!