Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Saturday

Thank you Donna for this lovely graphic.

Well, it's saturday. The day for this so called block party, grrrrrrrrrrr. I really want it to rain, and rain hard. Mother nature can even throw in some thunder and lightning too if she wants. In 25 minutes, the idiot across the street will come out and rope off our street at both ends, then let her children play in the street all day. Anyone know how to do a rain dance? LOL

Jim and Rebecca are still in bed, but they'll be getting up soon. Rebecca told her Dad she wants to go to the pet store today to look at the animals and the fish. Jim said that was fine, because he has Mother's Day shopping to do anyways. I keep hinting I need new bedroom slippers. The ones I have now are old and falling apart, but so comfortable. I have had them since I was in the hospital having Rebecca, and she'll be 6yrs old in September. I'm not a jewelry person. I own 2 piece's of jewelry and that is the ring Emma bought me last year. It's a simple 14kt, white gold band. I love it. And a beautiful beaded necklace from my favorite lil santa. Who right now is probably on her way to her new house to do some more work on her room.

Today at around noon, my daughter Emma is coming over and dropping off my grandson to me for the day. He keeps asking for his Mommom. He runs around saying, Mommy, door, car, Mommom. He's just too cute. I forgot all about it, but thursday I went to Emma's to take Daniel some medicine for his poison ivy, which by the way Emma says is clearing up really good. And Daniel was just too cute. He was sitting on his lil car, the red christmas hat on his head and also his big sister's pink fuzzy slippers on his feet. He had my cell phone and my keys, and was saying byebye. I asked him where he was going and he said shopping. So, I asked what he was going to buy, he said peppi mommom, which meant pepsi. I asked him what else you gonna buy, he said toys, lol. I swear he is just too smart, lol. But I am going to enjoy my day with my lil man.

Well, that is about it for now. I have to go make the coffee. It only gets made if I make it. Take care everyone and have a wonderful day.

Love to you all..............................



  1. ((((((((((((((( Cindy ))))))))))))))))))) Okay, after the pet shop, go pick out your own slippers so you get exatly what you want!!!!!!!!
    Love ya

  2. i cant wait to hear about how the block party went. I know you will have a good day with your grandson anyway!

  3. Take pics of the block party! I always loved those. :)
    What kind of slippers do you like? I like the ones you just slip into, no backs, finally got a new pair day before going in hosp, courtesy of a J-Land friend in the UK.
    You like jewelry, but not a jewelry person? I have tons of jewelry from "good" costume to the real thing...had it for yrs. I seldom wear it. Would you like a few peices? I'd love to share with you. Just let me know. :)
    Have a good weekend & Moms Day.

  4. I think it sounds like fun!  Sorry no help on the rain dance, and am not sure why I thought of Elaine on Seinfeild doing her funky dance.  That made it rain laughter!  :-)

  5. Cindy, have fun with your grandson today, Hugs Lisa

  6. I hope you have a good day with the kiddos even if the neighborhood will be noisy today. I don't see how a whole neighborhood would adjust themselves to accomodate ONE family! Ours wouldn't do that! My neighbors don't even WAVE to each other let alone anything else.

  7. OH I know you don't want the block party but couldn't you get some of your neighbors that you know and cook up some hot dogs or something...good will gesture? I hope Jim &  Rebecca have a successful shopping trip. Have fun with your grandson. (I think it's so sweet he calls you MomMom.) MY middle granddaughter called me MawMaw for a while.
    Have a good weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I've never been to a block party.  I think they'd be fun.  Happy Mother's Day.

  9. Dontcha just love grandsons.. they're so darn cute. Kyan doesn't drink pepsi. He calls it "bop" and says nasty when he takes a drink of it. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm like you I'm not a big jewelry person I no longer wear my wedding band and engagement ring or my diamond earrings, but for some reason I can't part with my anniversary band and my mother's ring.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. Awwwwwww...he sounds so sweet!!! Hope you have a happy Mother's day tomorrow CIndy.
    love ya,

  11. I need to know if it rained, I cant wait that long to get to your next alert!
    Gaz x