Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feeling Blahhhhhhhh

  Good Morning all. I hope everyone is doing ok. It's day 4 here of the rain. Cold, wet, windy. Tomorrow they say the humidity is going back up along with the 90's temps. I'm slowly recovering from the busy life I've lead the past few weeks. I have been able to catch up on much needed sleep finally. Catching 7 to 8 hours a night. I've been getting my housework done little by little. Jim came home from work last night, and I had the clothes all ready for him. He went to the laundry mat and washed and dried them. I wish I was able to do it, but the heat from those dryers really takes it toll on me. I feel as though my throat is closing and I can't breathe and want to pass out when I get near the dryers. Jim has witnessed this, so he won't let me go anymore. Yesterday I was able to clean my livingroom, and kitchen and hall. And guess what? It needs cleaning again, lol. Last night when Jim and Rebecca were asleep, and I signed off the computer, I sat and folded all the clothes Jim washed earlier. There sitting on the couch right now in piles waiting for me to put them away. I will soon.

That lost feeling I said I had a couple days ago? I still have it. It's hard to explain. But it's like I feel there's something I am missing or have to do and don't know what it is, or how to get there. Does that make sense? It's like I am lost someplace and can't find my way back or out. I don't know, maybe it's the weather or my busy days that have caught up to me. Oh well, Life goes on right?

This morning I awakened and when I went into the bathroom I happen to glance in the mirror and did not like what I saw. My eyes looked sunk in and had very dark circles around them. Raccoon eyes I call them. Gross, yuck!!!!!!!! Hair was all wild, I looked like a genuine ZOMBIE, lol. It isn't halloween either, lol.

Well, I guess today I will be cleaning some more. Bathroom floor needs a mopping and the cabinet mirror needs cleaning. I need to change the linens on the beds. Then figure out what I am making for dinner. I'm thinking a homemade beef potpie casserole type thingy, lol. Something that takes 1 dish to cook it in, lol. Less dishes I have to do the better. Man, I need a dishwasher.

I think I am going to change the curtain on the front door also. It has an ugly white curtain on it right now. Been there since I moved in here 4 years ago. I have a pretty marroon lace curtain I will hang up. Plus I want to clean the inside and outside of the glass in the door.

Well, I guess there's not much more to write about. I hope you all have a great day.

Love you all..........................


  1. Zombie?? thats me most mornings!lol ...THE ZOMBIE SISTERS!   have a grat day!!

    Jim is sounds like a sweet heart....keep him!  


  2. Gosh Cindy, when's the last time you had a GOOD checkup? I mean allover type checkup. Maybe you need to get one. {{{}}}
    Hope you feel better soon, & get some rest...don't try to do too much. Your a busy bee, need to slow down. :)

  3. Good grief Cindy by the time you do all that you will want another ten hours sleep.I always used to say why does the saying say NO rest for the wicked when I'm not wicked Haaaa.You will get there but try to rest in between.A womans work is never done so they say.The work will wait for another day.relax if you can.Take Care God Bless Kath

  4. Wow, you need a maid!!  I know the feeling, you clean and the place is spotless and it feels like you blink and the mess is back!  My dishwasher broke, so I have a loooaad of dishes to do!!

  5. I think you need to put your feet up and get more rest.  Housework is important yes, but it will always be there.  If you have dark circles under your eyes then you are tired and need rest.

  6. Jim is such a good man. Hold on to that man! Try to get some rest today. And maybe you should see the Doctor. I mean, with your history and all it's not a bad idea to have him check you.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxo

  7. Sometimes I get that feeling of forgetting stuff also.  I think it's stress and with getting things ready for the shower, you were stressed.  Try to take it easy today.

  8. Awwwwww Cindy, I'm sorry you are feeling blah, hope you feel better soon, Do'nt forget to watch that awesome CSI tommorow night at 9:00 p.m. on CBS, huge Grissom and Sara moment in that episode, Hugs Lisa

  9. Cindy... I think the only reason you're feeling blah is because you've been so busy here lately, it's hard to calm down and rest. Now you feel like there's nothing do far from it you are one of the busiest persons I know. I'm exhausted after reading all you do. I'm so happy that Jim helps with the laundry. Maybe you need some time away from the house. Looking at four walls all day even though you're with your family still gets depressing at times. You sound like me being a zombie. Just as soon as I can I'm going and having my hair done just to make me feel a little better and maybe get my nails done. You should do something special for yourself too.
    Take care

  10. nay....i second that one.sissy you need to do something now for yourself

  11. you were so busy getting that shower together, and now it is over and you are feeling the let down.  what you have forgotten is you!  take care of yourself.  get a pedi or something like that. you deserve it!

  12. Hi Cindy,  Hope by the time you read this that you are feeling a bit more rested. You have been on the go so much these last few days it is only natural to come to a dead stop once you try to relax.  You are so lucky to have Jim who helps out as much as he can. Bless him.  Love to you Sybil xxx

  13. Hi Cindy. The reason you are feeling so low is that for the past few weeks you have done nothing but think of other people all the time, and been so busy preparing the shower. You had a motive to get up in the morning and get on with so much, now that it is over you have time to think of yourself for a change, I agree with the others, do something nice for yourself. Have your hair done, or a long soak in the bath and pamper yourself a little we call it "ME" time feel like a woman again and give your Jim a surprise he is such a good man. Good luck Kathie.

  14. I can't totally relate to how your feeling, but it sounds like you have been feeling kind of depressed lately, Cindy.  From some of the things you've said in past entries, that's what I'm sorta picking up on.  I do pray that you feel better about life, and things in general soon.
    So glad you've caught up on your sleep!


  15. Aw Cindy, I think you are just plain worn out and you have had all the excitement of the baby shower too.  Rest up dear friend.  Hugs, Terry x

  16. I think you are worn out and maybe a little sad...
    God bless you and help you Cindy.
    love ya,

  17. me thinks you are probably exhausted... and a bit 'blue' like after the holidays.. all the anticipation before and now nothing.  Get some rest I'm sure you'll bounce back

  18. I think bahhhh is in the air lately...I sure have been feeling it and heard so many more say the same thing. Hope your week finishes out better. Hugggs, Robin

  19. have a good thursday:) feel better ok?


  20. I was feeling a bit despondent on the way home too, and not quite sure why.  Maybe all the grey weather we're having is catching up to me.  I'll probably be wishing for it after the heat comes back.

  21. you are in the middle of the let down that happens after a big life were so rushed and excited about that baby shower and now its done with. I know all about the house work. Sounds like you have a bit of anxiety about the dryer. LOVE, lisa

  22. I hope you feel better ! The weather I'm sure is part of it.
    Be well my friend

  23. you have been so busy for those past few weeks and the weather is blah. I think that's probably why you have been blah. I swear always so much laundry and house cleaning to do. It never ends. Hugs to you and hope you feel better. Jim sounds like a wonderful guy.

  24. You said it girl i need a dishwasher too!!!
    i know the feeling you are talking about i get into it sometimes too and it takes a good shake to come out of it
    hope you get some rest tonight

  25. I think your feeling a bit "lost" because you were so wrapped up into the shower and gettting ready for it, and now it's over. I think it will take a few more days to move past that. I hope so anyways. The humidity here is just horrible.
    Hugs and Love

  26. I do hope you feel better soon... I know today was better... but I just wanted to say I am thinking about you!

    be well,

  27. I think you're expecting Emma's little one along with her, and as she gets toward the end of the pregnancy and just wants it to be over and to have her baby home with her, you're feeling the same way maybe, just hanging lose in time until something wonderful happens.  I'm so glad you've got the cleaning bug.  I need to do some deep cleaning around here.  I just noticed today how very dirty my curtains are and my blinds are YUCKY!  If only Philly was closer.


  28. I hate it when I get that empty feeling, everyone gets it sometimes. I think as I am so late commenting, I hope that your feeling has gone now.
    Gaz xx