Friday, May 25, 2007

Is Friday over with yet?

I can honestly say today totally sucked. First I was awakened at 6:am by Jim saying the girls are up. I was hoping to sleep in a bit, since I put them to bed later last night. Didn't work out that way. I drink a half of pot of coffee this morning. The only thing it did for me was make me feel sick, due to it was so hot in here. I can't drink coffee when I am sweating like a roasting pig. As I look up at the thermometer I have hanging on my wall above my computer, it is reading 82 degree's in here. Ohhhhhhh, Jim honey, I need airconditioner's in windows please, lol. Speaking of Jim, he came home yesterday with his head looking like a tomato. I told him he shaves his head and when in sun he will burn, so should wear a hat. But did he listen? Nooooooooo, he didn't. Now he's Mr. Tomato head, lol. OK, so where was I? Oh yea, these 2 girls. Let's see what have they done today? Hmmm, let's say they flooded a huge spot on livingroom carpet. They come in carrying a huge bowl of water, trip and it spills all over. Ask them why they got a bowl the bowl of water? We want our teddy bears (small 4 inch) to go swimming. Stuffed bears, go swimming? Get towels, soaked up water, hung towels over shower rail to dry before putting in laundry basket to avoid mildew. Yell at girls again, Get into water again and it's corner for the both of you. We won't. Can we go in bedroom to play? Go!!!!!! After about 15 minutes, it was too quiet. I sneak into bedroom and what do I find? A big bowl of very soapy water and 2 evil little girls, pretending their angels, standing there with dripping wet bigger stuffed bears, saying they were stinky and needed a bath. Take what's left of soapy water in bowl, which wasn't much since bears soaked it all up, dump out bowl, and throw both soapy dripping wet bears right into trashcan. Both girls start yelling, noooooooo don't throw bears away. Grab wooden spoon, 2 girls run, it ends the yelling, put spoon back in holder. Get another towel from bathroom, soak up soapy water off bedroom floor, hang towel back up. I look down at bottom of bed on floor, and I see clean clothes from basket I have not put away yet on floor. Pick up clothes, and what do I find? Their soaking wet, with what else, but soapy water. Hang them up over stairway rail to dry, so can put in dirty laundry and avoid mildew again. Take bothgirls in livingroom, put on couch. Turn off cartoons and make them watch Walker, Texas Ranger. It was 9:am and it just came on. Yes, all the water mess was done before 9:am, grrrrrrr. So, while they watch tv, I fix them breakfast. Did they want cereal or toast? Nooooo, we want eggs, bacon, sausage, toast. Ok, get out electric griddle, faster to cook all that food on. Fix them nice breakfast, tell them be good and I make something special for lunch. Ok, we'll be good. LIARS!!!!!!!!! They trashed livingroom, while I was doing dishes, Marissa dropped Rebecca's toy stove on her foot and was screaming. She got made at Rebecca's toy and went into bedroom and ripped Rebecca's circus poster off wall, making Rebecca scream. Make both girls clean livingroom and sit on couch again. Walker marathon, wooohooooooo, they watched another hour of it on couch. Something special for lunch? Nope. Here's a hotdog on a bun with mustard and juice, eat it. But we want something special. And I want a clean house, so guess what? I don't get what I want, so you don't get what you want!!!!!!!! Your mean Mommom, I don't like you!!! Eat lunch, back up on couch, more Walker. No toys, no treats, no snacks, no coloring, no stuffed animals, just sit there, be quiet and enjoy Walker, heehee. I am so bad, lol. It is now 5:50pm and Dan's brother Bill just picked up Marissa and took her home, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Son of the Mask is on, and Rebecca is sitting on the couch all quiet watching it. I have a headache, sweating like a pig, my ankles and feet are swollen, which happens every year when hot weather rolls in, and I'm drinking a glass of iced tea. Jim just called. He's on his way home. I told him it's take out night. I refuse to cook tonight, it's just too hot. And I have a headache.

Ok so earlier today my daughter Emma calls me. Mom, I have to take Daniel to the pediatricians. He has little bubbles all over him and keeps saying Mommy, itchy, and he's scratching them. She calls a couple hours later. My grandson has CHICKEN POX. He got the chicken pox shot a while back, but can still get them, but not as bad. Which means the girls will probably get them, and guess what? I never had Chicken Pox. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun. So, I had to cancel the picnic with Jeanne tomorrow. We're planning another one, but I'll let her tell you about it. She came up with an awesome idea.

Well, Jim is home, so I will go now. Take care, keep cool.

Love to all.......................................



  1. mr tomato head!!!  lol
    take care and enjoy your weekend.

  2. Let's hope the weekend is better!!!

    You should be getting your pkg anytime (receipt inside.
    Hope you like it all. I still have lots more to look thorouh, let me know if you want any of it.

  3. Sounds likes "Something Fishy to me (kinda like my entry, so I know Exactly what you mean!) - Don't ya just love the fact that THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING of their summer vacation??????? Oh Lord, please allow me to find something at the Y for these children to do - I prayed, LOL. Kidding. Hope your hubby's head heals! And I hope, amongst all of this, you find your guite time to enjoy all this! Take care of you and yours!

  4. Wow what a day! I got tired reading about it let alone LIVING it like you did! LOL!
    It would be good if the kids all get Chicken Pox at the same time and get it over with. But, if YOU get it...look out! It's a different thing when a grown up gets it!
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Love ya,

  5. Cindy,
    It sounds like a fun filled morning. I understand what you mean my house was 87 yesterday. I need window units too all three of ours went out in one week. My luck. Since KT has moved into her apartment with central air I go over there daily and cook our dinners so we don't have to eat in the heat.
    What about Emma being around chicken pox? Has she had it already? I don't remember about that during pregnancy. Poor Daniel. Like I said before you better get a big box of oats, some pantyhose or knee highs and put the oats in them tie it up and throw him in the bath water. I know this sounds stupid, but cold whole milk bath is really good too. My daughter had to have that since she was allergic to oats. Good luck.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Just reading about your day makes me tired.....I hope tomorrow is better for you...I also never had chicken careful....
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  7. And days like this is why I still believe that jump starting their little brains to working by applying pressure on their bottoms NEVER goes out of style.  I was tired just reading this.  WOW!  And upcoming Chicken Pox.  I had the chicken pox as a child so when my children got them, I got SHINGLES!!!!! Still have the scars.  I hope they don't get it.  In the heat of summer too.  Give Jeanne a big hug from me.  I wish I could meet you both.


  8. oh man what a day:) becareful with the chicken pox. when Zach was little baby he caught them from my Brother who was in high school. and guess what i caught them too. i was so sick had them on the bottum of my feet in my throat awful. they have a medicine out now that lessons the severity of the poxs. so if you get them call the doc right away


  9. Cindy, sorry you had a bad day, I hope tommorow is better, I got the chicken pox when I was 17 and it sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you and the girls do'nt get them , Hugs Lisa

  10. Bless your heart,as the saying goes..... you deserve a break today!!!!
    love ya,

  11. seraphoflove9001May 25, 2007 at 9:25 PM

    My heart goes out to you today!!! Wow! I'm soooo sorry! Good grief! You need an air conditioner...a vacation...and and good night's sleep! Whew! :o) I'm so glad my kids are grown! I hope that your weekend goes alright for you. :o)

  12. Oh Man? I can't beleive what a day or early morning you had, for kick off! I hope you dumped those girls on Jim as soon as his read head walked through the door.
    A ton of prozac and a bottle of wine may help!
    Hugs Gaz xx

  13. LOL, Oh my Cindy those girls kept you going all before your pot of coffee had time to take effect, not cool!  Remind me one day to share what my youngest did to my blood pressure.  I can laugh about it now, but going thru it was not fun!  I hope the weather cools, we sure have some wacky weather!  I hope you have a more relaxing day!  

  14. (((((((((((((((((((((((( Sis ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Oh man, I'm speechless, your day sounded like a trainwreck :(
    I pray you dont' get the chickenpox, at your age it can be very nasty. I'm surpised Daniel got them with the vaccination. I will keep you in my thoughts.
    Love you

  15. You sure did have a rough day!!
    I've had the chicken pox three times!  The last time I was 20.  Chicken pox this time of year has to be brutal.  Hope your weekend is better.

  16. oh what a day you had with the girls, no wonder you were worn out.  Sorry to hear about the chicken pox and hope you haven't caught it.  Hugs, Terry x

  17. when Meg was about 5 and Chad was 2, i sent them to every neighbor and friend with kids with chicken pox so my kids would get it that summer...well they are 18 and 15 and NEVER got it! They also never got the vaccination either.
    Sounds like YOU had the morning from hell! Those little kids can be a handful, huh?
    LOVE, lisa

  18. LOL Sorry to laugh but your day sounds like the one I had a couple days ago. Not quite that bad...with TWO bowls of water. Bless your heart. You don't have A/C?? Oh my. I'd find the nearest watering hole and be in it everyday. Sorry you had a bad day & hope your headache went away quickly.  I did the same thing Lisa Jo did with her kids. I exposed my kids to the chicken pox several times and they have never had them, nor did they have a vaccine.  My oldest is 33.  I sure hope you don't get them. I remember them. I had them in the summer. Not fun.
    Take care of yourself.

  19. It's not uncommon for children who are vax'd to still get chicken pox, but yes it's a much milder case. I have 2 friends who's little ones who right after they got the vax ended up with them, they were both 12 months (that's the age for the vax)...this baby I'm expecting I will not be getting her vax for it, there's no long term evidence that it'll keep it at bay and although both boys were vax'd I wish I wouldn't have given it to them. I have done a great deal more research and it's just not one I feel is necessary or needed.

    I definately think I'd have spanked some tushies for the water incident, well at least after the 2nd time and agree about trashing the teddy bears. :)

  20. What a day you had!  I would have been yelling and screaming too about that mess. Anything involving water indoors is never good.
    Hope you dont get the chicken pox...ugh.That's all you need

  21. man sounds like not a good day. You poor thing. Girls, lol they can sure make a lot of mess can't they. LOL. That was nice of you to cook them a nice breakfast even though they think your mean for not making a nice lunch. Kids. Just rest.