Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tooth Fairy visits Rebecca/Trip

  The tooth fairy paid a visit to Rebecca during the night. She woke Jim and I up at 6:am to let us know there was money under her pillow. She told me tonight when the ice cream truck (Mr. Softee) comes around she wants to buy an icecream cone with sprinkles, lol.

Well, tomorrow morning at 10:am we will be leaving for our trip to Pittsburgh. It's going to be good to get out of this city for a few days. I really need a vacation. No housework, no cooking, yea sounds good to me.

In a little while we're going to walk down to the deli for ham, turkey and cheese, rolls, snack bags of chips, and pretzels, juice jugs for Rebecca, and a couple 20 oz bottles of diet pepsi for me, and iced tea for Jim. Emma is going to drop off a suitcase for me to use. So, I will get that packed up. I want to clean my apartment really good, so I can come home to a clean house. Jim said no cooking dinner tonight, we can order take out. I already know what I want. A grilled chicken caesar salad, mmmmmmmm. I can live on those salads.

I also have to remember to clear out my camera so I have room on it to take lots of pictures of our vacation, wedding reception/BBQ. I never heard of a catered BBQ before, and that's what this one is going to be. I hope theirs hotdogs, lol. Or is that Lips and .......... lol.

Did I mention my sister Lucys friend Pete came yesterday. He took everything I had for Lucy and her grandkids back to virginia with him to give to Lucy. My sister is so happy to get the washer and dryer I gave her. I'm glad it gives her happiness.

Well, I'd better go and get my day started. I will make an entry tonight saying good bye to you all. Man, what am I going to do without my computer or JLand for 3 days.

Love to you all..............................CINDY


  1. Rebecca look so happy, all smiles. I hope that you all have a safe and happy trip. I know you were glad to get rid of all those things. Helen

  2. Tooth Fairy! WOO HOO!
    Enjoy your trip, be safe!
    Know your sis will love the washer/dryer/ :)
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. Have a GREAT time!!!  We had a catering company come for Kaitlin's graduation party last year and BBQ for us.  It was really fun!  Take lots of pictures!


  4. Cindy, cute picture of Rebecca, have a fun and safe trip, I'll miss you !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  5. Have a GRAND time in Pittsburgh.......take lots of pics.....most of all enjoy your time with family and friends!!!
    Be Safe

  6. Enjoy your trip. I'm sure it'll be great! Back home there was a restuarant that was a BBQ place and they catered and were AWESOME! They didn't have hot dogs,but just about everything else and it was so awesome! Not like a backyard bbq, much better! :)

  7. I hope you find yourself having a wonderful time on this mini VACA.  I have been to a catered BBQ and it was fabulous, don't remember wether or not they served lips and a*%@+les lol! Have a safe trip and enjoy - We shall hear from you when you return home! Take care of you and yours!

  8. P.S Congrats to Rebecca!

  9. seraphoflove9001May 31, 2007 at 8:43 AM

    aaawww....congrats to Rebecca! Have fun!

  10. I hope you have a good time, I sure will miss ya the 3 days your gone. Tell Rebecca to ask for extra sprinkles!!!!!

  11. Rebecca is sooooo cute!! Good for her getting money. She deserves it! LOL! I hope she enjoys her ice cream.
    Girlfriend, you're gonna have to get a laptop if you keep going on trips. What the heck? I'm not gonna hear from you for a few days? I'm used to reading something from you each day. You think YOU are going through withdrawls?? Heck, I will be too!!
    Give my little girl luv bug a hug and a kiss for me.
    Love ya,

  12. I know Rebecca will enjoy that ice cream !! Lucky kid.
    It's time for your trip already? Wow. Well you have a great time, enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.

  13. ally123130585918May 31, 2007 at 11:06 AM

    That is such a cute picture of Rebecca ~ she will be able to buy lots of icecream with that amount of money  :o)
    Enjoy your break from housework etc ~ Catered BBQ sounds good ~ I have never been to one of those ~
    Have a safe journey ~ look forward to seeing your photographs when you get home ~  Ally x

  14. $2 for a tooth!!  Boy, my kids only got a dollar and I thought that was a lot. LOL.  I only got quarters when I was little.

  15. Aw, I bet Rebecca was so thrilled. I always got $1, but I remember a friend of mine alwayw got like $5 or $10. I couldnt understand why he the tooth fairy liked her better....LOL  Have a wonderful trip and be safe!!

  16. Awwwwwwww.....bless her heart!! You know, it just occured to me that I do not have a picture of my kids getting their tooth fairy money!!! You are so lucky...keep these photo's CIndy!!!
    Yallplease be carefulon your vacation, okay??? I am gonna pray that yall have a happry and safe trip! PLease keep a hold onto little Rebecca!!!!
    love yall,

  17. wow the tooth fairy must be rich:) have a great time and enjoy yourselves


  18. wishing that i had athird of the money that fairy has lol...muahhhhhhh love ya sissy

  19. i am really sorry i did not have much to give Lucy in her time of need....things are tight, so tight in my life..but i do think of her everyday. I am glad Mr. ToothFairy gave Rebecca some cash. I remember how excited i was when i had that QUARTER! LOL    I am old!

  20. I was going to ask how much the American faries leave, now I know! Enjoy your vacation.

    Gaz x

  21. I have no idea how much a tooth is worth these days.  She sure does look happy!


  22. Wow tooth fairies carry dollars now guess the silver was getting to heavy. Have a safe and fun trip away from home. We've had catered BBQ wedding receptions in Texas. They served briscut, baby back ribs, pulled pork, sausage and it was all delicious. So glad your sister got her stuff and was so happy.
    Take care and Miss you, Chrissie

  23. Have a great time on your break Cindy.  Here in the UK it was an old sixpence for a tooth.  She really looks happy with her Dollars, hope Mr Softee came up with a nice ice cream for her.  Hugs, Terry x